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01.15.2003 -

day started out pretty normal. found out i got 2 missed calls from sueon, but he didn't leave a msg or anything. i think he accidentally dialed my # while his fone was in his pocket cause i could only hear rustling.

then 4:40pm came around and it was time to meet up with some friends. had to drop by wamu first to deposit money so i can pay my credit card bill. went to the atm machine and realized i didn't have a pen. took an envelope in and started to fill out the envelope and realized i put in 1 zero too many. depositing amount: $3000.00. grrrr, had to walk back outside and take another envelope. walk back inside and wrote $300 on it this time. atm transcation went quickly, however does anyone noticed the friendly sentences the atm uses? i dont recall exactly what it was anymore, but it sounded very funny and child-like. not really professional. nothing i have against, but i just thought it was rather funny.

drove over to ohfuee's place and parking on the right side was like heaven. it was no parking till 4pm because of street cleaning and there was practically no cars. hehe. then i had trouble finding ohfuee's house again. walked around the condos complexes 2x. i keep thinking it's 142F. i ended up thinking it might be 132F, but the backdoor didnt look familiar @ all! hopefully i bumped into carii and decathanerd and they told me it was 126F. we went in jimmy was already there. cdplayer popped in later and ohfuee showed us some more magic tricks. we were waiting for victor who called and said he was stuck on the 5 freeway. for some reason, we went up to chk out ohfuee's bedroom. decathanerd decided to give victor a call to find out where he was. suddenly a cell fone from downstairs rang. i thought decathanerd had accidentally called ohfuee's cellfone by mistake. then a deep voice from below said, "Hello?" decathanerd asked victor where he was and he replied, "i'm downstairs." lol! it scared everyone. we then took a vote and decided to go to Todai for dinner instead of Korean BBQ.

the drive there wasn't as slow as expected since we were hitting rush hour. @ todai, cdplayer taught us how to eat crab legs the smart way. no crimping tool required. a few bends, a snap, and a yank is all that's required. hehe. 1/2 way through dinner, a lady comes up and asks how many ppl? we told her 7, although we could've easily lied and said 6 because several ppl from our table were missing. she comes back later with 7 trays of lobsters. good thing we told her 7. hehe. everyone got extremely full, especially ohfuee. he sounded like he was going to burst any moment.

we then went to the new Edwards theater on Main & Garfield (rather nice theater, but like slicktran said, there's a guy that comes in every so often and tells u to put your feet off the rail). we couldn't really decide on a movie to watch, so we decided to watch Lord of the Rings once again. it's been my 5th time seeing the battle scene and it never gets old. half way through the movie, they pass me this scroll and i thought it was for cdplayer. ended up it was a bday card with a kawaii hamtaro on it! i read through the messages and didn't see anything that required privacy, so chk out carii's awesome drawing: bday card. the card was originally 6megs, but i shrunk it and now it's 100kb.

after the movie ended, we went to life plaza and just chilled. victor and jimmy had stuff to do tomorrow and the drive back to irvine wasn't short, so they left early. everything at life plaza closed around 2am and we had to leave. got home around 2:30 and have been chatting on FatWallet and Bargainshare till now. welp, it's 6:16am and i'm really sleepy. g'nite ^_^zzz

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01.14.2003 -

thanks to ungsunghero for directing me to this new bargain site: Bargainshare. created by techguy, i believe this is going to to bring deal hunting to the next level just as FatWallet brought Anandtech to the next level. FatWallet, although extremely popular nowadays, has been striken with power and greed. the site is no longer user first, but revenue first. although corruption and need for improvement is as clear as day, the moderators and founder of FatWallet do nothing about it. although i've contributed many ideas to the chief mucky muck, he has failed to show any response. Bargainshare is a relatively new site and you can immediately tell the difference in atmosphere. it was as i first moved to FatWallet from Anandtech. hope to see ya guys there. ^_^x

just got a notice from berkeley that $3112.05 will be deposited in my bank account. nice! ^_^x too bad most of that is going to rent. if only i can use that for my toys. then i'll be like MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! hehe. ^_^x and no i'm not treating you to lunch.

not sure if u noticed, but i've moved from samurai showdown icons to hamtaro icons. the correct way to pronouce hamtaro is actually, "hamutaro", but you know americans, they can only make animes worst. hehe.

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01.13.2003 -

today was slow with not much happening until tonite when tons of anime was released at once. new episodes for Nartuo, Hikaru no Go, & Cooking Master Boy all came out at once. Naruto was a disappointment in which half the story was a recap. booooo.

welp, nothing else exciting happened today. but school is sneaking up on me. realized i'll be going back on saturday nite when several friends asked when i'll be leaving/returning. anyway, g'nite ^_^zzz

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01.12.2003 -

on friday we went to UCI to visit some friends. on our drive there, ghettopink offered ohfuee some hall's cough drop. however inside each candy had ant remainings (a leg here and there). then both of us became wary about the cookies she was feeding us... (which she claimed she baked the nite before). j/k ;p the drive was amazingly fast. we first dropped by jack's place (ghettopink's church friend). very interesting guy and through him we found out that ghettopink has a crush with... UCI! it's been her 3rd day @ UCI this week! we then went to visit johno. ohfuee and johno jammed with his guitars for a bit and we met rudy, his roommate. i later found out that rudy was msticazn's best friend, who goes to cal with me and is part of my anime club. msticazn was also ohfuee's chem lab partner. it's a small world isnt it?

after we got back, slicktran picked us up and we went to his fellowship. met a bunch of cool people and since me and ohfuee were newbies, we played this game called psychologist. there weren't any detailed rules on how to play it besides as psychologists, we're suppose to ask the patients questions and figure out what the problem is. i would tell you how the game was played but once you know it, it'll ruin it for you.

i went home afterwards, picked up some stuff and went to sleepover @ ohfuee's place. we played texas holdem poker with fake chips for awhile. jeff (ohfuee's church friend) won. slicktran also sleptover. in the morning, ohfuee picked up daizie and joehk that morning and ghettopink dropped by sometime later. i was on my way to my 2nd snowboarding experience. @ wrightwood, we bumped into jack (from irvine) and daniel (another one of ohfuee's church friend) met up with us. this time we went to Mountain High East Resort. there ohfuee and daniel taught heang, ghettopink taught daizie, and jeff taught me and slicktran. i finally learn how to go face-first! it's so much easier than back-first. we went down the bunny slope a couple of times. then i went down my first blue square slope. while daniel, jeff, and ohfuee were practicing their jumping and carving skills, i was just trying to strengthen my balance. i did try to carve a bit with daniel's help, but was a major failure. advice to future snowboarders who want to learn how to carve, "don't start off on a steep hill!" i practically slid for 50-100 yds each time i fell. i was going to try the black diamond, but then slicktran and joehk said they were going down the blue square again and i chickened out and went with them. there was this double black diamond which was very scary and extremely steep. only a few have attempted it while i was there. later on, daizie was unfortunate and sprained her ankle. she says she's better now. that's good to hear. ^_^x on our way back, there was a lot of traffic on the 10-West (dunno why) so i took the carpool lane, which was stupid because it didn't let met get out until the 710 which was past my exit. grrrrr, so NEVER TAKE THE CARPOOL LANE ON THE 10-WEST! had to drive all the way to soto and make a U.

overheard my dad's conversation with my uncle and found out that Gov. Davis has proposed that sales tax be increased by 1%. dunno if it's going to pass but don't u think 9.25% (9.75% in SF) is a bit TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH?!?! here's the article. if you want to read up on it.

did your parents ever tell you to trust them, that everything they tell you to do is for your own good. well, i figured out one of the reasons why teenagers are rebelious. today, while driving with my dad, he asked several questions in which i answered "truthfully". he then responds that he doesn't believe me and then tells me his "assumption" on what the "truth" is. from that point on, i just stayed quiet. i figured that he already has a mental set on what is fact and what is false, then there's no reason for me to say anymore. anything more i say usually makes the situation worse. then during lunch, he asks the same question to my uncle about his college life and he agrees to everything i said. i mean to question if i'm telling the truth or not in front of me. and he wonders why i keep stuff away from him. for a trust to work, it doesn't only work 1 way. both ways must have the same amount of trust in each other. to shatter once again my trust like that. sigh...

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01.11.2003 -

too tired and butt's too sore right now to make today's entry. expect a long one tomorrow. ^_^x

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