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06.30.2003 -

thanks to mmouse for donating this picture:

doesn't that look fun?!?!

thanks to dragonhaiku for donating this comic strip: Also Known As Blackmail more can be found @ Penny Aracde.

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06.29.2003 -

god, i'm starting to hate charter. speeds are so slow. planning to switch to sbc yahoo for $30/mo for FASTER SPEEDS.

looks like we're moving for next semester:

sfmecca13 (1:27:43 PM): hey what's up tol?
Krunk4Ever (1:27:51 PM): not much
sfmecca13 (1:28:03 PM): so i'm finally thinking moving out might be the right choice
Krunk4Ever (1:29:04 PM): o, wat happened?
sfmecca13 (1:29:32 PM): ok, well last night at about 2 am, jon, yaniv and me are over here
sfmecca13 (1:29:43 PM): jon and i are talking pretty quietly
sfmecca13 (1:29:55 PM): and yaniv is watching somehting on my computer with his headphones
sfmecca13 (1:30:02 PM): and laughing at it
sfmecca13 (1:30:15 PM): and jane calls me up and starts yelling at me
sfmecca13 (1:30:59 PM): saying that i must really think that there are no limits and that she had two hours of good sleep or something, and that i should really be sure to enjoy my night blah blah
sfmecca13 (1:31:17 PM): so then i start to say 'sorry but you're being out of line'
sfmecca13 (1:31:27 PM): but she cuts me off at 'sorry'
sfmecca13 (1:31:50 PM): and then says 'i bet you are' or something to that effect
sfmecca13 (1:31:56 PM): and hangs up on me
sfmecca13 (1:32:15 PM): i my opinion that's over the top behavior from a manager
Krunk4Ever (1:33:15 PM): ouch
sfmecca13 (1:33:39 PM): i mean that's bordering on being verbally abusive

got any awesome anime clip i wanted to share with u guys: She and Her Cat

they're finally making an emulator for the PS2. more info here. not much is working yet, but it's nice to know it's doable!

thanks to panzer for donating this link: Home built CD changer contraption. pretty awesome gadget he made there.

thanks to zultimaz for donating this clip: Total 0wnage pretty funny. (^_^x)

thanks to beardseeba for donating this pic:

beardseeba: you missed a cool party

pretty kewl effects on the swimming pool, no?

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06.27.2003 -

heard about the big cal/stanford play of '82? welp, i've heard a lot about it, but never saw it. finally i find it online. i couldn't believe it!!! IT'S THE FREAKEN BIGGEST PLAY EVER!!! watch it (22mb)

thanks to tlowing for introducing me to this new gadget:

The Amazing Water Clock

thanks to kharizma for donating this site: Mainichi Daily News. has tons of wacky and disturbing stories, especially the waiwai section

thanks to artemyst for donating this image:

thanks to hkenshin for donating this info. Did you know there's a restaurant in San Francisco called Thai Me Up

~ kharizma's favorite bunny ~
don't let the smile fool ya (-_^x)

thanks to ungsunghero for directing me to this thread: Didn't someone post a thing about mario..... wanna see some crazy super mario sh*t?!?! then u've gotta check out this video - 100mb (low quality - 40mb) my brother claims it's computer animation, but i'd like to believe it's real.

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06.25.2003 -

horacio's new computer is finally complete. his abit siluro gf4 ti4200 came in on tuesday. got my 3dfx voodoo3 3500 back. *hugs it* after playing halo and fuzion frenzy for awhile, we went to souplantation. as ungsunghero puts it, it's his way of cleansing his body from all the fatty/junk food he intakes. hehe. welp, this was ungsunghero's treat to me. that bastard didn't even gimme a warning. paid for it and told us to pay him back later. tried to pay later and he goes, no it's my treat. now this means war for the check!!! on our way home, ungsunghero suggests we stop by staples to see if they had any lite-on cdrw in stock. they were having a sale on buslink 52x24x52x cdrw for $15 after rebates, however buslink rebadges 2 cdrws, lite-on and aopen. my staples package had arrived earlier that day (when i wasn't home) and my brother confirmed it wasn't a lite-on. the staples we went to had 2, one in front of the other. the one in front wasn't a lite-on either. i asked the manager if i could see the it. he took it out from the display case and i noticed the one in the back was indeed a lite-on. bought that one instead. this morning after i took my brother to summer school in South Pasadena, i went and returned the non-lite-on drive @ the staples near there. 52x sweetness!

see the abuse i have to take every time i visit him?

thanks to TruPhyr for donating this movie clip: SNL Skit. tons of funny al qaeda names. ;p

thanks to zultimaz for donating this link. tons of awesome video clips. here's a couple i selected:

thanks to fuzzywuzzy for donating this article. looks like RIAA is getting serious. seems more of a scare tactic tho. ;p

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06.23.2003 -

i just remembered, i haven't told u guys about my new glasses. they're pretty nice. here they are:

thanks to crimsonangel for donating this link: the credit card prank. i think i've posted this before, but dont remember. anyway, it's still a pretty interesting scheme. (^_^x)

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