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07.24.2005 -

thought of the day: did you know the title for Kung Fu Hustle in spanish and italian is Kung Fu Sion. i thought it was pretty clever.

so 3 people have pointed out my mistake in yesterday's thought of the day. apparent cotton doesn't come from sheep, but cotton crops instead, like the crop eli whitney invented a device for to help speed up the process of harvesting. but no one has been able to answer why it's egyptian cotton is higher quality than american cotton. hjo did suggest maybe the nile river give richer soil, but i'm pretty sure american cotton can't be that far off where we have to import cotton from egypt to make better bedsheets.

made another $2 on google ads today. w00t!

kira pointed out that there was a story behind yesterday's cute/weird baby pic. i've translated it already, but if you didn't catch it, click 'this month's archive' below and read it. i've warning you, it's a bit ecchi (perverted).

so harrybons invited me to his amazon picnic today. it was pretty fun. tons of food and games. met his friend eric who's interning at microsoft. ie7 dev. also got a free 10th aniversary amazon tshirt. hehe. food included ribs, burgers, gyros, salad, ice cream, strawberry shortcake, chicken curry, etc. the picnic was a nice area. i think i got sunburnt tho. not too bad, but my face and arm are red. hehe. there were tons of stuff to do. like water wars (6 vs 6. all behind a cage with a sling shot device where we launch water balloons against each other) and frisbee golf (like golf, but you throw your frisbee to hit the golf flag pole). i think the ms picnic next week is going to be at the same place. oh well. free food again.

afterwards, eric invited us over to his friend's bbq. met a bunch of new people there, many of which were microsoft interns. apparently since microsoft gives out free drinks at work (sodas, etc.), there's a term 'raiding' used when you take a whole bunch out to use for a personal gathering. i also for the first time learnt harrybons use his nickname bob. how barry (real name) became bob is a long story he has yet to tell. we bbqed beef patties and ball park hotdogs which were done really nicely. i found a new pyro. eric squeezed the entire bottle of lighter fluid into the grill in less than 10 mins. says it was 'needed'. hehe. harrybons wasn't feeling well, so we decided to leave early.

thanks to msticazn for donating this video: Staged Interview. (VTEC Cobra). although it was staged, it's still quite hilarious. the closest to someone actually saying this decal or this xenon headlight gave my car 5 extra hp (horsepower). though it was staged, it wasn't clear if both the interviewer and interviewee was in on it, or if it was just one of them.

got this article from yahoo: Florida mailman wins Hemingway look-alike contest. story wasn't that interesting but it reminded me of the story where charlie chaplin went to a charlie chaplin look-alike contest and lost.

got this article from yahoo: Vampire fraudsters take bite of Sicilian's savings. An Italian couple stole 50,000 euros from a woman in the Sicilian city of Palermo after convincing her they were vampires who would impregnate her with the son of the Anti-Christ if she did not pay them.

got this from