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01.09.2003 -

sorry about not updating yesterday. was tired and didn't want to put up an incompetent entry for my adventures yesterday. welp, here we GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (wanted to use another word for incompetent, phrase begins with H-A, but couldn't come up with a better synonym)

welp, i've gotta thank 3 important ppl for making this possible. crabyaple, sueon, and daizie. without them being such great hosts, our trip wouldn't have been so fun. this was a really random trip and everything was sorta decided the nite before. hehe. sueon initially invited us to come some time before we went back to school (which starts on 1/21; u may now begin to drool). of course there's other ppl to thank but i'll do that at the end. ohfuee, ghettopink and i met up for lunch around 12:30pm. ohfuee had bought a snowboard + all the extras earlier in the day and is really excited now and wants to go snowboarding on both friday and saturday. ghettopink went to AE earlier to check out a snowboarding jacket for $60. said the small was too big for her. so she's planning to order the extra small online. as undecisive as we always are, me and ghettopink agreed that ohfuee should decide where to go for lunch. welp, he decided to goto a taiwanese restaurant off of new and valley. food was good there, but customer service was lacking. then we embarked on our journey to ucla. the drive there was pretty smooth and not much traffic, we did end up exiting the wrong way. we got to ucla around 2:30 and we found an excellent parking space in front of the dorms (well, only 1 block away). ghettopink first noticed someone that looked like crabyaple. as we walked closer, it WAS crabyaple. he was apparently waiting for manbean to deliver something. we bumped into christina as she was walking to class and apparently earl had came earlier that day. boo, we missed him. the new dorm was completely opened and it was really pretty. as sueon said, "doesn't it look like a casino?" it did in fact! and for some reason, the main entrance to dykstra (the dorm where crabyaple lives) has been shut down. to get into dykstra, u need to go through deneve (the new dorm). we got to meet eva (crabyaple's roommate, aka one of the best CS players on the stanford server). everyone else was in class at that time and we just chilled in his room. thonda dropped by later and i just realized a bunch of my ucla friends hasn't seen my tail. i also realized i've actually been to UCLA twice (not once as i first thought i did). sueon gotta outta class and we met up. crabyaple had hw he needed to complete so he stayed behind and would meet up w/ us for dinner. when we were walking to sueon's room, we bumped into hao and a chain of reaction ppl began calling my "dai lo" which is really the first time. also, a lot of ppl questioned how long im going to keep it growing and i always pointed to ohfuee since he's my hair stylist. while chatting there, alice and elanis came by and we chatted some more. we found out later from mesofa's roommate that she went home. darn, and i wanted to see her too! it's been such a long time. sueon took us to shoot some pool and by chance and tons of luck i was the winner of our first round of cut throat although the only ball i shot in was the last ball. hehe. we met up for dinner and there was quite a debate whether we wanted to go to deneve or reiber. hehe. deneve won. there we saw daizie and stixpac. stixpac had to leave early cause there was a ucla vs usc basketball game and he was the band's drummer. food there was okay, they claim that this was one of their bad days. sueon had to leave our party too. had some 'meeting' @ 7pm. was very secretive about it. never really told us what i was. hehe. we went back to crabyaple's place and chilled. ghettopink decided we should go get dessert @ diddy rees and ice cream sandwich (2 cookies + ice cream) was only $1. however the cookies did raise in price from $.25 to $.35. it was GOOOOOOD! oh! i almost forgot. we had a long debate if we should drive to diddy ree's, finally ohfuee flipped a coin and we were driving! dont u wish decisions in life could always be made so easily. on our way there, this driver just wouldn't let me make a left turn and he kept honking at me and almost crashed into me. welp, we got back safe and sound and it was getting really late. eva supposedly only had a combined 5 hrs of sleep for the past 2 days and he needed to wake up early for work tomorrow morning. so we decided to leave and then in the hall, ghettopink decided to braid my hair. never really got to see it and it was broken this morning when i showered. welp, i've gotta give one final thanks to everyone @ UCLA for being such great hosts. next winter break, we're going to be back! ^_^x

just got notified that i'm going to UCI tomorrow. also, snowboarding on saturday, everyone's invited. ohfuee's coordinating it so if u have any questions, contact him! ^_^x

i believe i saw this on sueon's computer, but i'm not exactly sure. DeadAIM used to be very primitive in that it only removed the AIM ads. but now, it has surpassed even AIM+! working with the newest versions of AIM 5.0 and includes transparency, log mangager (+ search engine), ad removal, and even TABS! gave it a shot and love it. only thing that's missing is a log importer from AIM+. oh well, for those that are interested, here's the link: DeadAIM

oh yah, i'm probably going snowboarding this saturday again. if you're interested ask ohfuee. he's the one coordinating this event.

thanks to esca for donating this article. that diamond marketing guy was a pure genius. that's all i've got to say. too bad everyone's learning the truth about diamonds now.

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this article. drinking booze helps lower heart attacks? wow. another reason to drink now! but as ungsunghero pointed out: "apparently, harvard grads forgot about one's LIVER"

thanks to esca for donating this link to an awesome picture of legalos. as esca says, "someone with lots of photoshop skill"

thanks to lsiymle for donating these 2 cute naruto pictures:

as cari reminded me, i almost forgot about hamtaro. the recording was successful, but i recorded the wrong time. got tom and jerry instead. booo. =( oh well, i'll give it another shot next monday. ^_^x

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01.07.2003 -

nothing much happened outta the norm. eat, sleep, forced to wake up, yah, the usuals. thanks to iroberti for contributing this movie. all i can say is OUCH!!!

thanks to zultimaz for showing me this flash movie. i've gotta say this is one of the best ones i've seen.

thanks to esca for donating this link. ever wonder what happens when you're roommate's a filthy pig? this is what it's going to end up as.

has anything ever happened to you where when ppl bring it up now, you push it away as it was a joke because it's something embarrasing. but then when someone brings it up as something serious and wishes you find out more and how it happened, u began to cry? it was a very weird experience for me and yet it's something i cannot disclose @ the moment. sorry guys.

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01.06.2003 -

gomen gomen, i just noticed that the menu hasn't been updated to include january '03 as part of the old news menu. that has been fixed.

cd-mcc has yet given us another tycoon of the moment. this time it's cockroach tycoon. yummy (literally!) ^_^x

i just finished watching the Borne Identity today and my brother asked me if Jason Borne was a cyborg or not (trust me, knowing this won't ruin the movie for you). supposedly there were hints inside the movie that says he was a cyborg, but i never got that was the sense. what do you guys think? also, i found out this was actually a book written in 1980. too bad i'm not that interested in reading or else i'd actually go check it out.

thanks to carii's brilliant suggestion, i've set up a timed recording on my computer to record hamtaro tomorrow. i'll let u guys know how it turns out.

taken out from #uclaanime:

[00:21] <eddo-kun> where is everybody... it's so dead.. :P
[00:22] <eddo-kun> people usually talk during this hour... wut happened? -__-
[00:26] <longshot> hi
[00:27] <knurK> the 1st day was a big hit
[00:27] <knurK> 90% didnt make it back alive
[00:27] <longshot> 1st day?
[00:27] <knurK> give it a week or so
[00:27] <eddo-kun> hahahaha... ^___^
[00:27] <knurK> and it'll return to normal

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01.05.2003 -

welp, school starts for most of my friends tomorrow. sorry i'm the bringer of such bad news. well g'nite and hope you'll enjoy this semester/quarter.

you ever play minesweeper? it's one of the funnest games to play when you're bored and does require quick responses and fast calculations. i haven't gotten to play it until recently when my brother taunted me saying he had a lower score than i did. i recalled i got a lower score than he did, but lost my record when i formatted my computer. welp, today i broke the old record in my computer and got a 124 expert mode. i believe i've actually reached 117 before, but oh well, no record == not real. hehe.

word of advice: it really helps to have an optical mouse.

welp, i personally didnt watch the entire game, only part of the beginning and the ending, but buckeye fans, your prayers have been answered! they've finally won another national championship! ^_^x i know it's a day late, but i was tired last nite and forgot about it. hehe.

oh yeah, if anyone that works @ cartoon network reads this, put Hamtaro later in the afternoon. 10:30am is too early for me to wake up to watch it. sometime around 3 or 4pm would be nice. ^_^x

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01.04.2003 -

my body is still so sore from snowboarding. having trouble just getting outta bed or even my chair.

welp, tomorrow's sunday which is also the last day of break for many including most of my friends and siblings. i wish them the best of luck starting this new quarter while i enjoy 2 more weeks of pure fun! or was it lonliness?

tons of anime series have been completed recently. including Witch Hunter Robin and Samurai Deeper Kyo which were completed today. guess i'll have a lot to burn when i get home.

nothing much interesting happened today. g'nite ^_^zzz

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