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01.31.2003 -

welp it's that time of year guys. time to rake in the dough and buy the dream present u didn't get during christmas. hehe. ^_^x


guess what! (it's actually something). missed my first class of the semester today. not bad considering it's already the 2nd week. couldn't get outta bed this morning. hopefully this won't become a habit. lol -_^x

met up with lilpebbly today. cd-mcc, lilpebbly and i went out to Zachary's Pizza (Yummm!). those good thick pizza. hehe. had many interesting conversations. we then went to Spats and hit up some drinks. they were being mean to me and forced me to take sips )o; i still stand by the statement that all alcohol is gross. i mean pay more for a drink which tastes worse. ended up coming back and watched an episode of family guy.

i've been playing *cough* *cough* beta-testing Unreal II: The Awakening. game seems fun and runs okay on my Radeon 8500. i think my headaches are a hit and miss. if i dont concentrate too hard on these 3D First Person Shooting games, i'll be okay. Just short periods of play no longer than 1hr. don't try to run around and move too crazy and these headaches seem to stop returning. hehe.

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01.30.2003 -

sorry about not updating yesterday. was so tired, but i still managed to stay up till 5am. dont exactly recall what i was doing. i believe part time chatting, part time watching "Hero 2002", and part time just daydreaming.

welp, i have another friend who's going to be contributing to my website. he/she requests to remain anonymous and i have nothing against that. topic of new menu item is Random Ramblings. enjoy ^_^x

there's this guy who found me through fatwallet and as you know, i sometimes tell ppl i'm from berkeley. welp, he got accepted to berkeley last year and i gave him some help on how to enroll in classes and etc. welp today he ims me and acts so so... i cant even describe it. read this log and you'll understand.

i'm using a new stylexp theme! check it out! welp, as promised, new doodles are up! ^_^x speaking of which, after scanning my doodles in, i've got a interesting story to tell. u know those shows that has wheels below it, so they can act like skates, well, while walking to class there was a guy wearing them. he made it look very uncomfortable and he was walking as he was wearing high heels. then he saw a slope and was like yippee! he did some stance and started rolling. im guessing he was new @ this and he wasnt able to control his turns too well and ran into the grass and almost tripped. and to walk outta grass wearing high heel like shoes. well, during philosophy class, i was doodling him and had a revelation. i figured why they were like high heels, i figured out why he was doing that weird stance. apparently there's only "1" wheel on each shoe and it's near the heels forcing him to walk on tippy toes acting like he was wearing high heels. as for the stance (see doodle "skateshoes" for better clarification), he was putting the front of one shoe on the back of the other while having the leg in front stick up. hehe. ^_^x

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01.28.2003 -

nothing really happened today. did a lotta reading/programming. hopefully i'll be able to scan some pictures tomorrow. ^_^x

"Toast Me" "I say you got to toast me!" along with other hilarious captions can be found @ Engrish TTT Captions thanks to js8.

check out this video clip taken straight from today's State Union Address. hehe. ^_^x

the fotographer requests to be anonymous, but supposedly this really happened:

him: oooh! CAK-TUSS! quick! take PEEK CHA!
photographer: ok, ok, SMILE!
him: (smiles and does whatever the hell he's doing with his hands)
photographer: ONE, TWO, THWEE...
him: noooo! wait...I COMB MY HAIR!
photographer: ok...but hurry! we have more PEEK CHA to take!
him: ok...I READY
photographer: i take the peek cha...ONE, TWO, THWEE!


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01.27.2003 -

join me in my crusade! click on the "King of Chaos" banner above! Darkness shall fill the land of light, for Krunk has emerged!

- pointed out by my sister -

a bunch of anime was released recently and i havent had time to watch them until tonite. Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis, and Dragon Drive all had recent fansub releases. the preview of Hikaru no Go is extremely interesting!!! i dont want to ruin the surprise for u guys, although i already did for a lot of ppl. a special has been made (does not follow the storyline at all, but done due to popular demand) to satafisfy us fans what disappointed u 4 episodes ago. w00h00! ^_^x

comon guys, throw some usb device ideas @ me. only rule is u can only endorse one as yours. ^_^x

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01.26.2003 -

was looking for this service after not finding a new "Hikaru no Go" manga update for almost a week: it emails you when it detects that a site that you've listed has been updated. u can even use that on my site, but u probably wont want to add my main page since this'll probably be updated close to everday, but if you like lets say my "Picture of the Moment" or the "Tycoon of the Moment", you can add that page to the list and it'll email u whenever that page is updated.

speaking of "Picture of the Moment", i've finally found updated that page. welp, i originally met some guy on BerkeleyBookExchange as i mentioned yesterday and we met up today to complete the transaction. i was extremely happy with the condition of the book and i only paid $15 for $40 book. the conditions were as if they were NEW! then i went to "University Central" to pick up my Scandanavian Literature Reader. my god, the story i'm reading is so exciting, i had to force myself to stop knowing that i had more hw to do. while walking back to the apartment, i saw the perfect picture, but sadly enough i didn't have my digicam with me @ the moment. i sat next to the fountain thinking, should i walk back to take this picture? i'm lazy and i admit it, but thinking about how disappointed ppl must be not having seen a POTM for such a long time, i decided to go for it. came back with my digicam and i noticed this bum sitting there not moving (no he wasn't dead). he was deeply thinking about something. hope you'll like this new POTM. ^_^x

thanks to cd-mcc for contributing a new tycoon. this is a must read if you use any instant messenger of any sort. ^_^x

welp, now about today's dinner. had our 2nd big experiment since we moved in. made stir-fry beef with red/green bellpepper, red potato, and cucumber. of course we also used our special Teriyaki Pineapple Sake marinating sauce along with Tiger *Hot* Sauce. turned out pretty good. ^_^x liam and lydia were over and lydia tried the meat and liked it and liam tried the potato and liked it too. ^_^x

thanks to nguy2MK for giving introducing me to "Kings of Chaos" (banner on the bottom). looks like a fun game (when you're extremely bored that is). welp, i'd appreciate if you would just click the link on the bottom just once to help increase my army. of course i'd be more than happy to have you by my side fighting as one of my officers. together, we shall REIGN OVER THIS FANTASY WORLD!!!

welp, ungsunghero suggested that ppl submit usb device ideas to me and i'll hold a poll later on with the best ideas for you guys to vote. lemme start from the beginning. it all started with this thread over @ fatwallet. kensington made a usb mini fan. who the heck needs a usb mini fan!?!?! just another useless product. i do admit some usb devices are great (ie the usb cell fone charger). welp, if u have any kewl ideas, submit it to me through AIM or email (contact info on the left).

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