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01.03.2003 -

i know it's a bit late, but wait till you hear what's happened in the past few days!

on New Year's Eve, mmouse IMs me and invites me to Pearl's new year's eve gathering. i was like kewl! dont have to spend this new year's eve alone. lemme try to recall everyone that went: pearl, mmouse, audrey, david (audrey's bf), claudia, darren, n0rybic, joe234hk, kcbabe, selena, sweetlilangel, slicktran, vanessa, johno, lilsneezy, jorge, kathy (lilsneezy's friend; not the one from keppel), pengo, griffin, ohfuee, glendia, and ghettopink. apparently david knows me from fatwallet. we went to City Walk for dinner and at @ Tony Romas. they had their own special new years eve menu with no entree less than $18. the food wasnt bad tho. afterwards, we waited for the countdown for new years. everyone was having a lot of fun and we watched the countdown on the big screen. but to our surprise, we bumped into thomas, robert and brite (ppl from keppel i haven't met for awhile, in fact after HS). most of us went to continue the celebration @ mmouse's house with martinelli apple cider. one interesting thing we all noticed was his toilet which you pulled up to flush and then a gush of water like a waterfall. we played a game of mafia and ppl began to leave afterwards. i got home ~2am, took a shower, and went to sleep around 2:30. something horrible happened that nite. all the pictures i took that nite were mysteriously corrupted (as tech supported called it). still inquiring what the problem is, but it looks like those pictures are a goner. *sniff*

got up @ 7:30 (4hrs of sleep) and went to pick up mmouse. we were going to disneyland w/ some other friends. apparently mmouse got less sleep than i did cause some friends stayed over. we met up with ladydevilot, chung and jenny at ladydevilot's house. ladydevilot's bf has a friend that worked @ disneyland that gave us discounts to get into disneyland. the only 2 things special that they had @ disneyland was the fireworks spectacular and the nightmare before christmas version of haunted house. the haunted house i've gotta say was really cool. i got home around 2 and went to sleep @ 2:30. (if you're wondering what i've been spending those 30minutes before sleeping each nite, i'm using them to take a shower knowing that i probably wont wake up early enough for a morning shower)

2 hrs later @ 4:30, i woke up to get ready for my 1st snowboarding experience. many unexpected events happened today. mmouse was suppose to pick me up @ 5am, but he didnt show up till 5:40 and we got to ohfuee's place @ 6. (we were suppose to meet @ 5 to leave early to get a good parking space). the ppl that went today were ohfuee, mmouse, darren, claudia, sweetlilangel, and ghettopink. we left around 7ish and ghettopink wanted to go to Wrightwood to purchase sunglasses which she knew was along the way. she thought the store was off the 210 and we went back and forth (stopped at a pet lodge - vacation for dogs, hehe) until she called and realized it was off the 138 which was the next freeway intersection. however, right before turning onto that freeway, we got into a car accident. the guy behind us (red isuzu) rammed into us while reading a map. mmouse's tahoe only incurred scratches and a dislocated bumper. the other person's car's front grail was crushed, the radiator was leaking fluid and the front of the car was completely smashed. we pushed their car off to the side and they began exchanging information. after awhile, a cop drove by and began to ask questions. we had 7 ppl in a tahoe with only 6 seat belts, although the back center 2 did share a seat belt, so we were somewhat afraid they'll find that out (but mmouse told them there were 7 ppl and the cops didnt seem to mind). after about an hr later, we were on our way again to mountain high. we found wrightwood and while lining up to rent our snowboards, they announce that the tickets have been sold out. not wanting to rent snowboards if we couldn't get the tickets, we left and checked out another resort called sunrise. however, they didnt have their own snowmaking machine and sam says it isn't as much fun/easy as the slopes @ mountain high. after a long time of debating whether to stay @ sunrise or not, we decided to give mountain high another try since more tickets are usually available after 2pm. we went to McGraths to rent our snowboard gear. however they were outta almost everything. ohfuee rented his boots (since he brought his own snowboard) and he went to purchase our tickets when they become available. before leaving mcgraths, we bumped into lilpebbly and her 2 siblings. (didnt see them again after we left mcgraths) we went back to wrightwood and rented our snowgear. there was an option for $3 insurance. derek and i decided not to pay it and the cashier lady was giving me a hard time saying i'm a brave soul and i might end up paying $300 if there was any damage done to the board. returning back to sam, he calls us and tells us that he got the tickets. we were very excited. but before that apparently he accidentally called another friend of mine. since mmouse and esca both have the same first/last name (the only difference was their middle initial), he gave my friend esca a call (who lives in san jose) telling him he got the tickets. esca was confused and said he must have the wrong #. hehe. we met up with sam later and we had a light lunch (fram & cheese sandwich; fram = frozen ham). first thing we learn was that we're going to fall, no matter what. mmouse, ohfuee, and ghettopink were the teachers of us newbies. i got paired off with mmouse and we went on the lift. getting off the lift was one of the first challenges i had, and i still havent perfected it yet (although i did have one successful attempt w/o falling). we were first taught how to break/stop. then how to turn. the first 3 attempts downhill took almost an hr each. i kept falling over and over. after awhile, the teachers left us and darren and i went to test out the bunny slopes. the sun has already set and it was getting really cold. we went on the bunny slope ~5-6x and on our last try, both of us completed the challenge w/o falling! we were both extremely happy @ our success. we left around 9:30 and the rentals were due @ 9:45. we got there @ 9:48 and the guy was nice and said that was okay and checked our stuff. we got home around 12ish and my body was extremely sore, especially my butt and legs and wrists. carii found out that i was in a car accident and asked if i was okay. found out later that steve also went snowboarding that day and saw our accident. oh well, took a shower and went to bed. ^_^x

that's about it for my 2.5 days of pure fun!

ungsunghero has been asking me if i tried PMing my ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 8500 for a few days. finally gave it a shot this afternoon and it went through! i was like KEWL!!! i was expecting to get shot down or queued for corporate approval but after 5 minutes of hold time, the CSR told me that $83.something will be credited back to my credit card, which brings my total cost of the AIW down to a mere $54!!! nice huh?

i've been looking for a song i heard on KIISFM and apparently i got the lyrics wrong. that's why i was unable to find it. welp, hope u guys like this one too! Tatu - All the Things She Said

cd-mcc submitted a new tycoon yesterday. enjoy. ^_^x

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