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09.22.2005 -

thought of the day: forgot which movie i was watching, but some guy was being stupid and his partner asked him what did he think he'd under the word idiot when looking up in a dictionary. he goes, a picture of me? the partner goes, no idiot! it's the definition of the word idiot! i thought that was pretty amusing.

so i went to the movies today with cdmcc and elizabeth. we watched Me and You and Everyone We Know. it's a hilarious movie! humor is quite dark though and sometimes a bit gross: SPOILER ALERT!!! STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE SPOILED. such as pooping back and forth. LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD!

i've watched quite a few movies over these past few weeks, but the movie reviews will be tomorrow.

quick story about me and diet root beer. so i grabbed a root beer from the fridge for lunch and drank it on my way to training (had a 2 week long 4hr/day training course). i was thinking, this root beer is pretty gross. had a weird funny taste, but i continued to drink it. about 75% done with the can, i read the big fat words: DIET about the Mug's Rootbeer. the funny thing was i made sure it wasn't diet before picking it out, but apparently the put the diet and non-diet rootbeers next to each other. as you expected, i threw the rest of the diet rootbeer away.

so i had a poker frenzy this past weekend. do note this was the 1st time i ever played with real money as i'm not really a big gambling fan. the only other time i've gambled with real money was the last time i went to vegas and won $60 in blackjack. so stanman invites me over for dinner on friday. the drive over to seattle @ 6:30pm was horrible! took about 40 mins to get over when it usually only takes 20. welp after dinner, he invites me to a poker game because he just purchased some poker chips off amazon. he had invited a few of his college friends. turnout was actually pretty big. 14 people showed up. stanman was expecting more. not going to go into the details, but buy-in was $3 and you could re-buy in within the 1st hour. blinds were doubled every 15mins cause we were playing tournament style. it was pretty crazy. i lost all my chips within 30 mins and when i rebought in again, i lost all of them once again in 3 hands. haha. $6 like that! poof! but it was just $6 and i met some new people so that was nice. someone was saying how this was the cheapest friday night they've had for awhile. the tournament ended in a little over 2hrs. it was pretty fun, but i sucked big time.

so today, i was drinking some drink with splenda in it. if you don't know, splenda is an artificial sweetener. being told that artificial sweeteners are carcinogens, i decided to do some research and found this website: Sweet Relief?. apparently not all artificial sweeteners are carcinogenic. in fact, only the equal (blue packets) are required to have that warning. sweet 'n low (pink packets) are no longer required to have that warning starting 2000 because they found the study flawed. The most damaging report about saccharin appeared after a 1977 Canadian lab test showed bladder tumors in male rats that had been subjected to large amounts of saccharin. These results were later disputed because it was determined that the animals were fed the human equivalent of hundreds of cans of diet soft drinks per day for a lifetime. so for now, it's safe to eat splenda and sweet 'n low, but you'll have to be careful about equal. so in other words, avoid BLUE PACKETS! i personally still like sugar the best and i've been tricked! though this article isn't technical or reliable in any sense, The Food and Drug Administration's report, Evaluation of the Health Aspects of Sugars Contained in Carbohydrate Sweeteners, was a comprehensive assessment that affirmed that sugar does not cause diabetes, heart disease, obesity, hypoglycemia, childhood hyperactivity, or nutrient deficiencies. Overconsumption of it, however, can cause all of those things. i wonder how much is overconsumption... (looks at box of powdered donuts in front of me)

i was invited to a poker game earlier this week my some microsoft colleagues. thought i'd go mingle with them. this is a regular poker game where you can leave any time. buy in was $10 and SB/BB (small blind/big blind) was a nickel/dime. i was pretty happy cause nickeling and diming to death takes quite some time. hehe. but then the weirdest thing happened... i actually started to win money. after i hit $20, i set aside $10 to remind myself, that's what i should aim for to not lose. but my pile kept growing and growing and soon they had to bring in another color chip to represent $5 cause people were rebuying in and we were running low on chips and i had to trade some of mine for $5 chips. dont remember any hands exactly, but i'll say this. i ended up winning over 800% of what buy in was. i was pretty shocked. this was like the 2nd or 3rd time i actually came out ahead in any poker game. everytime i played with ungsunghero, i would either be last or 2nd to last. i think i did manage to win once when playing with ungsunghero and them, but that was a fluke, just like this game. i was pretty much in shock when they told me how much i won... i actually felt pretty bad. i'm not a gambling man and it always feels wrong to take money from people i know. i actually even contemplated of calling the game for fun and no money should be involved, but there was another winner at the table and i didnt know what he'd think. after i told this to ungsunghero (online poker addict), he suggested i get drinks and snacks next time (IF there is a next time for me). which sounds like a good idea.

so stanman said there was this mongolian place that was really good. turns out it was malaysian food and it's the one that i frequent: malay satay hut, which ironjeff recommended to me as his "favorite restaurant". so i went over to seattle after the poker game and we had dinner and watched "die another day". for some reason, i thought the song by madonna was called "tomorrow never dies". haha. and for some reason i thought that movie was the 2nd installment instead of the 4th. did you know that pierce brosnan's contract with 007 is over? i thought he was still producing 007 films. oh well, guess it's time to look for a new james bond. hehe. and here's a little fact that you might find interesting: pierce brosnan was not allowed to wear a tuxedo in any other film besides 007.

welp going back to poker, stanman once again invited me to play poker (so 3rd game in 2 days). it was just 4 people this time though. buy-in was $5. tournament style. i became chip leader way early in the game by having 7,2 offsuit (big blind special) and hitting my full house on the river. and it was vs a straight and a pair of jacks. but i realized something. I HATE TOURNAMENT STYLE!!! blinds get raised and the money no longer has much power. i did come in 2nd in this tournament and won back the $5 buy-in, but when under pressure, i crack.

that's the end of my poker frenzy weekend. thank god there was no poker on sunday. i was so sick of poker by then...

got this from ds nuts: Tempest for Eliza. Tempest for Eliza is a Program that uses your computer monitor to send out AM radio signals. You can then hear computer generated music in your radio. then there was this: A Low Cost Analog and Digital TV (DVB-T) Modulator. This is not a hoax ! With a PC running Linux and a recent VGA card, you can emit a real digital TV signal in the VHF band to your DVB-T set-top box.

got this site from /. : Uncyclopedia. it's basically the anti-wikipedia in a sense.

got this article from /. : Dartmouth researchers build world's smallest mobile robot. be sure to check out the images and video. that thing sure is tiny!

got this link from /. : Y! Mail Beta Impressions. looks like yahoo mail is getting a make-over! the new one actually looks really nice. can't wait for it to be implemented.

got this link from /. : iPod nano. since i showed you my nano yesterday, thought i might show you this article detailing the specifics of the nano. the review is actually quite good! even includes an autopsy!

got this article from /. : 20 Things They Don't Want You to Know. most of the stuff was common sense, but i did find Find-A-Human -- IVR Phone System Shortcuts (USA) to be quite a useful list. also, it listed digital zoom as an useless spec which i whole-heartedly agree.

got this link from /. : Windows In Your Pocket. All it takes is a minor error in the Windows Registry or a virus infection, and your operating system can become unbootable. But with a properly configured USB flash drive on hand, you'll always have a compatible replacement no further away than your pocket or keychain. In addition, the flash drive can also provide a secure browser and virus scanner, and lets you take your favorite DVD burning and Office software with you wherever you may go.

got this article from yahoo: Hungary drivers to get lemons and apples. "A penalty coming from a kid for breaking rules generates a stronger feeling of guilt among adults than a simple fine," county police spokesman Gergely Fulop said. that's actually quite a good idea. humans are prideful creatures (though i've seen quite a few shameless ones), and attacking their pride definite does wonders.

so my backlog of links will slowly be dispersed among the next few entries starting with the new ones and working my way back. pya images will have to come later.

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