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07.29.2005 -

 H  A  P  P  Y     B  D  A  Y     D  A  D  !  !  ! 

several good news today. got my 1st pay check. well, it wasn't really a check, but a direct deposit. haha. time to get myself a toy. how much? welp, that's for me to know and you guess ;p

2nd good news is i finally found a place! it's pretty sweet. it's called Sammamish Ridge Apartments (use l/p: the pictures they have up don't really do them justice. so the rent i'm paying is actually $900/month. it's only 3miles from work (google maps estimates 6min of driving). so i'm on a 6month lease. manager offered to give me a whole bunch of goodies if i signed a 1 year lease (1 month free rent, covered parking), but i didnt want to get tied down on a 1 year lease since i am in the market of purchasing a home. my place is pretty big and comfy. 1050 sqft. assigned parking, in unit washer/dryer. dishwasher. 2 bedrooms. 1.5 bathrooms (most units there actually have 2 full bathrooms, but mine was a handicap accessible one, but i personally dont really need 2 bathrooms), so i'm kewl with that. the apartment actually just got listed today or yesterday. apparently the former tenant (still living there) is also a microsoft employee and they're actually on a 1 year lease. they suddenly decided to transfer her over to portland oregon so they needed to get rid of the apartment fast. but the place is really nice. it's close to a pretty big mall and theater. there were cheaper places, but they were either too old looking or didnt have in unit washer and dryer (i hate doing laundry back in college).

for those who have or will be searching for apartments, i learnt a pretty interesting acronym recently: MIL. you may see a lot of listings with the word MIL on craigslist. i never really knew what it meant or stood for. i see a bunch of them. i thought it may have been miliatry, but they didnt really specify and it seemed weird so many houses can be considered military housing. looked on acronym finder and didn't really get much farther. so i finally email one of those guys and asked them what MIL stood for. apparently it stands for Mother-In-Law unit, which basically means the place you're renting is attached to someone else's. sometimes you may share a kitchen. sometimes even the bathroom. you may even not share anything at all, but might have a direct indoor access to each other. quite interesting term to know if you're in the market for renting an apartment.

guess what i had for dinner today. was too lazy to go out after coming back home and i was tired from apartment hunting. egg rolls and orange juice. ;p still stuffed though. pretty amazing stuff.

btw, did i mention i have close to $60 in google ads already? you may have noticed i added a new google search engine. although incomplete, it still does a nice job + i get paid for the ads displayed on the listings.

cdmcc dropped by tonite and we watched the family guy movie *cough* Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story *cough*. it had it's moments. but i dont think was as good as the original seasons. sorta like how season 4 is. probably cause lots of the references they made i didn't understand. we also watched pablo francisco - bits and pieces. hilarious comedian. wished i could've seen him when he performed @ berkeley.

thanks to kira for donating this link: Humor. tons of humor for geeks. i didn't get through much, but check this out: 500 Mile Email.

thanks to cari for donating this article: Blind teen amazes with video-game ability. this kid is amazing!

got this link from /. : Water ice in crater at Martian north pole. so they say mars actually has water! time to start colonies!

got this link from /. : A Review of IE 7 Beta 1. all i've gotta say it looks way too much like firefox. i mean everything are in the same positions!

got this article from yahoo: I guess just seeing the World Cup isn't enough.... Named after the virgin huntress of Greek mythology, the "Artemis" complex is due to open for business in September with whirlpool, sauna, cinema, buffet restaurant and a staff of 100 prostitutes, mass circulation daily Bild reported.

got this article from yahoo: Pilgrims flock to image of Jesus on tree. yes, another one... did this all start with the moldy bread with virgin mary's face on it???

got this article from yahoo: Woman Claims Buttocks Burned on the Toilet. "Sadly, as a result of the chemical injury, nerves were injured that create a sensation of pain 24 hours a day," ouch! pain for 24/7. that must suck.

got these articles from yahoo: Vienna museum opens to nudes beating the heat and Austria Museum Lets Naked People in Free. Vienna's Leopold Museum offered free entry on Friday to anybody who came in swim suits or naked, in response to a summer heat wave with temperatures in the 30s (90s Fahrenheit).

got this from