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01.30.2003 -

sorry about not updating yesterday. was so tired, but i still managed to stay up till 5am. dont exactly recall what i was doing. i believe part time chatting, part time watching "Hero 2002", and part time just daydreaming.

welp, i have another friend who's going to be contributing to my website. he/she requests to remain anonymous and i have nothing against that. topic of new menu item is Random Ramblings. enjoy ^_^x

there's this guy who found me through fatwallet and as you know, i sometimes tell ppl i'm from berkeley. welp, he got accepted to berkeley last year and i gave him some help on how to enroll in classes and etc. welp today he ims me and acts so so... i cant even describe it. read this log and you'll understand.

i'm using a new stylexp theme! check it out! welp, as promised, new doodles are up! ^_^x speaking of which, after scanning my doodles in, i've got a interesting story to tell. u know those shows that has wheels below it, so they can act like skates, well, while walking to class there was a guy wearing them. he made it look very uncomfortable and he was walking as he was wearing high heels. then he saw a slope and was like yippee! he did some stance and started rolling. im guessing he was new @ this and he wasnt able to control his turns too well and ran into the grass and almost tripped. and to walk outta grass wearing high heel like shoes. well, during philosophy class, i was doodling him and had a revelation. i figured why they were like high heels, i figured out why he was doing that weird stance. apparently there's only "1" wheel on each shoe and it's near the heels forcing him to walk on tippy toes acting like he was wearing high heels. as for the stance (see doodle "skateshoes" for better clarification), he was putting the front of one shoe on the back of the other while having the leg in front stick up. hehe. ^_^x

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