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05.30.2003 -

one of the weirdest things happened today. i went out to dinner with lilpebbly and she was talking about how The Ring was so scary @ nite especially in her new apartment which she's alone @ nite and no one's around and stuff still arent really setup yet. then of course there's her TV that's sitting smack right in the middle of her room. welp after dinner, we went back to my place to watch The Pianist (great movie may i add). in the middle of the movie (near the beginning actually), a fly landed on my screen and started walking/dancing in circles. all i could do was try to hold back in my lafter and try to swap the fly away. another thing was since there was only 1 pair of headfones, i had to use my speakers and i was very afraid that the old lady that lives above me was going to complain. so many parts throughout the movie, i was controlling the volume so that the speech was still audible, but the special effects will be @ a minimum. movie ended @ 1:50 with no fone call. yippee!

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05.29.2003 -

did a bunch-o-transactions today. my auction for ohfuee's SWA Ticket ended last week and finally got the check today. met up with ohfuee and the bunch of us went to dinner @ In-N-Out. came out and found out that my 128MB mem-stick got sold on wheeeeeee! keep the money rollin'!

cd-mcc is back home and will be flying to hawaii this saturday. i have the whole apartment to myself now. SWEET!

thanks to esca for letting me use his proxy, i once again have access to the missing BIG CHUNK of internet now!

thanks to cantedecid for donating this video. hilarious guy. u must watch Pablo Francisco!!! Download is a bit big, 100megs.

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05.28.2003 -

my internet's been screwy since last nite. total internet downtime almost reached 24hrs. i think i'm having a withdrawal. *shivers* then we had a blackout this afternoon. the entire power grid was out, even the Barney's which we walked 30minutes to. hopefully just a block away was Chesseboard Pizzas and we gave it our first try. pretty good pizza.

spent yesterday helping lilpebbly moving to her new apartment.

thanks to esca for donating this coupon. free krispy kreme donut on wed. june 4th. available in socal only.

thanks to esca for donating this picture:

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05.26.2003 -

went to a party on sunday with cunndogg. party started out boring, but after a couple shots of (just kidding)... the party began to liven up after awhile. great party. milkmandan graduated and everyone's moving out. several ppl became homeless (names will be withheld) and had to crash @ other ppl's places.

welp, my cuz harrybons left his friend's place early and i wasn't home yet. thanks to ohfuee and his housemates, they took him in for a couple hours. when i got there, they were playing marvel vs capcom and losers had to take a shot. was quite funny.

my cuz left this afternoon on his trip back to socal. he's taking down my sweet sony 17" triniton. yes! dont have to deal with crappy komodo anymore!

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this article. how can mom's find it in their hearts to kill their own child. such a tragedy, but with a happy ending.

for those playing Ragnarok Online, someone sent a link selling a RO character for like $5. i did a search on eBay and found that 1 million zenny actually sells for > $30! auction 1; auction 2; such idiots.

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05.25.2003 -

my cuz harrybons is over visiting and we spent the entire day @ SF with cari, decathanerd, ohfuee, mechy, cdplayer, will. first several of us went to the Asian Art Museum which was having an exhbition. pretty neat stuff! then we went to metreon and chilled there till dinner, which we ate at @ cheesecake factory. i was so stuffed that my stomach had to make extra room for the cheesecake. hehe. afterwards we came back and it was a nite filled with video games and haircutting @ ohfuee's place.

thanks to crimsonangel for donating this link. very mean prank someone pulled. i didn't get it till i saw Here's what happened.

thanks to SirChadwick for donating this link. here are some of the stuff ppl made:

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