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07.05.2005 -

 H  A  P  P  Y     B  D  A  Y     D  E  C  A  T  H  A  N  E  R  D  !  !  ! 

thought of the day: remember watching those famous people exiting out of the airplane at the airport. notice how they always walk down the stairs and not into a terminal? i've exited down the stairs 3x outta all my flights which i guess would be about 10%, but the point i'm trying to make, is you never really see famous or important people exiting into the terminals. i've come up with 2 possible reasons. first, it's so that there can be enough space for fans and news reporters. one can imagine the security and crowd reason behind that. the second reason is because they're too lazy to walk and need their limo to drive up to the bottom of the stairs to pick them up. ;p

thought of the day: i was wondering, when ordering food, why do people dislike choosing the same item another friend had chosen? are we afraid of being seen as a copy-cat? do we want to be unique? whenever i go out to eat with friends (and for those that know me, it already takes me forever to choose something to eat), i try to pick at least 1-2 choices as backups in case someone else chooses my 1st choice. it just dawned on me the other day. why do i feel bad about eating the same thing? if i choose the same dish, sometimes the other person feels pressured into choosing something else. why is that? however, take another situation where someone recommends dish X to several people's first time to this restaurant. more than likely, they'll all order dish X or have that as a backup. is it because we want to seem knowledgable as to what we eat?

so my internet's down at the moment, so i have some free time to write more about my europe trip. first impression of switzerland? very clean and beautiful. the train left us at the edge of a lake and it was gorgeous! 1st day we got there, we just walked around town. sunday is like a dead day. nothing is opened besides gift shops. switzerland accepts swiss franks (sfr) as their main currency, but euro is accepted everywhere and is converted on spot with the daily exchange rate. guess it's part of the EU plan to get all of europe to use euro. we saw a lot of people paragliding. looked really fun. also looked really expensive. oh yah. internet. i had to take care of something + it was father's day, but internet in switzerland is the most expensive. it was .20sfr/min which equals 12sfr/hr. i didn't have any sfr on me and no banks were open. i asked the clerk if i could exchange some euro for sfr. he tells me since he's not certified to do exchanges, what he can only do is have me purchase some thing (candy or etc) from him, he takes me euro and gives me back sfr in change. bought a tic-tac for about US$1. but i was desperate cause i didn't go online in italy at all. should've since it was cheaper there, but i didnt think so at that time. so i used the net for bout 30mins, coin after coin i stuck in. i think i put in at least 6sfr worth. sigh... afterwards, i took a dip in the nice pretty lake. the water was really clear. the lake was really big. you know what my biggest fear of swimming in a big lake is? that there's a big creature in the middle of the lake. dunno why i have this fear. if someone else swims along with me, i'd do it. but if i had to swim to the middle of the lake alone, i'd be pretty scared.

anyway, that day ended. we asked around about places good for hiking and had good views. there were a couple suggestions, but we ultimately ended up going to murren. think it was about 2000ft above sea level (though i might be completely off base with that figure; might actually be closer to 1000). anyway, it had a really nice view. some of the mountains were still snow capped. one of the most advertised peaks to visit was jungfraujock, which i called it junglefraujock. it cost almost $200 to go there, but supposedly it's really pretty. as you can tell, we didn't go there. in these mountains, there tons of natural water piping into these little mountain cities. even the water in the rivers were good tasting. we also got to see many waterfalls, which i'd talk about later sicne we actually got to see waterfalls INSIDE a cave. after coming down from murren and arriving at stechelberg, we walked for about 30mins and arrived at trummelbach. trummelbach is a place where 10 waterfalls are hidden inside the caves. it was so gorgeous. my favorite one was one which they called the corkscrew waterfall. the waterfall actually spiraled! it was so damn awesome! inside the caves was so cool (temperature wise). it was like a natural air conditioner. no wonder cavemen lived in caves! they knew where the good life was at! after we got back to the hostel, we hit the lake again. so relaxing! interlaken was probably the most relaxing stop of our trip.

the next day, we took a train to lucerne. on the way there, we pass by many more gorgeous lakes and mountains. lucerne was more of a tourist city. a lot more people there. they still had a nice lake, but more boats and you know you get the feeling of a tourist city when everyone seems to be a tourist. anyway, we stopped by the tourist info center and got one of their pamphlets. there were coupons! we got free swiss chocolate candy (yummmmm) and also a free spoon! there were a couple of nice bridges and we also got to see the dying lion of lucerne. the musegg wall was also a nice place we visited. wall was constructed to protect the city from invasion back then, but now it's just a landmark. there were a couple towers and it was about 3-5 stories of walking up stairs for each tower. but we got a good view of the city and the air was clean and there was a nice breeze up high and above.

so we're back in interlaken and this is our final day. so sad to leave. it was so fun. but onward to paris. story to be continued...

thanks to fuzzywuzzy for donating this article: Imagine:employee discounts on everything. it's quite interesting to see what discounts people get. i feel sad for dell employees. i even get bigger discounts than they do.

i got this link from a mypoints spam: True. check out that big warning/disclaimer. i mean if there's no federal law that requires that, y would they ever put such a thing up...

got this link from /. : Real Wood iPod. that thing looks sweet! wonder how good the touch wheel is now that it's wood.

got this article from yahoo: Couple says 'I do' by cell phone. guess they never heard of delaying the marriage. saying 'i do' over the fone sounds so impersonal. i mean you find people despicable when they try to break up over the phone or email.

got this article from yahoo: Sleepwalker rescued from top of giant crane. doesn't this just remind you of the old warner bros. cartoons? but just a much more real and scarier version.

got this from iichan:

square watermelons

got this from