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01.25.2003 -

grrrr, tomorrow's going to be ruff day. ton of reading to do for Scandanavian, Philosophy and CS61C. wont have access to my Scandanavian Reader ("supposedly" ready to be purchased by tomorrow) and my CS61C programming in C book (found a great seller @ BerkeleyBookExchange who i'm meeting tomorrow @ Cafe Strada). i was also checking online @ AddAll but the cheapest place for my CS61C books were @ which sucked. guess neither UK nor Canada just don't sell books for this class cheap. grrr. i was also checking out Campus Textbook Factory since they seem to have several stands around campus when i walked around. prices are EXPENSIVE!!! b00000, ripping off us college students.

lilpebbly dropped by today. had a problem w/ her laptop which she accidently tripped and dropped it on the floor. after some test, it seems that the system is too hot to boot and with a fan blowing on it (just like ohfuee's, the boot will continue) my assumption was the dropped damaged one of the fans. however, usually when a system overheats, especially a laptop, it auto shutdowns, but hers just stood there doing nothing. put a fan next to it and it started moving again! *shrug* stupid HPs/Compaqs, they all seem to overheat. this is my 3rd encounter. first mine, then ohfuee's, and now lilpebbly's. grrrr.


  • Next time you want to impress the chicks while lifting go to the locker room first, insert butt plug, return to workout and strain away.
    ^-- if you watch "The Man Show", doesn't that remind you of manpons (taken from ungsunghero).
  • I remember in highschool when we'd all be doing situps in a line. One guy would fart, and that would make some of us laugh, but laughing and doing situps is even *more* strain, so more of us would fart. It was like a chain reaction
  • Nope but one time back in like 4th grade, I was doing one of those slow silent release farts standing in line and a kid came up to me and punched me in my stomach and I ripped a huge fart. Everyone thought it was the coolest thing and there was a couple kids punching me trying to make me fart again

this reminds me of PE back in high school. (nothing related to fart tho). there was a guy that did the weirdest push-ups (the entire year, he didnt learn/change @ all). it looked like he was humping the floor. his arms i'm guessing were weak, so they didnt go down. so while his upper body was completely up, only his lower body would move up and down. u get the picture. everyday, we have situps and pushups as warms and whenever we do pushups, u'll hear giggles and chuckles and a seldom lol. not everyone knew about this since when u do pushups, u usually look @ the floor below u. and when down pushups with only your lower body, u tend to finish a lot faster since it's easier to do. hehe. ^_^x

for those that use YahooPOPs! to get yahoo mail through POP3, it seems their latest version 0.4 stopped work on 1/24. I was wondering why i didnt get any email for 2 days straight (usually i have tons!) according to the forums, version 0.3.9 however still works. just a notice in case yahoo users stopped getting email in their outlook. hehe. ^_^x

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01.24.2003 -

finally! it's the weekends!!! yay! first weekend since school started. ohfuee and others are going snowboarding, however i had to declined. maybe next time. went over to cd-mcc's house today and helped setup his wireless network. was pretty fun.

i was so lucky in cs61c lab today. being on the waitlist, i was scared i wasn't going to be able get into the lab and have to move to an 8-10am lab (shudders). there were 7 seats available originally. there were some ppl that didnt show up and there were also several extra seats. welp, ppl who couldn't make it to the morning sections due to conflicts were allowed first. after that was done, there was only 1 seat left for 4 ppl to fight for. the Lab TA asked us to decide amongst ourselves. i was thinking: oh no! that's the worst! some guy next to me suggested that we go by who has the higher waitlist standing. Last time i checked infobears, i was waitlisted as #17. the guy proclaims that he's #3 on the waitlist. the 2nd guy checks and shows he's #4. i've given up hope @ this point, but still gave it a shot and guess what! AMAZINGLY i'm #1 on the waitlist. w00h00! (the last guy didnt even have to check his standing, hehe). welp, i got the last spot. ^_^x

thanks to mandalyx for donating these 2 links:
link 1 - apparently im not the only one that doodles and scans and posts it online. hehe. i've gotta admit tho. she's a lot better than i am ^_^x
link 2 - ever wanted a TI-89 just because it could do integrals with a variable? welp. i had maple before and now there's "The Integrator"!

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01.23.2003 -

finally got my stupid reader. stood in line for almost 40mins. yucky!

Warning: Some may find the following offensive, others may find it hilarious. i just found it to be extremely gross. PLEASE NO ONE UNDER 18!!!
i got this from a japanese culture newsletter i'm subscribed to. the japanese apparently celebrates this Fertility Festival once a year. it's part of their culture and although i do respect it, it was quite a disturbing video clip.

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01.22.2003 -

oooooooooooh! my headache! argggggh!!!! i hate 3d motion sickness. thought it was gone when i was playing UT2K3 for 2+ hrs. but now i was playing No One Lives Forever 2 and the headaches came back. it was so painful i was almost about to vomit during the game. i knew @ that point i should stop. had to rest my head for ~2hrs before i started feeling better. oh, ur asking me why i was playing games on a schoolday? well, that brings me into what happened today.

classes went by quickly today as all the classes were intros. no hw assigned yet either. went to Copy Central twice and both times there were 50+ ppl in line (2nd time it was raining too!) so i decided to give it a shot tomorrow. EE40 lab for tomorrow is canceled too so i basically had nothing important to do tonite. class starts tomorrow @ 3:30pm. sweet!

today was just a chain of coincidences. i'm guessing this is the beginning of the semester and ppl are trying to get a good start (hehe). i found out christine is taking the same philosophy class as i. then i bumped into ryan on my way to the book store. then kevin. kevin has a mullet now! but he claims he just hasn't had time to get a hair cut. hehe. then after my cs61c lecture, i bumped into shelly. i recall bumping into more ppl, but can't seem to remember them @ the moment. hehe

a good question about the poll came up. why not report to the police? well, that wasn't one of the options u see. the situation occured right smack in the middle of depression and mafia ruled both the police and the underground society. to quote, the leader of the mafia plays "the role of GOD. he gets to decide when to give and when to take away."

chk out the stickers on my case! don't mind the blood stains, they've been washed off now. ^_^x

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01.21.2003 -

first day of school eh? had 2 classes (actually only 1 since the 2nd class i went to said it was canceled for the first week). started @ 3:30pm. the real challenge is starting tomorrow with a 10am class. sigh....

u ever have those lucky days when all the traffic lite would turn green by the time u get there so u didnt have to wait at any traffic light to get to your destination. welp, i never would believe i'd experience this first hand "by walking". this actually occured 3 days ago on my way back to berkeley. after i said goodbye to my dad, i went through the inspection lines and by the time i got to the gate, Boarding Pass B (if you fly southwest, you'll know what i'm talking about) was being allowed in. got in and actually found a seat in the 6th or 7th row (which means i didn't have to wait much on my way outta the plane). my luggage was the ~6th luggage to be spit out by the luggage spitting machine. airbart was just sitting outside of southwest and i was the last person to get on. only waited for ~3 mins before the bart to richmond came. got off @ the downtown berkeley stop and walked home pushing (which i found a lot easier than pulling) my luggage. of course i could've taken the bus if i knew which one to take. (thanks to cdplayer, i now know that the buses that go up hearst has moved across the street). hehe.

speaking of southwest, i just got my tickets home for Spring Break. if any of u berkelians would like to fly home with me, feel free to join me on:

Saturday, March 22 - OAKLAND CA(OAK) to BURBANK CA(BUR)
Flight 1215 M
Depart OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 01:05PM and
Arrive in BURBANK CA(BUR) at 02:10PM

Sunday, March 30 - BURBANK CA(BUR) to OAKLAND CA(OAK)
Flight 167 M
Depart BURBANK CA(BUR) at 09:20AM and
Arrive in OAKLAND CA(OAK) at 10:30AM

what a coincidence! my dad has a really close friend here in SF and they have a daughter (tammy i believe is her name) who goes to berkeley. i haven't seen her around much (although she did live in foothill last year, actually in buidling 8, the building next to mine) welp, supposedly she was living home for this year to save some money, but i guess it was too much trouble for her. met her today in my apartment complex and she moved in 4 rooms down my hall. i don't know them too well and have only seen them 2 or 3x, but they recognized me and i recognized them. never would've thought coincidences like these happen. then again, my roommate cd-mcc and liam were roommates from the same high school although they didn't choose each other. wow!

chk out this article. really pisses me off how all these money greedy agencies are abusing the DMCA law and invading our privacy. grrrrrr. =(

that's all for tonite folks, gotta catch a 9:30am train tomorrow for my morning class. ^_^zzz

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