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05.15.2005 -

thought of the day: At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer. (taken from a /. signature)

sorry about not posting for the past few days. had a final on friday and saturday and then i fell asleep while writing an entry on saturday nite. so that's why it was 3 days delayed. finals are going okay. hope i do well on them *crosses fingers* still have 1 left on wed, but i also have a cs184 proj due that day too.

thanks to deadlock for donating this link: Cure For Aids = World's End?. interesting article on how nature fixes overpopulation of a particular species.

thanks to kirashi for donating this video: DELL: Tech Force. pretty funny clip w/ the heads of computer empire.

thanks to shadowshell for donating this video: The Klein Four Group - Finite Simple Group (of Order Two). a hilarious geeky a cappella song with tons of math references.

thanks to fuzzywuzzy for donating this link: Cunt: A Cultural History. an etemology of the word cunt and how it came about. interesting read.

got this article from /. : New fuel cell opens way for artificial hearts. A Japanese research team has developed a fuel cell that runs on blood without using toxic substances, opening the way for use in artificial hearts and other organs. as someone on /. mention, where should he implant a power port on his body for his laptop. ;p

got these videos from /. : Flying Snakes. 'Despite their lack of winglike appendages, flying snakes are skilled aerial locomotors,' said biologist Jake Socha. Here's how: First, they flatten their bodies from head to tail, making themselves 'Frisbee-like in form,' Socha said. Then, as the snake drops (or leaps!) from a tree branch, it sends S-shaped waves through its body, steadying itself as it glides through the air. One species can even turn mid-flight.

got this link from /. : AIM Mail. AOL has entered the email competition along the likes of gmail, yahoo mail, and hotmail. they'll provide 2gbs to anyone with an aim account. you can access the email through their new aim client (5.9 i believe) or you can go through their webmail client. like icq and hotmail, when a user is offline, you'll get the option to emal them to their aim email addresses. your aim email address is actually which i thought was pretty kewl. when the user logs on, aim will tell them they've gotten x new emails etc. pretty nice feature.

got this link from /. : Through the city at nearly the speed of light. check out the videos on how we'd perceive the world if we were traveling at light speed.

got these flash videos from /. : Funnyfox. 3 mozilla firefox ads that have come up. a bit weird imo. sorta scary.

got this article from /. : Teenager's iPod goes boom. Don't put your iPod through the washing machine. And if for some reason you do, don't try to fix it with a screwdriver. That's the advice of fire investigators probing a small explosion that burned a hole in the bed of a Melbourne teenager who tried to perform emergency surgery on his ailing mp3 player. ... "It wasn't working, the young fella tried to undo it or fix it with a screwdriver and at that stage there was an explosion, or more of a pop. site will probably ask for a login. try one from: bugmenot.

got this article from yahoo: Finger Traced to Woman Who Blamed Wendy's. the case has finally been solved! The mysterious finger that a woman claimed to have found in a bowl of Wendy's chili came from an associate of her husband who lost the finger in an industrial accident, police said Friday.

got this article from yahoo: Peruvian woman sinks teeth into robber's testicle. A Peruvian woman sank her teeth into the testicles of a man who broke into her property to steal cattle and tried to rape her, leaving doctors no option but to lop one off, police and officials said on Friday. as fuzzy says: gives new meaning to taking a bite out of crime....ouch...

got these from