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01.27.2003 -

join me in my crusade! click on the "King of Chaos" banner above! Darkness shall fill the land of light, for Krunk has emerged!

- pointed out by my sister -

a bunch of anime was released recently and i havent had time to watch them until tonite. Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis, and Dragon Drive all had recent fansub releases. the preview of Hikaru no Go is extremely interesting!!! i dont want to ruin the surprise for u guys, although i already did for a lot of ppl. a special has been made (does not follow the storyline at all, but done due to popular demand) to satafisfy us fans what disappointed u 4 episodes ago. w00h00! ^_^x

comon guys, throw some usb device ideas @ me. only rule is u can only endorse one as yours. ^_^x

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