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12.27.2003 -

just got back from vegas. internetless for 2.5 days, but i can now safely say that my internet addiction wasn't as bad as i originally thought, though life is boring w/o internet. it sux even more with having ~20days left before my 21st bday and not being able to gamble. so yah, all i did was walk around, eat, watch tv, and sleep. stayed in stardust for those who are curious. i guess the 2 hilites of the trip was the Andy Lau concert (not really a big fan of his singing tho) and the trip to Zion National Park. i didnt bother taking any pix @ the concert since my camera wasnt equipped with high enough zoom power (bro did record an hrs worth of it on his digicorder i think), but i did take a bunch of pix @ zion. im not sure if it was lucky or unlucky that it was snowing. it was pretty, but we had to turn back around midway up the mountain due to road conditions. chk out the pix here: dotPhoto album. i tried to capture the actual snow falling and hailing, but those were so small it was hard. if u zoom in on some of the pix, u can sometimes see it.

if u havent seen the final google pic yet, here it is:

thanks to zultimaz for donating this site: Flash Player. has tons of kewl flash clips, new ones added everyday, a bit slow though, but that could be due to the fact im having several bittorrents running.

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