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05.20.2002 -

My own domain is finally up! w00h00!!! It might be a bit slow, but what else can you expect to get out of less than $4/year. I won't be updating much in the next few days due to finals.The following items do not work: Old News; #calnime; Picture of the Week. You can still accessthe old stuff @ OCF. Wow, I just realizehow much more I can do when I own my own domain: scripts, programs, possibilities are justlimitless. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

I'd be glad to announce the peak of Project Mischief was a great success. Phase II is completed and Phase III is just the cool down period. I can't believe I hit 30GB in one day. Total for this week was 110GB.

Welp, wish me luck guys, and I won't be back till probably after finals. I mean this site won't probably be updated till I return home for summer. ^_^x

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05.17.2002 -



A lot has happened. Several sad personal things with dad and friends. Also with stress placed upon me by finals. And now what to do over summer? Work? School? Relax? When you want to do something, you realize itís too late. SighÖ

One good thing did happen to me though. I found my lost booklet of stamps. Still had 10 in them. (10 first class stamps = $3.40 + the walk to/from the post office).

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05.16.2002 -

What a day?!?! My alarm started ringing @ 11:30 but I didnít wake up till 12pm when the phone rang. Hehe. Had lunch with my dear keppelites and then went straight to studying. First midterm is on next Tuesday (sorta late). Mechy and I had a somewhat productive day, clearing 3 chapters of psych. ^_^x Funny part was there was only 3 hrs of studying, but we had over 5hrs of break time (this doesnít include the extra 2 hrs we watched the movie after studying).

Continuing yesterdayís debate, so what is free will? Is it the ability to make a decision? Or is there no free will at all since all decisions are affected by environment and mental states. My psych teacher gave me these 3 quotes: ďTranscend the past. Transform the present. Make the future.Ē A very beautiful quote may I add. What the quote says is that human minds arenít like tape recorders. What our brain encodes/retrieves will not always be the same as the original source. Since our present is affected by the past, we can say that there is no free will. However, because human minds arenít tape recorders, we have the ability to transcend our past (meaning to able to see it differently and surpass it from holding us back). By altering the way we see our past, we can alter our present (transform the present). Now that we have control of our present, creating a future no longer seems like itís being controlled by fate. The debateís not over yet and Iíve only given you several viewpoints on it. So itís up to you to decide if you have free will or not. If you have any response to this, feel free to email me @

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05.15.2002 -

guess what!!! My kenshin dvds finally arrived. W00h00!!! Iím so happy. Me so happy. Iím so happy! ALSO: Didnít have much idea so for the Pic of the Week, so I asked my friend liam to help me out. You should go check it out.

What is Free Will?
Recently my suitemates were debating if humanís have free will. The debate went somewhere along the lines of this:
Cunndogg: free will is basically our choices.
Liam: our decisions are altered depending on the environment and the past, therefore itís not free will since factors can affect our decision.
Cunndogg: the fact he chose means it was free will. He couldíve chosen either one, and having that choice and making a decision equals to free will.
Liam: you donít make a choice based on nothing. Like one day you decide you wanted to research on your religion that your parents had, you donít just randomly do it, there mustíve been factors that affected you to make the decision. Say that Sam wants to learn more about his jewish background. Why? Probably because he was shown how rich the jewish culture was one day and that excited him. He wouldnít go studying some other religion for no reason.
Cunndogg: the fact that he had a choice of researching and not to research is free will. He has the choice of going to study any religion he wants to, but factors just made it more likely that heíll study jew because he was part jewish.
Liam: thatís the point Iím trying to make. Because he was part jewish and maybe he recently discovered more about his jewish background, he felt more inclined to study it which means it was not free will.
Cunndogg: I get what youíre saying, but I guess it all comes down to:

What is Free Will?

My psych teacher gave me this quote:
Transcend the past.
Transform the present.
Make the future.

Iíll go into further details tomorrow.

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05.14.2002 -

Project Mischief is underway pretty good. Phase II was supposed to be completed with ease, however, I lost 24hrs. *sniff*. Time is precious when thereís a war going on. Hope I can make up for lost time.

Recently, I noticed I used the word Ďwelpí more often than I ever used. In fact, I never recalled using that word at ALL!!! I wonder what go me started. I always use: oh well, but I noticed I no longer used that now. I wonder if itís because of my lazy butt and the welp saves me 3 keystrokes. ;p

I finally got evidence of mechy and his girls. This was all a coincidence. We all know mechy wonít show us the real thing when he knows weíre around. Sorta haveta bump into him to know the real truth. (was that a double positive? Is there such a thing???) Pic1 | Pic2 :: from what I recalled, at least one of the girls present in the pix was different from the girls I bumped into last week. I wonder what mechy is pointing for them. Either to his room (oooh la la!!!) or just giving them a tour (meaning itís their first time here!!!). hehe -_^x

Thanks to great friends like panzer and mercurial, I finally got my hands on Storm Rider! WHAT A GREAT MOVIE!!! Sigh, I miss those days with all the good Chinese kung fu movies. They all suck now. Too much computer, not enough action. If you havenít seen this, this is SUPER RECOMMENDED. Iíd show you some pix, but itíll just spoil the movie for you. For those that want it and has an EDU connection, msg me.

Bleh, Iíll save the quotes for tomorrow in case I donít have an interesting story for you guys. Gínite @ 7:22am.

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