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02.28.2003 -

the mean for my cs midterm was 9/20. havent found out what i got yet, but it's not looking that good. hopefully i'll beat the mean and i'll be happy. finished my 4page philosphy paper last nite, well it was actually more like morning, @ 7am. welp, all my worries are OVER!!! MUWAHAHA!

have any of you watched Equilibrium the movie? i'm trying to find out as much as i can about its soundtrack. there doesn't seem to be one avaiable anywhere. any info would help. (^_^x)

thanks to sueon for donating this picture. he gave it to me awhile ago, but just forgot to post it or forgot that i posted it. either way here it is again taken from the campus of UCLA. the Krunksta has SPREAD! hehe.

thanks to iroberti for donating this video clip. trust me, it's hilarious and it's not porn.

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this link. another usb device but more useful this time. hehe. (^_^x)

tons of new anime are out which i haven't been able to watch recently, but as promised here's some screen shots of the POT babies:

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02.26.2003 -

got slaughtered during my cs61c midterm today. was horrible. the test was so hard and was incomparable to what they had last spring. (T_Tx)

went out with some friends to celebrate fantasy's bday today. went to todai in daly city. did you know that the todai's in norcal give you free dinner on your bday instead of a certficate for a free dinner on your next visit?!?! that's pretty cool! the ppl that went included fantasy (of course since he was the bday boy), kharizma, morris, james, and then me! it was more of a celebration for me that my 1st wave of midterms are over. then again i still have that 4pg paper due on friday.

chk out this cool new picture my friend cantaka drew? pretty sweet eh?

anyway, i dont think anything interesting will be posted up here till friday. come back then! (^_^x)

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02.25.2003 -

sorry about yesterday. i was so overwhelmed with work that i became really pissed off. at myself, at school, and at life in general. i think it was also because of the lack of anime that has been coming out lately. if only i had an anime episode to watch to calm myself. after my cs98 hw, i watched Office Space which helped a lot. ended up going to bed @ 9:30am.


spent most of today studying for tomorrow's midterm. but i had a great harvest today with 5 new episodes of anime!!! there's tons of cute pot babies! i'll post them tomorrow.

as for today, i'll have to end my entry short, but i liked to wish


new random rambling donated.

i just noticed that my guestbook was having problems. problem should be fixed now. sorry bout that. (^_^x)

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02.24.2003 -


I hate school!

first that 5 page paper, now a super difficult perl hw, then a cs midterm tomorrow. and then another paper due friday!!! (>_<)!!!


Thank you. (^_^x);;

another random rambling has been donated. (^_^x)

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02.22.2003 -

i want to dedicate today's entry to mandalayx and his new gf jane. they were so kind that they brough me dinner and it was tempura. good stuff. u know, mandalayx really found himself a great gf. not only is she cute, she's a great cook + luv cooking. he tells me that he never goes to the DC anymore and i ask what he ate and he responds that his gf cooks for him everyday. i was like, WOW. hehe (-_^x)

right now my internet connection is going waking. bleh, rebooting the cable modem sorta fixed it.

thanks to jhs for donating this link. you should chk out the matrix reloaded trailer recorded on HDTV. Resolution is 1280x960 and it's sweeter than the on u can d/l off their website. it's pretty big tho, 117MB. to play the trailer, you'll need VideoLAN client which you can download @ the given link. u don't need the full package (cause that was what i was wondering when jhs first gave it to me). to run the program, just extract to a temp directory and run vlc.exe. my computer crashed the 1st 2 times i ran the movie. apparently some computers will run fine just by loading and playing. but if it doesnt for u, goto view -> preferences and for BOTH the 'Audio' and 'Video' tab, check the DirectX module. after that the sound worked and my computer didnt crash.

new Hikaru no Go chapter is out, for both chinese and english. the battle in the chinese edition is getting really exciting!

as for anime, new Naruto episode is out. this episode will begin the 2nd arc of the Naruto manga. speaking of wacky usb devices, chk out the latest item that has hit the market: YES, it's the USB Toothbrush. Mom: Goto sleep. Child: But I'm brushing my teeth. Mom: You've been brushing for the last 30mins and playing computer games. if you need a translation to that page, use babelfish.

welp, there was a nation wide protest against war a few days ago. HKenshin found some good fotos and a movie clip about them: movie clip

thanks to esca for donating another funny foto:

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