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05.07.2005 -

thought of the day: ever hear the rumor of the exploding egg when you try to cook in in the microwave. mechy, decathanerd and i decided to experiment it this weekend. mechy said it'd blow up in 30s or less. decathanerd said it'd take like 3 mins and i said it was an urban myth. i mean everyone tells you that the egg explodes, but when you ask them if they've seen it actually explode, they go no. so we put a bad egg into tuppleware and sealed the lid. we even opened the vent on the lid incase of pressure build up. so while mechy and i were marinating chicken drumsticks and decathanerd was washing dishes, 2:06 later we hear BANG, the microwave door flies open and eggs pieces come flying out. it was so strong it blew the lid across the kitchen (which we found later). it left the microwave in the pretty bad condition/smell, but we cleaned it up. there you have it, 1st hand experience of microwaving an egg. well 2nd hand experience for you. next time, we're going to try an egg w/o the shell and see how that'll turn out in the microwave.

 H  A  P  P  Y     B  D  A  Y     D  N  G  !  !  ! 

 H  A  P  P  Y     M  O  T  H  E  R  '  S     D  A  Y  !  !  ! 

gotta thank frank, ken, and mike for treating me to lunch today. (^_^x) im going to miss them.

my incest thought of the day has brought about some interesting comments:

ray: Just reading ur blog: Incest of first cousins does not lead to as high birth defects as once thought. However, your chances of getting children with recessive genetic disease is quite high if its close family. Oh and for the record with modern medicine the chances of an HIV-positive couple having a child without HIV can be more than 95% (especially if the mother doesn't breast feed)

schwartz: there is no reason to say that the inherent wrongness of a thing, whether it be getting with a little girl, cheating on your husband (even if he's ok with it), or in this case, romanticalluy loving a sibling or other familial realtionship, is a reason not to think that its wrong. of course, that would only apply if you believe in an absolute right/wrong. that is, you don't support moral relatvism, if you're one of those people who believes that "what is right for me might be wrong for you.."... or "its ok for some cultures to include raping little boys as a parto f their religious expression", then there's nothign in my argument that can convince you.

horrible weekend. think i mentioned it earlier, but yah, horrible weekend. cs188 project due tomorrow midnite. psych midterm on tuesday. cs160 project demo on tuesday. cs160 poster presentation on thursday. cs188 final on friday. cs184 final on saturday. sigh...

so yesterday, mechy, decathanerd, and i went out for dinner. like always we had a really hard time picking out a place to eat. after much indecision, we finally decided to cook ourselves. this was ~10am and we estimated that we wont be eating till midnite. we dropped by albertsons and picked up some chicken drumsticks, some pork chops, 1 cucumber, 1 green bell pepper, 1 orange bell pepper, 2 garlics, 1 onion, a bag of carrots, and a bottle of $.79 kraft honey spicy bbq sauce. this is my 3rd "real" cooking experience since i've come to berkeley. we had tons of fun. mechy made his special sauce which was really good, but consisted only of garlic, soy sauce, sugar, and salt. carol donated her black bean sauce as goodwill. we marinated the drumsticks with both bbq sauce and mechy's special sauce. i just realized, when i say mechy's special sauce, people may think of some gross stuff (thanks to harold and kumar), but don't worry, it was black. we put the drumsticks in the oven, while we fried the pork chops. the vegies came afterwards. had that with rice. i'm actually surprised that it came out really well, thanks to mechy and decathanerd. god knows that if i had done this by myself, i'd probably end up throwing it down the trashcan and ordering pizza. we finished cooking @ 12:15am, 15mins past our expectation which wasn't bad. liam even dropped by to taste our chicken. well, that was a side goal. his real goal was to get boba with cari.

tired tonite. will post images and videos next time.

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05.05.2005 -

thought of the day: cdmcc and i had a disucssion on incest a few weeks ago. cdmcc argue that incest of any type was wrong, especially within the direct family. i asked why was it wrong besides the fact it wasn't socially accepted. i personally dislike incest and find it gross and disturbing, but in order to have a good discussion, i chose to defend incest to see where it leads. personally i think incest is a culture taboo. everyone says so, so it becomes the law. some may think morally it's wrong, but if 2 people really love each other, i don't see how morals can find any reason to break them up. cdmcc then mentioned that incest leads to defective babies. i agree the chances of having birth defects are higher (not high), but i mean it's really not an issue. incest couples could decide not to have babies. people who have aids would pass on the hiv virus onto their offspring, but there's no reason for 2 people who have aids to not be in love with each other or have a sexual relationship. honestly, the british royalty has been committing some form of incest for quite some time, though cdmcc noted that the couples are generally a bit farther apart and decathanerd noted that's why they're so ugly. from, they state that incest is Sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. forbidden by custom is what i'm looking for. tons of things are forbidden by custom. in asian cultures, to hit your parent is forbidden by custom. i asked cdmcc if his parents were to beat him, would he fight back. his answer was an outstanding yes. why wouldn't he, he asked back. and i'm pretty sure not all cultures ban incest. some may find them perfectly acceptable (cdmcc noted the 'south'). i mentioned animals commit incest all the time, but decathanerd said that they actually dislike incest and if they could, they would rather do it with another outside the family. he said they dont find family members to be attractive. i agree, i can never really see my mom or sister as someone i'm attracted to which is good i guess. but once again, this is not a valid point on why incest is wrong. our discussion ended with cdmcc trying to find the %age of birth defects on google w/o success. once again, i reiterate, my position regarding incest is that i personally find it gross. but i can't find a good reason to say it's wrong and why others, if they are truly in love with each other, to forbid them to commit so.

mechy:4 toland:0. once again, mechy comes up ahead. what those #s mean? they're the # of girls that came up to say hello to the person in question during a short span of an hour. i bumped into mechy in front of the champagne reception the college of engineering held for us. while i was waiting for my friend robtrust and mechy was waiting for his friend darren, 2 girls came up to say hi and asked if he was going. i pointed this fact out to mechy and he said that i must've told all the girls beforehand to not say hello to me. i mean by god, how did he come up with such a scheme if he hadn't thought so beforehand. i countered his argument with the fact that's what he did and that's why i'm seeing only 2 girls and not 20 girls. i mean even after stating so, the girls couldn't stop themselves from coming up to say hi. we went in and thank god there was apple cider. champagne is okay. i had some the previous weekend. only reason i drank it was the only other option was water and champange at least has some taste. there were cookies, strawberries, brownies, chocolate, and tons of other goodies. we even got a college of engineering mug for free. while we ate and chat, 2 more girls came up to say hi. that makes 4. *bows down to mechy*

thanks to mythrilwulf for donating this link: Bunny suicides!. mechy, if u want to know what dark humor is, this can be considered dark humor.

got this article from /. : U-M researchers make bendable concrete. A new type of fiber-reinforced bendable concrete will be used for the first time in Michigan this summer—and University of Michigan scientists hope that their new material will find widespread use across the country.

got this link from /. : How Lightsabers Work. interesting read on the fictionary laser sword.

got these from