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03.12.2002 -

my sored arms are finally going away!!! I couldnít lift heavy for 3 days since I made that bet with cari. For those who know me whenever thereís a dispute, I usually end up saying lets bet. Me and my stupid instinctual reactions ended me up with 50 push-ups which I still owe cari 3 cause I only did 47. (died after the 47th one) Well, at least I found out sueon was willing to *cough* for me. Thatís what ~friends~ are for. Hehe.

I had a major reality check. ďToland, you need help on math?Ē Ė mechy last nite. This sentence kept on going through my head and I finally realized that my stubbornness was dragging me behind. I was unwilling to admit defeat to math and always saying math is something I can learn on my own. After practically stucked on a problem for 1 hr, I requested help from johnyip, mechyís roommate who was also in my class. I realize this is no longer high school and in a group of nearly all top 10 students from their high school, I can no longer keep my status as high as I thought it would be. 8 ppl within the past few days doubt my ability to take both multivariable calculus and linear algebra/differentials together. For the longest time, Iíve had no doubt about taking them together cause math was math, something that I can comprehend easily. But after some meditation, I realized why everyone was shocked and more importantly that I need to work my butt off if I wanna pass the class.

Picture of the Week has been updated. Remember once again, patience is a virtue. Hehe. -_^x

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03.11.2002 -

Hikaru no Go Ė 19 came out last nite (I was so excited!!!!) and I was so going to watch it after it finished d/ling that I ran outta stuff to do. So a tornado called Toland (as liam depicted) came and did a massive spring cleaning to our common room. It feels a lot better and more comfortable to have a clean common area. Didnít seem like I did much at the time but today I received a lot of thanks. Of course I watched HnG afterwards and went to sleep @ 6am.

Had to get up early this morning to mail off a package. The postal office experience just keeps getting better and better. I was 5th in line and it was my turn in less than 5 minutes. W00h00! Also had to change grading options for my psych class cause I just have too much on my hands right now.

I HATE MULTIVARIABLE CALCULUS! =( Spent 5 hrs doing some lousy hw on max and mins in the 3rd dimension. Why couldnít they just teach us the LaGrange Factor and skip all the tedious work.

Picture of the week is ready to resume its proper glory. Although this weeks pictures didnít come out too well, I believe most of u will enjoy them.

Also, 3 days ago on Saturday, I forgot to congratulate this yearís Mark Keppel Environment Science Fair team for carrying on our the tradition of winning 1st place. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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03.10.2002 -

nothing too interesting happened today besides 4hrs of vigorous psych reading with chris, so Iíll go on to a topic Iíve been inspired my alphabons and n0rybic to talk about: drinking.

Iíve been told by alphabons that drinking wasnít meant for Asians because instead of getting drunk, we get sick. A few days ago, n0rybic came upon me and said he felt sick after drinking and didnít get the desired feeling everyone was boasting about. Hereís a summary of what goes on inside your body after you drink:

Metabolizing alcohol is a 2 step process. Alcohol -> ADH -> Acetic acid, which after your body flushes it out of your body. The feeling of drunk or getting high from drinking occurs during the first conversion. Asians have a gene which speeds up this process and converts all the alcohol into ADH rapidly. Therefore, many Asians have a very short period where theyíre actually feeling high from drinking. ADH is a toxin and because of the rapid conversion, we have a high build up of ADH inside our body which causes us to be sick. Therefore, if youíre asian and donít feel good after drinking, thatís normal because as some would say it, ďItís part of our genes.Ē

The above can be supported by this article.

Talking about drinking, I remember what my friend milkmandan says about doing drugs. He says the drug you should do if you donít want to be caught is acid. LSD, cocaine, marijuana, shrooms, and all other drugs all enter the bloodstream so if they do a blood test, youíd definitely be caught. Acid on the other hand does not enter your blood stream but into your bones. The cool thing about acid is that after you feel high the first time and u wake up the next morning, give your back a little crack and all the acid will come out and itís getting high all over again. Hehe. I just found that to be a very amusing info.

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03.09.2002 -

Todayís my broís bday so Iíd like to wish him ~A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!~

Yesterdayís news got too long so I decided to talk about Armageddon here. My dvdís finally arrived (w00h00!) and Armageddon was the first one I watched. Itís always been one of my favorite movies especially the ending where tons of touching speeches all come together. 4th time I watched it and I still get teary.

Today I had Chinese mu-shu (mushoo) with lori and milkmandan. It was SO good!!! Sigh I really missed food from home. Was suppose to go to SF today but didnít really feel like shopping today + chris wasnít going.

A ton more happened today, but too tired to tell u each and every bit, so Iíll end my news with a link. Hope you guys will enjoy it. ^_^x

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03.08.2002 -

Since I missed yesterday again, you guys get a special long one today.

The power went down since 5pm yesterday, right when I was taking a nap. I can recall the exact second and the exact details. I was lying on my bed. First was the lights, then I heard both damionís and my computer power down. Then my fridge went out. Then the panicking screams outside my room: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!?!? I turned around to look @ my clock to check the time and guess what, that went out too.

Letís backtrack, I had 2hrs of sleep the nite before and got up @ 7:30 for my 8am class. Went to jamba juice for our biweekly* lunch get-together with acuneo. Got myself a cherry charger, it was pretty good, but $4.25 was a bit expensive.

1 : occurring twice a week <- I mean this *
2 : occurring every two weeks (

After coming back home, I decided to take a nap and when it reached 12:30, I decided to ditch the remainder of my classes. Returning back to where I left off, the power went down and people were panicking everywhere. People were returning because their classes were canceled. Basically, the whole UC + dorms lost electricity due to some main power failure. Our DC had to close down because many machines in there run off electricity. So liam and I met up with carolís suite and ate Japanese last nite. Really good stuff, however serviced sucked. We were constantly being ignored due to our obnoxiousness and our young age.

Came back after dinner and found out we just got assigned more physics homework due tomorrow. Those stupid communists >:o(. Had to do the hw in the tv lounge where they brought in trucks with natural gas power generators lighting up the whole room. Poor martin. He had to stay till 1:30am last nite since heís senior clerk of the foothill frontdesk. Poor dude didnít eat anything till I brought him a slice of pizza @ ~11pm.

So most of my suite went off to a jazz club and acuneo and I decided to goto metreon to watch a movie since I got 4 free tickets. After entering the bart station and missing the first train, we called moviefone and realized that there wasnít anything playing anymore. This was @ 11:30pm. Sigh, so we walked back, but I found out staying @ a dorm was worse cause there was N..O..T..H..I..N..G to do! Acueno went to bed and I sat on the couch playing with my flashlight as if it was a sword. Sorta brings back childhood memories (~drools~). Those were the days, when I #1 samurai, #1 ninja, #1 mob king, #1 fighter, hehe. I went back into my room and tried to read my popular science magazine. Lemme tell you, flashlight and reading donít mix unless youíre in a movie and your parents just told u to goto bed. So I went to sleep @ ~12am (one of the earliest times I can remember).

Woke up the this morning @ 10am to the sound of my alarm on my cellfone which Iíve never heard before and actually got me excited. Morning went by with nothing much happening, then @ 2:44pm, I heard 3 beeps and I began screaming (is that the correct word?) in joy. Everyone was rejoicing with the power back on. This experience was one of the weirdest however also enlightening. Basically I learn I cannot live without electricity. -_^x

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