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12.24.2003 -

 M  e  r  r  y     C  h  r  i  s  t  m  a  s  !  ! 
 H  a  p  p  y     H  o  l  i  d  a  y  s  !  ! 

im going to be gone for a few days. heading to vegas w/ my family. too bad im not over 21 yet. think my mustache + beard + charming smile will be able to trick the security? ;p

chk out what lsiymle drew for me:

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this:


i'm saying the little snowman is going to replace the missing 'o' with the snowball.

you can also check out some of google's previous doodles here:

welp, i'll end this entry by wishing all a merry christmas and have a fun and safe holiday! (^_^x)

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12.23.2003 -

thanks to mandalay for pointing out that my aim profile had an error. should be fixed now.

went to fry's today to do an exchange. let's backtract a bit. remember how i figured out my mobo was the cause of my computer problems. the mobo was purchased @ fry's, however it's been past 30 days. so the seller mails me a receipt of a recent purchase so i can get an exchange. i goto fry's today. i asked if i can exchange the mobo for a new one. i hand him the receipt and them mobo. he asks me what's wrong. i say it wont powerup. he asks does it sometimes boot up, or has it never booted up? i say, it has never booted up. he tells me to go pick up a new one and come back. i head over to the mobo section but was only able to find returned boxes. i go asked the csr (asian) if there were any new ecs k7vta3 mobos left. he tells me they're sold out. i told him my situation and he tells me either return the entire combo for money or come back when they have it in stock. i go, when do you think fry's is going to restock? he goes, who knows, it's holiday schedule. so im sorta pissed off @ his attitude, so i did some more searching myself. i noticed a stack of 3 ecs k7vta3 boxes on the top shelf. not sure if they're new or not, i go ask another csr (hispanic). when i asked if they had any k7vta3 boards left, he doesnt directly tell they're out of stock. he looks around, then i point to the 3 boxes up on the top shelf. he takes the ladder and brings one down. it was indeed a new mobo of the one i'm looking for. stupid asian csr lied to me. (lucky #1). i take this mobo to the return counter where the csr which was helping tells me to come over. he had setup the mobo im returning and the computer booted up. then i realized, the computer that didnt powerup was my computer @ home which the power supply blew. i'm like o shit! this mobo does infact boot up but will autoreboot within a few secs to a few mins. i then explained how i mixed up the 2 computer problems i was having and told him what really happened. he goes, it's kewl, just lemme know what the real problem is so i see if that's really the motherboard's problem. (lucky #2). he then takes a look @ the item i just brought with the item im returning and he goes, these 2 item #s are different. he continues looking around the box and couldn't find anything else that was different besides the item #. he takes the receipt and the defective mobo to the back and asks around. he comes back out to tell me, here's the funny thing. the item # on the receipt matches the item # on the new mobo, but not the mobo ur returning. (recall this receipt was for a more recent purchase, and not my original mobo's receipt). i'm thinking i'm screwed. he goes back in and chats talks to some more ppl, comes back out and says, u know what, i can't find any difference between these 2 items, so i'm just going ahead with this exchange. (lucky #3). i walk out with a new mobo despite all the problems which could've happened. (-_^x)

thanks to draconis for donating this pic:

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12.22.2003 -

thanks to ungsunghero's suggestion about making my logo christmasy. was going to redo the entire logo, but got lazy. if i have the time, i'll surprise u guys on christmas. (^_^x)

got my package today. thanks to cdmcc for sending it to me. baka krunk forgot his spare battery and battery charger for his canon s400 @ berkeley. hehe. w00h00!

thanks to esca for donating this video: QRIO. here's the article with 5 other video clips for u to check out. QRIO is a new sony robot (sorta like aibo, but the human version). in this video, u'll see these robot coordinate and dance. u should also check out the video where it imitates a pitcher.

thanks to belldandy for donating this flash clip: A Visit From St. McNealy. a parody of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. might only be funny to computer literate ppl. (^_^x)

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12.21.2003 -

thanks to lsiymle and other fellow ie (internet explorer) users for telling me that my calvin and hobbes picture didn't load in ie (aka browser from hell). y ppl still use ie, i still have no idea. so, the html code has been fixed to work in ie now. to see the picture, goto my old news.

went out with horacio and ungsunghero today. first went to downtown la and got tacos and horchatas and orange fried chiplike thingies which ungsunghero has yet to disclose what it is. good stuff and cheap food. we walked around for a bit and then enter chinatown where horacio attempted to search for a pair of pants in the masses. unfortunately his search was unsucessful. horacio then drove us to officemax where each of us picked up a far (free after rebate) ms basic optical mouse. we then drove back to horacio's place and watched the end of the 49ers vs eagles, which ended up a really good game where teh 49ers had a good comeback. then we came back to my place where horacio got to leech my anime, i got to help someone do their hw, and ungsunghero got to make fun of my ibm optical mouse which i still disagree with him and think the ibm optical mouse is a pretty good mouse. afterwards i went to cari's place and picked up my lcd (once again, thanks to decathanerd for taking it down for me). the 3 of us met up again and went to play tennis. ungsunghero ended up whooping our asses as predicted and i ened losing to both of them. then we got wienerschnitzel 3 for $3 and watched titanic on nbc while we ate dinner. had a great day. (^_^x)

thanks to belldandy for donating this link What is bluejacking?. very funny.

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12.20.2003 -

recently a bunch of ppl have been visiting my site looking for SiCAF_Seoul_2003.wmv. im sorry to say, but the file is no longer available on my website (needed the space for something else), however, here are some mirrors you may want to try:

thanks to lsiymle for donating her drawing: (pretty good drawing eh?)

click to enlarge

thanks to belldandy for donating yet another christmas song: Song of Angel. enjoy! (^_^x)

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