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02.28.2002 -

today I received my shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and deodorant from Walgreens! Yay!!! Have I told u since Iíve started using conditioner, Iíve been obsessed with it? So I opened my conditioner and started to sniff it and the only way to get a large wiff is by squeezing the bottle. One squeeze, not enough. Squeeze harder, not enough. One more tryÖ BLECK! Out comes the conditioner onto my nose. Hehe.

My back was a lot better today. Just remembered I forgot to scan my doodles from my midterms, so I went down to the RCC today and quickly scanned them. I hope youíll enjoy them. The happy face on the computer wasnít drawn by me, but was drawn by my lab partner Alice today during discussion.

Thereís a sale on DVDs @ (86 dvds for $9.99 including Fight Club). Too bad they ran outta Fight Club when I got there. Bought 5 for a total of $58.31 shipped. Resale value of these 5 are up in the $70-$90 total.

Btw, I missed taking the picture by about 3 minutes. If I was just there 3 minutes earlier, I couldíve taken it. Maybe tomorrow if I remember. Wish me luck guys! ^_^x

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02.27.2002 -

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My aching back. Had a back-breaking day (literally). Woke up today and my bad was so sore (neck down to tail bone). Took some Tylenol and this is the first time it has failed me. Didnít help at all! When I was in class, I tried to turn around to look at the clock to check the time. Hurt so bad that I had to turn my whole body around to do it. Guess I slept in a bad posture.

Todayís the first sign of good news. Entering my discussion expecting to fail my last midterm, but thank god I passed!!! The grader was also very lenient cause I found parts where I could definitely have taken points off, but he/she didnít.

As for the picture of the week. Iím still working on it. Due to special circumstances, itíll either be up in the next few days or itíll just have to wait till next week. Sorry about that. But at the mean time, I have a temporary pic of the week up. I hope you guys will like it. Itís not much, but itís sorta pretty.

Sigh, halfway through updating this website, I fell asleep as dead as a mule (is that the saying? Or is it a different animal). Didnít even get to check a card a very special friend sent me. However, I just bought another DVD-Drive and an EIDE Controller so I can have a dvd player on my system. Yah, I know, a waste of money, but thatís me! ^_^x

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02.26.2002 -

today marks one of the saddest days in my education history. Never had I been so depressed over grades. This may well be the worst week Iíve ever had in Berkeley. I may be cold or abnormal for the past few days and even into next week. Please disregard that me for Iím having an internal turmoil and brain isnít functioning in normal mode. Sigh, I basically failed all my midterms. Well, Iíve gotten hope and determination and WILL BE WELL PREPARED for Round 2! BRING IT ON!!!

Was hoping to bring u a better story today, but not really in the mood. Maybe tomorrow. =(

Actually, Iíll post up a very this really cute clip of a kitty. Been on my hard drive for some time and now I donít even recall where I got it from. Hope youíll enjoy it. ^_^x

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02.25.2002 -

weíve always claimed the cpus (especially cyrix and amd) can get so hot it can fry an egg. However, not many ppl have actually seen this happen. Thanks to panzer for providing this link. Really awesome post! ^_^x

Thanks to damion, I got myself a copy of Warcraft 3 beta! W00h00!!! Since warcraft 2 and starcraft, this game has been the most anticipated game on my list. The game is awesome and was completely worth the wait. The 3d textures is extremely nice, game play is smooth and the AI got smarter!!! Besides humans and orcs, there are now the undead and nightelves which I find very interesting. Was attacking with an alive tree. Reminds me of Pocahontas! Lol! Anyway, that game kept me busy for several hours and kept me from doing hw. Bad krunk bad krunk. ;p

I just realized how great it is doing math @ 5am is. Just finished watching Prince of Egypt again (and I do recommend watching it for it is one of the best animated story with an awesome plot). During the movie, I had no idea what was going on and I never did to begin with (thatís why I got a C on my first midterm). HOWEVER, after the movie, I sat down and started blasting mp3s in my headphones and I finished 2 sections within 30 mins with complete understanding (thatís 11 outta the 17 problems I was assigned for hw). Now I realized why I always do hw late @ nite and not during the afternoon/evening. I guess this is the time I have the clearest state of mind. Too bad social traditions say itís good to sleep early and rise early. Sigh.. gotta wake up @ 10am tomorrow and itís 6am already. ~ciao~

Psych midterm answers are posted and I just scored myself a 24/50 (F!). yuck. Muy muy yucky!!! Hopefully everyone in class didnít do too well and lower the curve. (big hope there tho). Thanks to mechy: article, hilarious article by Berkeleyís humor magazine Squelch. Describes exactly how I feel ;p.

Some problems came up with my picture of the week and seems like either itís going to be late or Iíll have to change my original plans. Hopefully, Iíll have something nice by Wednesday, or maybe I can go through my archives! Hehe.

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02.24.2002 -

as u may have noticed, I havenít been saying anything of substance lately. But Iíve been getting huge response from posting 2 threads on my favorite 2 forums. Well, one favorite, the other is just a regular source. (u can find them on the left under Hot Deals) I reached a record high of 84 unique visitors in 1 day and this is just one small dinky website. Sorry I wasnít able to provide any useful substance to anyone.

Today Pikachu and I decided to watch anime and while we were watching Hikaru no Go (english summary), I thought our pose was very cute. Hikaru no Go is an awesome anime I just got into. There are currently 15 episodes out (first released by soldats, now by elite-fansubs). Hereís some pix (pic1 pic2) from the latest episode. Saiís (the guy with the tall hat, long hair, and white suit) my favorite character! Heís so ~KAWAII~. Hey! Green looks good on this purple background! Thought it was going to blend in like the red above. Iím also providing the mp3s to the opening and closing theme, respectively. Theyíre also addicting ;p.

I just realized that yesterday wasnít Sunday. Lol. Posted the answer on the wrong day. Oh well, moved it up here so not to confuse others. Went to sleep again at 7am and woke up at 5pm. Just loved the weekends. ^_^x

As for the riddle, the correct ages of the 3 granddaughters are 2,2,9. Hereís why:
.you have to assume old man #2 knows the house number
//he tries every combination to get 3 numbers to add up to the street number and the multiply to be 36
//if you find all the combinations of 3 numbers to equal 36, you find that the sum of all the combinations are different besides 2,2,9 and 1,6,6 which adds up to 13.
//the only reason why old man #2 asked if old man #1 forgot to tell him something was because apparently it landed on one of those 2 combinations, or else knowing the street number and 36, he wouldíve been able to guess what the 3 ages the 3 granddaughters were.
//by telling him that his oldest granddaughter has blue eyes literally means he only has one oldest age granddaughter.
//so the answer is 2,2,9

Good news to computer maniacs that live near me @ home! Fryís has finally opened a store in City of Industry. Supposedly only a 5 minute drive from my house. Many of you may have had bad experiences with Fryís, but this store is new meaningÖ the stuff they have arenít repackaged refunded items!!! W00h00!! ^_^x

Btw, update on the yesterdayís log.

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