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01.31.2004 -

woke up @ 5pm today after 11hrs of sleep. ~sweet!!!~

liam's got some additional info on fooling the meter lady. apparently meters now are equiped with IR sensors that will penetrate your paper bag and notify the meter maids (term coined by liam) that the meter is still functioning and if the meter is expired or not. however if u HAVE to break the meter, he suggests that you try jamming it instead, since then it'll be officially broken. but its an art. any two coins won't do. gum works the best if you are chewing some. a tiny bit on the end of a quarter works wonders. and two dimes can be forced together if you do it right. but pennies and nickels are too fat.

thanks to bell for donating this video: Pepsi + iTunes — “I Fought The Law”. it's going to be the itunes/pepsi ad shown tomorrow during the super bowl.

thanks to amber for donating this auction: PFHT Pet Foil Hat Technology STOP BRAIN SCANS. the thing that shocks me is it acutally got 7 bids to $12.50.

thanks to fastscrafjb for donating this article:Whale Explodes On Taiwanese Street.

this is the 1st week i've had over 100 'unique' visitors/day everyday. sweet!

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01.30.2004 -

just saw a KFC commercial recently. Kentucky Fried Chicken changed their official name to KFC (maybe to avoid using the word Fried that scared away customers). now they're saying KFC = Kitchen Fresh Chicken. i just found that hilarious. ;p

there's been a wide range of comments on she bangs performed by William Hung (civil engineer student @ ucb). some say it's super hiliarious. some say it's very sad. some say it's so sad, it's not funny. some say it's so funny that it makes it even sadder. i personally thought it was exteremly funny (i mean, common, discard the judges and the humiliation/embarassment, anyone that dances/sings likes that is f-u-n-n-y). but i also found it sad, how he didnt even have a chance. but i have respect for him cause he's got guts. the outcome of this event wasn't totally negative. i believe his popularity has sky rocketed cause i always see a large group of ppl around him now. ppl are asking me if they know where they can find him to get an autograph or just to meet him. i guess that's how life works. (^_^x)

you ever have the feeling that you're so sure what someone's reply will be that you're shocked when it completely differs. for the past few times i went to the korean bbq place next to me close to closing time and tried ordered bbq ribs, they were sold out. so today i was expecting that answer and i asked if they had any more bbq ribs ready to order spicy chicken. she told me yes they still had some. i stood there shocked for about 10secs and finally ordered my bbq ribs.

saw something hilarious yesterday. i was in front of my apartment chatting with tolik and someone parks in front of my apartment, goes over to the meter and puts a bag over it. i've always suggested that to ppl to avoid paying meters WHEN THEY CANT FIND ANY CHANGE, but this is the first time i've seen it in action.

mechy came and visited me today. (^_^x)

thanks to mechy for donating these flash games: pingu-throw and the classroom. the pingu drop seems to be an updated version of the original smack the pingu. the game is a bit harder now and u can actually submit your scores.

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01.29.2004 -


my soon to be new logo:

brands may be familiar to many of u, but if someone outta nowhere dragged you over and told u to draw coca cola's logo, would u remember how it looked like: BRANDMARKER.

thanks to cdmcc for donating this site: booble. a parody of google. ;p

thanks to zultimaz for donating this article: the return of hobbes. In the film Fight Club, the real name of the protagonist (Ed Norton’s character) is never revealed. Many believe the reason behind this anonymity is to give "Jack" more of an everyman quality. Do not be deceived. "Jack" is really Calvin from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. It’s true. Norton portrays the grown-up version of Calvin, while Brad Pitt plays his imaginary pal, Hobbes, reincarnated as Tyler Durden.

thanks to cari for donating this site: Say What...?. pretty fun and kewl! chk out my creation: woof woof. i had problem getting this to work with firebird, so if ur having problems, give ie a shot. oh yah, if u want me to post your creation on my website, just send me your link. (^_^x)

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01.28.2004 -

caught the ups just as i was leaving for class today. got my 512MB Kingston PC2700 DDR. pc now runs on 768MB of ram. after spring break when i bring up my crucial 512MB, i'll have 1GB of ram! sweet!

got a video called BeautyKit off suprnova and that thing was scary. found it online w/ some other videos. the e-baby one was really cute, but...

also found this site through google: mashton's little movies.

thanks to mlrbkr for donating this song: Weird Al's "eBay song". pretty funny! enjoy!

thanks to mkko for donating this video: she bangs. ucb student auditioning for american idols. funny yet sad @ the same time. i've had him in several of my classes before. in fact we're both taking ling155ac this semester. one things for sure, he's got balls.

thanks to for donating this flash video: stfu. some ppl need to know when to stop. ;p

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01.27.2004 -

had lunch with liam. bumped into janey and her friend @ the korean bbq next door, so we had lunch together. then took a nice long nap today. 5pm to 12am.

as promised. new doodles!!! enjoy!

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