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05.24.2005 -

thought of the day: i was uploading pictures to costco today and noticed it had a compression option which said the time to upload would be 1-5x faster. at first i didn't think much of it, but then i was trying to figure, what does it mean exactly to be 1x faster. initially i thought it was to double speed meaning it'd finish in 1/2 the time. but if that's double the speed, then what's 2x faster? logically it'd be triple the speed, meaning it'd finish in 1/3 of the time. but lets say we didn't have this discussion and someone tells you that his computer is 5x faster now. if his old computer was 100MHz, would think his computer is now 600MHz or 500MHz? and if using the upload time question if it took me 30mins to upload before, being 5x faster, would it take me 5 or 6mins? if i had to say 1x faster and 2x faster carry the exact meaning. as ungsunghero pointed out, the key terms are the x and the faster. if 2x is an adverb to faster, then it's (1+2)x the old speed. if 2x IS the adjective and faster is just a term to represent it increased in speed, then it just means 2x faster and not 3.

went to watch star wars episode III: revenge of the sith with cari, kevin, and decathenerd today. movie was okay. fun light saber battles but once again, horrible acting. though it did nicely connect the pieces together so the story has a continuous flow. definitely not 1st screening worthy.

the graduation photo people sent me an email today telling me to buy their pix: (click to enlarge)

for those who were wondering how i got the enlarged pix, there's a little trick in manipulating the bob knight photo links to their images. all the image locations you'll find ####t.jpg. remove the 't' and load ####.jpg and you'll find an enlarge version (not printing quality) but at least it's not horrendously small. enjoy!

thanks to fuzzywuzzy for donating this article: New drug delays male orgasms, study finds. the article mostly talks about the drug and the effects, but i've always wondered what it means by premature ejaculation or in laymen's terms, what does it mean to ejaculate too quick/fast. if you don't know what ejaculate is, goto anyway, does it mean that it was too fast where your female (or male) partner isn't satisifed yet? what if both partners reaches climax very quickly? is it still considered premature then? this terms sounds awfully made up to make men feel bad for not being able to satisfy their partners. is there a duration of time that makes you 'normal'? i'm just wondering how 10-30% of the men population can be affected by this problem unless there's a something standardized to compare against. and if there is, how is that # achieved?

got this article from yahoo: Man Hooks World Record 124-Pound Catfish. that's 1 freaken large catfish:

got these from