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01.20.2003 -

first of all, i'd like to wish
keiki i ka lolo

i had a great time today. bunch of friends and i went to fisherman's wharf in SF. had some good clam chowder, however the bread bowl was a bit disappointing. (maybe that's how all bread bowls are like?) the ppl that went were cd-mcc, milwalkie, boby bear, mechy, carii, decathanerd, cdplayer, will, and ohfuee. contrary to rumors, boby bear still looks like boby bear (got a bit skinnier, but still huggable. he did get hilites tho...) guess what! I GOT TO HUG HIM 2X!!! almost got a 3rd time, but he refused. hehe. was my first time taking MUNI (forgot what it stands for) but basically consists of most of the public transportation within SF (cable cars, buses, etc.) for only $1 u get 3 rides on the muni. wow!!! then again it's only $.25 for a bus ride within MPK on the spirit bus. hehe. AC Transit is EXPENSIVE! we went window shopping through the port and cd-mcc had to leave early. we continue our adventure and ended up eating at a place called cafe 8. pretty nice, cozy dining place and prices weren't too bad. i found out they were treating me. if i knew i would've ordered more expensive stuff! hehe. then again, i had a hard time picking out what i wanted already. we went to in-n-out afterwards (cdplayer and decathanerd wanted to get a midnite snack for later tonite). took the muni cable car (although our ticket stub had expired) back to bart and we went home. shocked for the first time, the bart station ate my ticket cause there was no money left on it. usually it'll range from a dime to 50cents. but this time, the balance was $0. wow. we broke up at the bart station and i took the bus back to my apartment. had a really great time today.

came home and cd-mcc got back already. had stocked up food from costco. 3 jugs of OJ, 2 flats of soda, and 2 boxes of cereal (jumbo size). we then sat down and watched Road to Perdition. one controversial question arised while watching the movie. please don't read the question if you haven't watched the movie since it may spoil it for u. if your step-brother (crazy) killed your family (wife and child), and your step-father (been really nice and caring all these years) protects his own son with whatever he has from u kiiling him, would you kill your step-father since he is in your way?? cd-mcc and i disagree on our opinions. he wants retribution and i want loyalty. as i learn growing up, one must know ones origin for he/she is there today because of one's past. without your father, there will be no you.

thanks to itsryawn for donating this addiciting game. i'm currently on level 26. level 13 was especially hard for me. g'luck! ^_^x

thanks to iroberti for donating this link: How To Beat A Speeding Ticket. think i've seen this before, but dont think i ever showed it to u guys.

thanks to ripface for giving me this luvly letter. i thought it was interesting and would like to share it with u guys as a friend. -_^x

my class schedule has been updated. on contrary to what i believed, i do have a 9am class on monday. however tomorrow (1st day of school) i start class @ 3:30! w00h00! hehe. ^_^x

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01.19.2003 -

welp, life is finally back to normal. brought home alotta anime and movies with me, so currently burning anime to free up some hd space. i got this new burning program called Alcohol 120% and it gave me some graphs on why i don't get expecting speeds on my cdrw drive which is a lite-on 48x! through calculations i should have an 80min cd done in 100seconds flat! but it winds up taking me around 3mins to burn a complete cd.

winds up as snakescott says, it's all about the CAV (constant angular velocity). more distance traveled on the edge of the cdr than in the center of the cdr.

more Hikaru no Go manga has been released. as well as a new episode of Prince of Tennis and Naruto. if you haven't got them yet, check it out!

i was too busy last nite to update you with so much going on. got home and there was a TON of mail (literally?). thanks to snakescott who helped me collect my packages while i was gone, i found out the aka "california freebies" has arrived. got a cd player, webcam, pencam, and a $50 bond!

while i was away, i also left my computer on for an entire month! was expecting a blackout or windows xp to crash along the way, but nope. 4 weeks, 2 days, and 8hrs baby!

one thing i dont get is how i ended up downloading 10gb of stuff??? i mean i wasn't even here and ppl hardly upload to me when i dont ask... *shrug* one of those mysteries which can never be solved. hehe.

unfortunately i had to install my new baby: ATI ALL-IN-WONDER® RADEON™ 8500 which required a shutdown of course. i was actually weighing my decision to install it or not. hehe. welp, i ran some benchmarks on it (still haven't installed the goodies that came along; ie. remote or tv tuner) and here are some of the results:

Both were set @ the highest detail level possible. results came out pretty nice. ^_^x

was going to have cereal for dinner, but when i opened the refridgerator, i found that the milk had already expired on dec. 26. yucky. ended up going downstairs and buying pizza instead. hehe.

cd-mcc came back tonite and we watched the "Red Dragon" tonite. great movie. it was a bit long. 3hrs i believe. supposedly the the prequel to silence of the lamb and the hannibal (which are movies i still need to watch). hehe.

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01.18.2003 -

Happy Birthday
to Me!!!

~ Happy Birthday Krunk ~

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01.17.2003 -

welp, tonite's the final nite i'll be @ home. speaking of home, this brings up a pretty good question. one usually only affiliates home to one place and i have often affiliated it with my apartment in berkeley. many of my friends have also affiliated home with their college living quarters (may it be dorm, apartment, house, under the bridge, subway station, etc.) and when ppl ask me if my anime, or if that software is at home, i usually have to ask which home are they referring to, and contrary to my belief, they're usually asking about my apartment.

welp, my sister drew a really pretty ribbon for me. u guys can check out this shrunken 5meg picture (now 20kb) here.

thanks to esca for donating this article. titled "Top Eleven Lies Computer Science Students Tell Themselves". one of my favorite is: "I don't care if Microsoft offers me a million bucks I'll never work for them." hehe. ^_^x

not sure if i posted this before, but i recall getting this from someone in #uclaanime. anyway, it's a site with a good forum where they post links to new jpop, kpop, and cpop mp3s and mv (music videos). if you dont know what jpop and the following are, they just stand for japanese pop, korean pop, and chinese pop. anyway, here's the linky.

my family also celebrated my bday with me today. had lobsters, crab, and pigeon for dinner. yummmmmmm. and to top it off with a chocolate cake. -_^x. welp, i guess this is goodbye for now. adios! sayonara!

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01.16.2003 -

almost forgot to tell you about my experience with The Ring. watched it for my first time 2 nites ago. well, i was bored @ 3am. brother was about to go to bed. ask him if he could let my pikachu stay with me tonite. he usually steals him from me when he goes to sleep. welp, the movie started and it went along fine. got really scary in the middle and my pikachu was shaking. i mean i was shaking too! thank god he stayed. for some reason i had a feeling that someone was behind me (ever get that feeling when your back is expose to empty space and darkness?). for those that haven't seen The Ring - USA version, you might not wanna read the following. hopefully if u do, it won't be much of a spoiler. welp, i was hoping for a happy ending which i thought i got and was really happy, until the movie continued... AHHHHHHHHHHH!

2 weird things happened last nite when i filled up my gas tank. usually gas tanks don't care about the expiration date on a CC. in fact i didn't know CCs included the expiration date as part of their code. oh yeah, CC = credit card. i already got the new CC, just forgot to bring it out with me. welp, guess what, after inserting the card, the screen flashed: EXPIRED!!! i was like, okay.... took out a different card and it worked fine. i'm guessing that the stupid magnetic strip does include more info then just the stupid account #. welp, i knew i drove a lot of freeway recently with the snowboarding trip and the dinner/movie yesterday, however i wasn't expecting the mileage i was going to get. my odometer read 298.7 miles since i last filled up the gas tank. after filling the tank this time, the receipt read 8.172 gallons. if i did my math correctly, that equals to 36.55MPG. this is the most prettiest # i've seen to date. i've never hit 30MPG before. although theoretical mileage is 30MPG for local and 36MPG for freeway. or was it 37. anyway, i was really happy with the mileage. hehe. ^_^x

got a big package today from UPS. opened the box and found 2 boxes of chicken pot pie and a freeze foam thingy inside a styrofoam box inside a cardboard box. apparently it's from the pinecone survey i did and it asked if i was willing to try a sample. too bad i agreed to not leak anything about the product. what was disgusting was that chicken juice was leaking outta one of the boxes. yuck! they should've used dry ice like they did last time. now those were fun to play with. although it was suppose to burn me... dont think that ever happened tho. hehe. ^_^x

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