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10.11.2005 -

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10.05.2005 -

it was a pretty fun day. our team went out and celebrated reaching zbb (zero bug bar). went to teapot for lunch (food wasn't that great though), but it was company paid for and then we went bowling. haha. it was embarrassing. the first round, i scored the lowest with a 60pt score. the first round was to see the skilled vs the amateurs and decide on teams. and losers had to buy donuts (one person per day, and with teams of 5, that meant a week of donuts). haha. there were 15 ppl, and everything worked out, until one of my teammates tells us she needs to go back. so what ended up happenings was i had to bowl twice for each turn on my team (since i was the worse). arm's actually pretty sore right now. but the tides turned! i was no longer the lowest scorer! i jumped to the 80s and 90s (since i bowled for 2 people) in the 2nd game. though my team didn't win, we didn't lose either, so we were safe from the donut buying. we decided to have one more game. for the losing team, it was double or nothing, or if another team lost, they'd have to buy donuts = 2 weeks of donuts. but this last game was amazing, toland #1 as people differentiating between my 2 scores bowled a 143, though birthday boy (one of my teammates bday was today) scored a 157. it was pretty weird, i had multiple gutter balls and faults (this bowling alley actually records faults when your foot passes the line). 2 of my faults were strikes! and i only made 4 faults altogether. toland #1 somehow ended up making a spare strike strike consecutively. and ended with a strike strike 9 gutter. toland #2 on this game got the 90s, though i had consecutive gutter balls for 2 turns. guess what, our team didn't lose again, but another team did lose so that = 2 weeks of donuts. i'm going to get so fat...

thanks to hung for donating this link: mario 20th anniversary memorial. pretty neat mario and luigi drawings.

thanks to cari for donating this article: Python Bursts After Trying to Eat Gator. A 13-foot Burmese python recently burst after it apparently tried to swallow a live, six-foot alligator whole, authorities said. might wanna think twice about eating that extra chicken wing when you feel so stuffed. buffets are EVIL!!!

got this article from yahoo: Language Trends in 2005 Are 'Crunked-Up'. "Crunk" — the American hybrid for crazy and drunk — is an example of how words evolve from popular culture, according to Susie Dent, author of "Fanboys and Overdogs: The Language Report." "Crunk is generating all sorts of offshoot terms in the U.S. — crunk 'n' b, crunk rock, crunkster — and looks set to catch on in Britain, too," Dent said. "New words travel from one variety of English to another and at a rapidly increasing rate, thanks to the way language is exchanged today over e-mail, chat-rooms, TV, etc." i think they're talking about me. ;p

got this article from yahoo: Cops Handle Kids' Fist Fight Over Pacifier. It all started Monday afternoon, when a 6-year-old boy dropped a pacifier. Another 6-year-old boy picked it up and refused to give it back, allegedly prompting the first child to deliver a punch. story wasn't that interesting, but pacifiers for 6yr olds?!?! then again, i'm the one that like sucking and chewing straws. i think i'm stuck in the oral stage in freud's terms.

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