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09.29.2005 -

yay! pay day is tomorrow!

serenity is out!!! a must see movie for firefly fans. someone on /. had posted a 3-way interview between TIME, Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman: Interview: Neil Gaiman and Joss Whedon. had some interesting things to say. here's 2 images i found off 4chan (may be a bit sexy): picutre 1 and picture 2. is it me, or does kaylee look so much taller in real life?

got this link from /. : Scientists capture giant squid on camera. be sure to check out the video. the squid didn't look that big, but i'll trust them when they say the tentacles were 26'.

got this link from /. : Ipod Nano 200gb Instructions. a hilarious guide on uncyclopedia.

got this link from /. : Zalman Reserator 1 Plus Water Cooling System. pretty neat looking device. i didnt really read the article, but the pictures were kewl.

got this article from /. : Apple acknowledges flaw in iPod Nano. Apple Computer is acknowledging a flaw in its new iPod Nano music player, offering to replace for free models that shipped with a defective screen that is prone to cracking. A company representative said that the issue was a manufacturing, rather than a design problem, and said it affected less than one-tenth of 1 percent of all the Nanos that have shipped so far. but yes, the nano is so easy to scratch. i've gotten quite a few already. but i didnt want to splurge and pay $30 for some plastic. ended up getting some skins and screen protectors from DecalGirl. was actually pretty cheap (price, hopefully not quality). i got 3 skins (1 for my 3g ipod) and a pack of screen protectors for a little over $20 shipped. here's their explaining of their skin quality: Skinning Demystified.

got this article from yahoo: Recipe for perfect sandcastle. A lesson learned by centuries of beachcombers has been distilled to a physicist's formula: to make the perfect sandcastle, use eight parts sand to one part water. no wonder my sand castles (or mounds) always broke.

got this article from yahoo: Mating game is never over for male swallows: study. Men who put on a little pot belly after marriage can give thanks that they are not barn swallows. A study published on Thursday shows females of that species keep shopping around even after mating. And these females aren't looking for good providers or even good company. They want only the best-looking birds, a research team at Cornell University in New York found.

got this article from yahoo: Australians do their patriotic duty - birthrate up. "That kind of public discussion has been pretty prominent and I think that has had its effect," he said. During a budget speech in May last year, Costello urged Australians to have more children, telling couples to "have one for your husband, one for your wife and one for your country."

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