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01.31.2003 -

welp it's that time of year guys. time to rake in the dough and buy the dream present u didn't get during christmas. hehe. ^_^x


guess what! (it's actually something). missed my first class of the semester today. not bad considering it's already the 2nd week. couldn't get outta bed this morning. hopefully this won't become a habit. lol -_^x

met up with lilpebbly today. cd-mcc, lilpebbly and i went out to Zachary's Pizza (Yummm!). those good thick pizza. hehe. had many interesting conversations. we then went to Spats and hit up some drinks. they were being mean to me and forced me to take sips )o; i still stand by the statement that all alcohol is gross. i mean pay more for a drink which tastes worse. ended up coming back and watched an episode of family guy.

i've been playing *cough* *cough* beta-testing Unreal II: The Awakening. game seems fun and runs okay on my Radeon 8500. i think my headaches are a hit and miss. if i dont concentrate too hard on these 3D First Person Shooting games, i'll be okay. Just short periods of play no longer than 1hr. don't try to run around and move too crazy and these headaches seem to stop returning. hehe.

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