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08.31.2004 -

thought of the day: is a true lie mean a "real" lie? or does it mean that when you made the statement, you thought it was a lie, but later on turned out to be real?

so i'm in the process of moving my server to a more stable host. looks my current server hosting won't be coming back anytime soon. for the time being, u can access my mirror site @ don't forget to check out the previous entries u missed during the outtage.

the camping trip fotos have finally been uploaded and commented: album link. enjoy!

here are the links to the videos of which i took:

thanks to chib for donating this site: Shyper Communications. another free webserver with 100mb of free space and 10gb of bandwidth. no filesize restriction. but beware, my friend's site disappeared after 4 days of hardwork, so remember to back it up!

thanks to windy for donating this pic:

baby sai

thanks to eddo for donating this article: Teenager Shoplifts Winning Lottery Ticket. what an unlucky guy. i would kill myself if i saw the $1 million drift through my hands.

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