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07.15.2005 -

thought of the day: i'm looking at this bottle of tropicana orange juice and it says "100% PURE ORANGE JUICE" and right below that it says "FROM CONCENTRATE WITH OTHER INGREDIENTS". i'm like is it still pure if it has other ingredients? so i look at the list of ingredients and the only thing that stands out is "natural flavors". i'm like, y would u need to add natural flavors to real orange juice? wouldn't that make it 'unnatural'?

everyone's getting a new car. cdmcc just got a new bmw 325 and mechy just got a audi a3, though why he chose that over the tsx is anyone's guess. the a3 looks like a shoe, which mechy hates.

belldandy1125: remember we used to say those dry-erase markers' smell are addictive
belldandy1125: they REALLY REALLY ARE addictive
belldandy1125: *is on the 3-rd box with his new whiteboard*

HAHA! i found someone else that likes sniffing markers like me!

some my parents are up to visit me and i guess help me settle in. we're actually going to vancouver tomorrow. should be fun. hehe.

thanks to deadlock for donating this auction: 1991 Toyota : MR2. he also provided these videos: video 1 and video 2. a modded toyota car with 2 jet engines. runs on grade a jet fuel but supposedly runs on diesel too, but owner has yet to try.

thanks to fuzzywuzzy for donating this link: StreetWars: Killer - NYC. reminds me of what ryawn tried to set up at keppel during senior year. i think cost was only $5 and we got a water gun with it too! too bad the prinicipal found out about it and forced us to stop.

got this site from /. : How It Should Have Ended. i've hosted the latest video linky on my site since i dont know how many of you out there know how to use bittorrent. the other 2, matrix revolutions and saving private ryan, you'll have to find yourself a bittorrent client. these little animations are hilarious!

got this article from /. : Sharp unveils double-vision LCD screen. pretty kewl technology, but... Katayama acknowledged that sound would be an issue. He said directional speakers were one possibility in the future but earphones would be the most likely option at present.

got this link from /. : Fujitsu Debuts Bendable Electronic Paper. pretty kewl technology. check out the pictures at the bottom of that page.

got this link from /. : Optimus keyboard. this concept keyboard is pretty sleek, but seems to be quite costly. Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment.

got this link from /. : Wolfgang Puck self-heating can hacking.... pretty interesting method of making a self heating can. exothermic reactions sure bring back memories of chemistry in high school, but for others it may be nostalgic since you just finished taking it in college.

got this article from yahoo: Italians OK naked sunbathing, even for the "brutto". Women were more frequently bothered by nude sunbathing than men. Just over 40 percent of women said they did not like seeing other naked females on the beach, while just 5 percent of men shared their opinion about nude women. comon, what man is really bothered seeing a naked lady, unless she's old and wrinkly or really fat... *shivers*

got this article from yahoo: Skateboarder Clears Great Wall of China. check out the foto gallery.

got this article from yahoo: Panda cub born at Washington's National Zoo. just wanted to comment on how ugly baby pandas are. when do they start turning cute?

got this article from yahoo: Okla. Woman Said to Give Birth While Drunk. such reckless behavior from soon-to-be-mothers nowadays. reminds me of that lady who was complaining about how the construction noise near her house would affect the baby while smoking a cigarette.

got this article from yahoo: Man Apologizes but Keeps Fundraiser Cash. the story isn't that interesting, but what i've noticed lately with these type of incidents is: Others, however, have stepped in to replace the lost money. They returned to the store Friday with more donations after a local TV station reported the theft. i've heard of a couple charity money being stolen recently and in every incident, the amount lost is less than the amount gained from extra donations. my thought is, if i wanted to get more money for charity, would it be better to be robbed?

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