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07.29.2003 -


welp, i suspened my cellfone account today with little hope of finding it again. decided i'd just get a sim card, reactivate the line, and wait untill a good used fone deal comes along. so yah, u'll probably be only able to reach me online or @ my home fone for some time.

well, lemme first tell u wat happened on sunday @ office depot (the day i lost my cellfone). i went there to do a price match on a memorex 128MB compact flash. fry's/outpost had it for $23 while office depot had it for $50 with a $20 rebate. i brought a printed ad to office depot believing this would be a easy price match, since office depot does gaurantee to match competitor's price. the clerk at first told me that he couldn't price match because office depot had a rebate. i reminded him that it was a vendor rebate and not a office depot rebate so it'd be valid @ fry's too. he insisted that he couldn't price match because fry's ad doesn't show the rebate on it. i replied that it was office depot's policy to price match competitor's prices. he then questioned if i used any coupon, in which i replied no. finally he said that he had received a corporate memo that noted that they will not price match fry's on this product. i stood there for a few moments and then i asked, but it's in your policy to price match... he responded that all he could do for me was cancel my order and suggested that i go to fry's instead. pretty pissed at this point, i went home and filed a complaint to office depot corporate. this morning, i received a call from the manager of that office depot, apologizing for his employee's action. he said he was willing to do the pricematch for me now and would include a $10 gift card for my trouble. i was happy to accept the offer, but right after i hung up, i realized that the $20 rebate was no longer valid. i called back the manager and told him that i appreciated his sincerity, but i had to decline his offer because the rebate was no longer valid. he thought for a moment and replied that he was willing to discount the rebate amount for me if i still wanted the item. i agreed immediately while he asked how much the rebate was. i told him it was $20. so that makes it um.... $3? i said yes. he still tells me to come on over. i go this afternoon and he tells his clerk to get me the item and over write the price to $3. the clerk looked at him as if the manager was crazy. i couldn't blame him. $3 for a memorex 128MB compact flash is a great deal. after i paid, i thanked the manager and walked out with the memorex compact flash 128MB for $3.25 out the door. my luck may be finally changing!

thanks to kharizma for donating this picture:

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