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09.30.2002 -

well, this is the montly closing entry and i'm sorry to say that i didn't have much planned for it. sigh.. too much hw! =( however, my website has hit a new record. OVER 1400 hits in september '02!!! I mean that highest before was in February '02 with merely 800 hits!

well, i'll end this month with a little debate cunndogg and i had. think about this question: "Let's say hypothetically you know that you'd never buy this certain item, but you had the means to reproduce it, and you do. Does that constitute as stealing?" okay, first of all, many of you might bring up the point of selling. You don't sell it, it's just for personal usage. Cunndogg brought up the pt of if you are sure you won't buy it, then you aren't depriving the original creator anything since even if you don't reproduce this item, the original creator still wouldn't have gotten any money from you. I brought up the point that this is just stealing the research and work the creator had to do. Cunndogg says the research and work is already done, therefore you can't really undo that. And stealing his work/research doesn't deprive him of anything either IF you knew you weren't going to buy the item in the first place. Cunndogg brings up the example of a Lexus. Let's say someone had the means to reproduce a Lexus. He knows he'll never buy one because it's just too expensive and outta his league. He reproduces one. He doesn't deprive the Lexus creator any monetary value or raw material. I thought about this for awhile, and came back that the victim here isn't really the Lexus creators, but the public instead. since you didn't have to pay for a Lexus, while everyone else does, you're depriving them of their money which you and them share the same luxury. cunndogg says that's not really depriving them since they were willing to pay for it, but he did say because Lexus are luxury items, reproducing it will cause it's value to decrease. So we go to another example, software. We randomly chose adobe photoshop just for the heck and the amazing price tag on it. Let's say that a student knew that he/she will never purchase the software. would it be stealing if he downloaded the software for free and used it. on the other hand, there's a another student that NEEDS the software for a certain class, but he doesn't have the connections to download the software for free. So he was FORCED to buy it while the other student doesn't. Cunndogg says that the student who got the software for free, in no way deprived the student who actually bought the software. i said while the student who didn't buy the software has $400 extra (made up #) to spend, the student who did might've used his lunch money for a year. I'm saying that IF it is in your power to buy it, and you don't because you know you'll never buy it, then therefore you're depriving the other student of that $400 that he could've spent on other things. Cunndogg says that the 2 students are in no way connected. and even so, adobe photoshop's main target are businesses. if student's use them it only makes them become more of a standard therefore actually helping adobe out. The argument sort've ended there with other examples including music/mp3 and etc.

I just thought of another rebuttal however. Let's say IF everyone bought a product, generally, prices will drop yielding more customers. But if half the consumers that uses this product doesn't pay for it, to make up for lost revenue, they'll have to increase the price on the remaining customers. therefore, is the victims the public?

it's a nice question to ponder on and if you'd like to submit any feedback, feel free to email me. my email is located on the left beneath the menu. ^_^x

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09.29.2002 -

Our toilet has been clogged this weekend. very yucky. i'd take a picture of it, but it's pretty disgusting. thank god it flushes now. need to get our maintenance guy to check up on it tomorrow. but then there's always soda next door (where i've been going to when natured called today) hehe.

today was rather boring. hw more hw, project, anime (well, i needed breaks), oooh matrix was on FOX today. watched that too! i got Unreal Tournament 2003 today (well, yesterday, but installed it today). UT2K3 was released yesterday, and it has once again proven I have 3d motion sickness. played it for half an hour and head started to get dizzy again, and didn't stop hurting till an hr later. yuck. but the engine and graphics have gotten a lot better i've got to say. played the demo earlier too, but there weren't many options on the demo itself. went to gypsies on south side for dinner and cunndogg and i splitted a cal-zone.

well, the pic of the week has finally been updated. was stuck between fishies or sheep, decided to go with the sheep. ^_^x as the month comes to a closing, i once again like to thank all the people who actually come visit my site, although not much more than a college guy rambling about his life. hehe ^_^x

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09.28.2002 -

started working on my project today, but didnt get much done. tomorrow looks much brighter tho. but today looked bright yesterday also. sigh... went to Barney's today with liam, lydia, and cunndogg. they've got pretty good burgers and shakes. price is cheaper than mel's too! too bad it's sorta not within walking distance, but liam's got a car. ^_^x

Was browsing through fatwallet when i was saw this: link. i find it funny and a bit discriminatory against obese ppl. but then again, i wouldn't want to be the one sitting squashed between 2 of these ppl. i was thinking about this when i suddenly realized how this can help us! (especially for people flying home multiple times between Oakland and Los Angeles). for those that don't have a rewards card, GET ONE. for those that do have one, read on. many of you might fly multiple times per year back home, but you NEED 4 roundtrips to get a rewards ticket and your pts expire after one year. Lets say you plan on flying home 3x within a year. so close to getting a rewards ticket, but yet so far. Since they CAN'T discriminate you from being un-obese, you can buy 2 tickets and rack up twice the points, since you are buying 2 tickets home and both are under your name, and the only condition that qualifies you for the points is actually making the trip. Some of you might think i'm crazy. i mean why pay for an extra seat when all you get is one extra roundtrip, which actually just cancels what you just paid for. well, here's the thing. these rewards ticket allow you to fly ANYWHERE within a year (anywhere southwest flies that is). if you plan on "giving it away" (example). i believe the link says enough. here's my calculation: 4 roundtrip homes = $75/roundtrip * 4 = $300. amount you get for giving this away: ~$300. It's almost like southwest actually PAYS you to fly! of course you have to get on during their promotions and right now, round trips from OAK to LAX is only $37.50 (including tax and security fees) each way. hope this helps ^_^x

well, in that same thread, we had a college pride thingy going on. damion mentioned that cal's going to kick USC's butt, and then some guy thought that was the funniest joke. well, i agree that our team sucked last year, but they're having quite a good comeback with their new coach. but worse of all, i recall some friend of mines from ucla sent me this video clip. If you're from USC, DON'T CLICK THE LINK! I apologize for anyone that goes to USC that comes to my webpage. i know it's inappropriate, but each school's got one, right?

Today was anime harvest galore! racked in some good anime today, especially Prince of Tennis - 41 (they've finally hit the semi-finals! yes!!!) and of course Dragon Drive - 9! that cute dragon has returned! ^_^x

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09.27.2002 -

worked on cs61b hw today. haveta start on the stupid project due next friday starting tomorrow.

i know my english grammar isn't particularily awesome as several friends have pointed out. but then again, i see it as just adding to part of the humor you get from my entries. i mean you guys obviously don't come here to read a well written essay. most of you are here to get some laughs, some fun, or just to kill time. ^_^x

- thanks to crabyaple

tonite cunndogg and i watched 'Being John Malkovich'. the story made little sense to me and the plot was poorly planned/created. many things didn't just work out, and there were many holes within the plot. the theory itself was understandable and i luved the puppet shows. infact, here's some extra ones for you to enjoy: link.

Today Dragon Drive 8 was released and once again i got to see the cute dragon! w00h00! he's so kawaii. wish i could own him as a pet. ^_^x

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09.26.2002 -

only 30 visits yesterday!!! you guys sure missed out a good one. well, i guess you can always go back and check the old news, but of course it'll be 'old news' and not fresh anymore. who likes to read old stuff anyway.

welp while i was talking to cunndogg, i recall another tidbit about krunk. i believe this was during 8th grade when krunk was formally invited to a wedding. sparkie and her fiance (i forgot her irc handle) were getting married and everyone in #psx on was invited. well, not everyone but the ops and the voice cause we've became really good friends. the wedding was held @ SD and i really wanted to go. i even got formally invited with their invitation. not sure how many of you've been formally invited to a wedding before, but i received a really pretty envelope with lots of pretty stationary with a card that said, 'Dear Toland Hon, you've been formally invited by someone and someone (replace those by the parents' names of the bride) to attend the wedding ceremony of someone (sparkie) and someone (his fiance). sparkie, volfman, and shortdog all wanted me to come (i was the co-founder of the channel @ the time). i actually still have these cards stuck away somewhere in my drawer @ home. next time i go home, i'll give you guys a scan of it. ^_^x they said i was going to have a blast getting drunk. not sure if i would've really drank that time, but there was that possibility. however, the hard part was my parents. what was i going to say to them. some online friend was getting married and i was invited??? if i lied and said one of my real life friends was getting married, there will be reasonable doubt that i'm lying since i'm only in 8th grade and shouldn't know anyone near the age of getting married. neway, i was really sad when i had to decline. sparkie even reserved a seat especially for me. after the wedding, me and volfman help designed a website that displayed all their wedding pix. not sure if that website is around anymore.

this has been a really bad week for me. even worse next week since i have a midterm and a project due on friday. skipped 2 classes this week. booooo. was working on cs70 hw this entire day. finally finished ~2am and turned it in (since soda's right next to me; soda = cs building).

yesterday's entry got a bit long, but i really wanted to tell you Hikaru no Go 48 is out! w00h00!

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