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03.31.2002 -

worst day of spring break for most of us since itís the day where you basically do all your hw and school starts tomorrow. For others whoís semester ended, grades are beginning to be posted and I feel sorry for a very special friend of mine who didnít do too well in one of his class.

Day went by pretty fast. Oh yeah, for those that didnít know, I got a new cell-fone #. Contact me if I havenít told you the new #. Iíve emailed most of the people on my contact list already, but gomen gomen if I missed you.

SO MUCH NEW ANIME IS OUT!!! (looks @ watch) 2:30am and I havenít started my computer science hw yet. ;p

Ever wonder why google is such a great search engine? Thanks to damion for finding the secret of behind googleís technology.

Last but not least, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!

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03.30.2002 -

Iím finally back. I came back with lots of new toys. New cellfone, new shoes, more food, new clothes, wireless a/v adapter. My mini maglite replacement bulb cracked on the way, but oh well.

A greek tragedy happened today @ 5:30pm. I was burning my digipix so I can take them back to my computer and after burning them I deleted them and emptied my trashcan to conserve space. Later I realized that the cd was burnt incorrectly and none of the pictures were burnt and I just lost over 80 pictures including all my Disneyland ones. A careless mistake on my part because I had a whole week to upload to my server and it came back as a great loss. Hopefully, I still have my 2nd round of digipix on my visit to damion.

Hereís a summary of my spring break:

Friday Ė Came home.

Saturday Ė Went to 2 different malls and 8 different shoe stores (Montebello and Puente Hills) and finally found a pair of shoes I liked. Iím not that picky but I wasnít willing to let my mom spend $80 on a pair of shoes. Also bumped into boby bear @ Puente Hills @ Old Navy. Saw him with 2 girls and mistaken them to be Suzanne and Susan. Boby bear has no comments on who the girls are so Iíll just assume theyíre his new girlfriends since he broke up with Yummy (Yumi).

Tuesday Ė the night before, I had a hard time deciding to go to the beach or to Disneyland. Ladydevilot finally convinced me to go with her. Mousey, Chung and Jenny also came along and we had a blast! More details on it later if I feel like it. Still very sad over my lost of these wonderful digipix.

Wednesday Ė Great day cause I met so many friends! Crabyaple and hunni4pooh invited me to dinner @ Hanashima (is that how u spell it?). Anyway, boby bear, stixpac, pikakat, daisy, and Kevin were there. Some unfortunate drama occurred with Louis, but after the 3 comedians (Julius, Sam, and Alan from Alhambra) came, the atmosphere changed to a joyful one.

Thursday Ė Had lunch with sueon and we went to Cafť Spot on Valley (recommended by ladydevilot). The stuff there was pretty good and once again I got to eat Gai Dan Jai (Chinese pancakes). Iíve had them in Hong Kong and New York, but this is the first time I found them here. They were so good! Sueon just got his wisdom teeth pulled (eeeek!) and has trouble eating and his parents arenít letting him go too far away from home. Had mines pulled during winterbreak and it was a pain in the you know what. --- crabyaple, elbandmonkey, dione later came to visit me (dione actually came to catch a glimpse of Ö n/m donít think Iím allowed to say who). I finally know who dione is after so long because apparently she lives like a block away from me. I also found out that elbandmonkey and kalekkos made it to Berkeley! W00H00!!! Later that nite, teikoku imed me and told me she didnít make it and I felt really sorry for her because she tried so hard in High School and it mustíve been a mistake. Hopefully sheíll be able to appeal it.

Friday Ė had to decide between going to six flags magic mountain or visiting damion. A promise is a promise so I ended up visiting damion. We went to In-N-Out for lunch then a brief tour of UCI. Then we ended up @ Corona del Mar (some part of NewPort Beach) and just played in the sand and rocks. Last but not least, we played Smash Brothers on damionís little brotherís Gamecube. Hehe.

Saturday Ė Returned home.

P.S. Pictures will be posted asap. Still need to rename them and itís 4am right now + I have a meeting @ 11am tomorrow for my CS project. Gínite ^_^zzz

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03.21.2002 -

today as I was walking past a trashcan, I saw a homeless person. I was thinking, these are natureís helpers. How in the world can people view them as a disease to society? While what we consider to be normal human beings will trash the earth like it doesnít matter with pollution, garbage, and destruction, these homeless people go through our garbage just so that our world can be a cleaner place. The trash and pollution they produce is minimal compared to even what I produce. Very conservative and they view everything in life at a much higher worth than any one of us will view it. Just my thought of the day as I was walking past a trashcan while a homeless person was picking out the recyclables.

Spring Break is here and Iím packing up. w00h00!! Stupid professor decided tomorrow was a great day to have a midterm. Yucky yuck! Itís very unlikely Iíll be updating my webpage over the break. Gomen Gomen, but Iíll be sure to post pictures when I return. Something to look forward to. -_^x

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03.19.2002 -

went to Arinellís for the 2nd time today and lemme tell you, they have the best pizza Iíve ever tasted. $2.00 (Neapolitan style) or $2.25 (Sicilian style). I prefer the Sicilian style (Neapolitan style is the regular pie shape and is very good, but I prefer Sicilian) because itís a rectangular shape pizza with about 1cm of cheese on top. Yummm. It was delicious. When you eat it, the cheese actually stretches about Ĺ a feet! Had to wait today though. Got there @ 11:25 and waited till 12:10 before they had the Sicilian style pizza ready. Some guy ordered 28 pizzas so they had to delay their opening time. The wait was well worth it.

Picture of the week has been updated. Enjoy ^_^x

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03.18.2002 -

diapers: Wow! ďIím running low on diapers today.Ē ďShould I turn my diapers inside out to wash them?Ē What the heck am I talking about. LOL, canít believe that was going through my head before and during my laundry task.

These are the cutest little mints Iíve ever seen! Got them in my mail (freebie) awhile ago but was hungry today so I opened them up. I still miss my penguins caffeinated mints, but these will have to do for now.

As for yesterdayís post, Iíll first show you a clip of what we were reading:
Click here to see clip. (warning: Rated R)

This is actually from our Psych book and it was really funny because we were reading this outloud in my suite and people would often come over and mechy and I would laugh due to embarrassment.

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