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08.01.2005 -

thought of the day: did you know you could actually get toll free #s to show up on your caller id? i always thought toll free #s were just #s that forwarded your calls to real #s (or that's how it's worked when my dad subscribed to a toll free #). but some stupid sbc dsl guy called me on my cell fone a few days ago and tried to convince me to buy dsl when i was driving home (this all happened because my dad told the sbc rep some time ago my cell # because i was 'the one' in charge of making internet decisions; he does this like 3 or 4x and finally i get so pissed, that i made him promise that whenever any telemarketers call, to say no and if he forwarded another one of those calls to me again, i'd... i'd... i'd go crazy!). anyway, this sales rep must've kept my # on record and i use the same excuse as i did before, i live too far from a call center to get the best speed. she does a little check and indeed it was too far to get the fast speed, but i could still get the 'slow' speed. i said no thanks. but the point of this story, was when the # showed up on the caller id of my cell fone. it was an 877 #.

what grinds my gears: people who drive slower in the carpool lane than those who drive outside of it. the purpose of the carpool lane is to reward those who decide to carpool so they don't have to wait in traffic w/ the others. if you're in a carpool, but drive slower than the outside traffic, please please just drive outside and leave the carpool lane for those who need it.

if you're wondering where 'what grinds my gears' comes from, watch the new family guy movie.

so my colleague comments on me today as i said g'morning to him: there's no way someone is that happy on a monday morning at work...

sorry about not posting these past 2 days. just got tired. got back late last nite, took a nap on the couch. woke up and realized it was 3am already. so i went straight to bed.

i recently found out my uncle just had a major surgery. it's related to some tumor. i just heard from him today and he seems to be doing better, but he still sounds pretty sick. i wish the best for him and hope he gets well soon.

so i've decided to completely revamp my webpage layout. i have some ideas, but nothing concrete yet. hopefully, i'll be able to coplete it bt the next month or so. this is going to be exciting.

i missed my company picnic yesterday. both the people that said they were going w/ me ended up having something come up. so i slept in instead. i find out that my harrybons needed a pickup from the airport early that morning. airports like a 30min drive from here. i left here @ 1:20 and got there by 1:50, so the drive wasn't bad. but guess what! i found... well actually he found someone to watch batman begins with. i've been meaning to see this movie, but i hate going to the theaters alone. in fact, i don't recall ever doing so. the movie came out when i was in europe and by the time i got back, everyone had already seen it. being me, i hate asking people to rewatch movies, just for me. but then yesterday, harrybons invited me to watch movie (well he treated me for picking him up from the airport) and we were trying to decide what to watch, when he asks if i seen batman begins yet. haha. sweet! the movie was great! one of the better movies i've seen all summer (well maybe not as good as crash, but that's debatable. the storyline was really well written. had a lot of action and it sets up the movie for the next one. if you haven't seen it yet (which i doubt), you should go see it. it's way better than any of the recent marvel releases. i'd probably say it was better than spider man.

got an interesting link for you to read: FUNNER AND FUNNEST. What we’re seeing here is language evolution in action. So the straightforward answer to your question is: yes, you can use these forms, and people are doing so increasingly often. But if your question was really asking whether it is acceptable to use them in all circumstances, then I have to say firmly that, no, it isn’t, not yet anyway. They are definitely informal and they should still be avoided when speaking or writing standard or formal English.

thanks to fuzzywuzzy for donating this video: The immigration Taxi. what the guy does is pretty messed up. and after reading some of those comments, it's more than just that guy who's messed up.

got this from /. : The Great Underwater ROV Project of 2005. pretty interesting project. for those that don't know, rov = Remotely Operated Vehicle.

got this video from