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03.21.2002 -

today as I was walking past a trashcan, I saw a homeless person. I was thinking, these are nature’s helpers. How in the world can people view them as a disease to society? While what we consider to be normal human beings will trash the earth like it doesn’t matter with pollution, garbage, and destruction, these homeless people go through our garbage just so that our world can be a cleaner place. The trash and pollution they produce is minimal compared to even what I produce. Very conservative and they view everything in life at a much higher worth than any one of us will view it. Just my thought of the day as I was walking past a trashcan while a homeless person was picking out the recyclables.

Spring Break is here and I’m packing up. w00h00!! Stupid professor decided tomorrow was a great day to have a midterm. Yucky yuck! It’s very unlikely I’ll be updating my webpage over the break. Gomen Gomen, but I’ll be sure to post pictures when I return. Something to look forward to. -_^x

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