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02.23.2004 -

sorry for not updating last nite. had midterm and project and laundry and other stuff to take care of. i know. it's excuses. as psych160 says, we tend to blame more on external factors when something goes wrong, and credit more on ourselves when something goes right.

irc has been chaotic for the past few days. made their official announcement that they will be closing their irc servers due to ddos attacks. aniverse was taken down shortly after. anime fansubbing groups are scouraging around to find another irc server replacement. so far, a few has moved to including #fet.

if u havent noticed, i shrunk the medias of the moment menu so it wont expand unless u want it to. maybe i should make a color box follow it now like my old news menu. hehe.

while i was in soda today looking @ the csua application, a girl down the hall goes, "hi toland." i turned around and said hi back and all i got was a glimpse of her back as she entered the room. i stood there thinking... "i dont know any girls in eecs. well more like i'm not familiar enough w/ any one of them to say hi to me." so i'm stumped. but stuff like this probably happens to mechy everyday. now i know how u feel mechy. ;p

this'll probably be my last batch of doodles (did i mention BIG BATCH?) for awhile. now that i have my laptop. websurfing is a much more efficient way to waste my time. hehe. enjoy my new doodles! one thing to note is that the snowboard design was done by liam. (^_^x)

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02.21.2004 -

almost forgot to mention how great mechy's memory is. i d/led a music video: Dream - Sincerely. when i first listened to it, it sounded really familiar. i was like... this is Hikaru no Go!!! so when mechy came over yesterday, since he's also another HnG fanatic, i played the song for him. he immediately knew it was HnG and even went further and asked me if i knew if it was an opening song or ending song. i said i didn't know and asked him if he knew. he goes, it sounds like an ending song. i concurred. he guessed it was the 3rd ending song (said it was a total random guess). i went to look it up and INDEED it was the 3rd ending song. lol.

liam, cari, decathanerd, and i went over to damion's place tonite and played Clue and Settlers of Catan. janey was also there. really fun. no one won during our clue competition, but almost everyone knew who the murdurer and weapon was by then, but the location of the murder was still a mystery. we wanted to move onto settlers (i think) so we ended the game prematurely. hehe. half way through our clue game drsarkis returns! hehe. while watching the food network, we played settlers of catan. damion tricked us by seemingly to not pay attention. hehe. all in all, it was a fun nite.

kat wanted me to mention her on my webpage, so here ya go. (-_^x)

welp, was copying over songs from my 'cds' onto my ipod and found some interesting songs i thought i'd share: (last one is mp3, the rest are mods. mods should be able to play fine in winamp)

Fountain of Sighs was and still is my favorite mod of all time. enjoy! (^_^x)

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02.20.2004 -

nothing much happened today. after jap, i came back and took a nice nap.

mechy came over today. we watched Infernal Affairs III. i've gotta say, this was probably the worst outta the trilogy. storyline was confusing and it jumped back and forth through time way too much. we had to pause at many points to stop and think wth was happening.

thanks to ak74 for donating this link: How to never lose Pepsi's iTunes giveaway. i've heard about this technique for quite some time. just surprised someone actually documented and photographed the procedures in doing so.

it's going to be a buys weekend. working on 2 different projects and i have a midterm i've got to study for next week. sigh...

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02.19.2004 -

thanks to hkenshin for donating Access Hollywood: William Hung - Part 2. you can now see his actual performance during the volleyball game and his bangettes, i mean hungettes (as the interviewer called them).

i've actually attempted to move my mouse from 1 display onto another.
unfortunately, it never succeeded.

**PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK IF YOU'RE EASILY DISTURBED!!** thanks to mercurial for donating this picture: bedsheets. hahah notice the box of tissue - Maetel

**PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK IF YOU'RE EASILY DISTURBED!!** thanks to draconis for donating this picture: lineage2 gone wrong.

thanks to js8 for donating this picture:

more despair images here

thanks to mercurial for donating this picture:

more here

thanks to draconis for donating this wallpaper: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. best of all, it's 1280x1024!

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02.18.2004 -

my ram came in today! yay! pure 512mb sweetness. it's so sweet, my teeth are hurting.

thanks to mkko for donating this article: HE WHO LAUGHS LAST.... HE WHO LAUGHS LAST...: The Associated Press reported late Tuesday that William Hung, the UC Berkeley engineering student who became a pop-culture phenomenon after being bounced rather icily from an "American Idol" audition, will be awarded a $25,000 check from the Fuse music channel on Wednesday, and a record deal from Koch Entertainment. The deal reportedly includes Hung recording a music video that will air on Fuse. The presentation, according to AP, was to be made at a UC Berkeley volleyball game tonight. there's pix and more info on hkenshin recorded Access Hollywood's interview with William Hung and is hosting it here.

thanks to draconis for donating this auction: College Girl I m selling my VIRGINITY !!!. first fake girlfriends, now this. unfortunately u can only ebay this once.

thanks to cdmcc for donating this article: Hundreds of coins found in patient's belly. it was painful just to read the article.

thanks to mercurial for donating this pic:

click to enlarge
-isn't that a kewl dog-

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