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08.31.2002 -

wow, august is my shortest news log since february! this month was one crazy month i've gotta say. 1st week of school is over and now i hit a 3-day weekend. awesome! i didn't even remember about the 3-day weekend until someone reminded me. although now i recall all my professors mentioning those who has labs on monday to make up on a tuesday.

welp, i forgot to tell you guys something very interesting that happened yesterday. i almost broke up the perfect couple because of my careless actions. well, i guess this wouldn't constitute as 'news', but it's so funny i've gotta tell you. as u recall, sueon came and visit yesterday and he visited our new homes. during the walk to ohfuee's place, kalekkos took off my hairband (no, i'm not a girl but for those that know me, they'll know why i have a hairband. at ohfuee's place, i accidentally left it on decathanerd's desk. guess what happened when cari and decathanerd got home?
cari: who's hairband is that?
decathanerd: i thought it was yours...
cari: no...
well, the story they told me ended there, but one can only guess how the conversation ended. but everyone that was listening to our conversation could tell cari released a sigh of relief and couldn't seem to hold her joy inside. i'm really sorry i caused any sort of misunderstanding. ^_^x

great news guys. moving onto another server: catalyst2. the plan i got is 1000MB disk space & 1GB transfer for £11.99/year (US$18.61). not as cheap as cyberwings, but for $1.55/mo with that kind of specs, it's a steal. i just hope it won't die on me like cyberwings did. so i'm currently going through a transitional period so some of you may see this on faster than others who will still be reading stuff through ocf. both sites will be updated; however ocf's updates will end in 2 days, where i'll solely put my web data on my new host.

today cunndogg, liam, lydia and I, well it was actually tonite, or even this morning since it is officially 12am already went to a bar. we ordered our drinks and I got a virgin fogcutter (suggested by liam cause it sounded cool). well our waitress apparently only wrote down fogcutter and when i took the first sip of it, it was nasty & bitter. but the show was spectacular. they put dry ice into a little cup and capped it and had holes on the side which shot out steam. it was a extremely fun nite. did i finish the drink? now that's the mystery.

i promised to showcase my doodles today, but cunndogg's asleep, and i don't wanna wake him up with my scanner, so tomorrow. meanwhile, i'll give you guys the picture of the week. ^_^x

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08.30.2002 -

oh sweet so sweet CABLE!!! *big tears rolling down krunk's face like in those animes* hehe ^_^x. finally got it installed today and i'm a happy camper. already started my downloading process. in the process of getting Hikaru no Go - 45 and Prince of Tennis - 36. this is going to be so sweet!

welp, today sueon came up to visit us Berkeleyians with his family. it was very nice to see him again and because of this reunion, i've gotten to see SO many people i've been meaning to see. kalekkos, yan-ray, evin-kay, istine-chray, boby bear, cari, avid-day, ick-vay, ason-jay, ohfuee, and of course mechy! (note: people who's SN/nick I didn't have has been substituted with pig latin). sueon had to ditch us and meet with his love-boat friends. yeah it's exactly what it sounds like. hehe. after dinner we went to chill @ sam's place and we played with swords and fire. nice, eh?

btw, i just realized dione is not dione. i mean dione really exists, but i've been associating her with the wrong person. wow, i've known this girl for at least half a year and i've been calling her dione! wow, how embarrassing. today she tells me her name is otherwise. now i'm back to square one where i know dione exists cause people know her, but i still DONT!!! hehe. oh well, when the time comes, i know i'll meet her. i mean this happening is weird enough, but deja vu. ason-jay lost his wallet and we were frantically searching sam's and my apartment, but no luck. then i checked my im messages and my friend snakescott tells me that if my friend dropped his wallet, he has it. ason-jay was one lucky boy! he comes in and we say hello (note: i've been calling him scott for the past year or so). he locked himself out so he asked if i had our apartment manager's #. i gave it to him and he gave her a call. he said he was jacob and asked if she was around to open the door for him. after the phone call, i asked what his name was and he said, yeah his name was jacob. i mean how should i've known that! i mean someone with the SN snakescott implies his real name is scott, no? it was just one hilarious day.

ooooh, my new scanner is isntalled and i'll show you the magic that my cuz showed me with 1-bit tiffs and of course i'll show you my recent sketches. once again i lost my precious piece of paper which had important info which i jotted down from the first few days of school. sigh....

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08.29.2002 -

wow, it's been awhile huh? well, the cable guy is suppose to be coming in tomorrow. so hopefully my internet will be set up by tomorrow. meanwhile, school has started and life as a college student resumes. ^_^x anyway, i've moved into my apartments and everything is going smoothly. we're still waiting for our bookcases to arrive. hopefully soon cause we've got a ton of stuff to put on it. meanwhile, i'm not ready to show you my 1/2 complete apartment yet, but when the time comes, you can expect a tour. ^_^x

welp, i'll continue my journey for now then. there's a place in Hong Kong called SinoCenter where it's cd/dvd galore. thee entire top floor is filled with just porn. i mean we were led up there by a friend. innocent me and my cuz had no idea. i went to visit mechy yesterday and even he knew about the top floor. hehe. anyway, the 2nd floor was anime floor. it was really cool there. we had a friend from my grandpa's company take us around from city (are those cities in hong kong? or should they be considered districts?) to city showing us the best places to buy anime and copied software, etc. Of course me and my cuz didn't buy any illegal stuff (disclaimer just there incase the FBI has their eyes on me). We were browsing through anime when suddenly a guy with a walkie talkie comes running buy yelling, "COPS! COPS! COPS! " Suddenly about 50% of the stores ran out and slam down their gates. it was so fast that i almost missed it. thankfully the store that we were buying stuff from was selling legal anime dvds, so we continue our purchase. after acquiring the animes that we wanted (worth HK$1150), we moved downstairs. we saw on the first floor that there were actually several stores that were caught and they were throwing in the copied cds/dvds into a cardboard box for the police. mechy says that i got a bonus tour and even he himself who claims to goto Hong Kong every year (my belief is that it's an excuse so he can hide his girlfriend away from us) only have seen that once. hehe.

anyway, i was going to continue my story, but class time and i'll continue when my cable connection is back up. for those that know carii, she's been hiding a secret. well, it's sorta been disclosed already, but i was pretty surprised when i found out. ^_^x

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08.21.2002 -

since i'm moving up friday, i once again apologize for not being able to post tomorrow. i just ordered my cable modem + telephone service these 2 days. telephone service will be up tomorrow, however the scheduled time for cable modem installation is on 8/30 so i'll be living on 56k or berkeley's network for 1.5weeks. i really need to start packing. hehe. ;p

something i found really interesting during my stay @ hong kong was this program @ iDance. but to my disappointment, it wasn't what it seemed to be. @ first, i thought it was a real-time choreographer creating dance moves according to the beats to any mp3 i select. however, this does open the door to many possibilities such as this. For those that don't understand Korean like me and want to download this nifty little program, on the upper right hand corner, click on English. hope you guys like it. ^_^x oh yeah, if anyone understands korean, can you help me? i'm trying to register to be able to d/l more characters and songs. i don't exactly know what resident # is. after a bit more playing around with it, it's pretty cool indeed! hehe

i leave tonight with you an interesting fact: there's a lot more KFCs in Hong Kong/China than there are McDonalds. There's practically a KFC every block in HK. It's like people don't know how to walk.

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08.20.2002 -

welp, i just scheduled my cable service to be installed on 8/30 which means i'll need to live on 56k for a week. sigh... should've done this earlier.

here i'll continue my stories of my travels. my first destination was japan. my cuz and i arrived at Narita Airport (Tokyo's International Airport). My cuz tells me that this is the sinking airport and the government is rapidly seeking solutions since this airport is relatively new. i later find out from my dad that the whole japan is sinking. but then again, these sources aren't exactly reliable. hehe.

of course as an anime otaku (fan/geek/freak), being in japan means ANIME! too bad none of the animes broadcasted on TV TOKYO had subtitles. 2 animes I saw being broadcasted was Inu Yasha and Beyblade. Inu Yasha's pretty popular in USA already, but I was laughing when I saw Beyblade. Remember that old game Crossfire. Well, it was very simliar to that. Here's an intro to Beyblade. It was like 2 opponents spin the top-like thingy and then call upon power moves for it to attack the opponents top-like thingy. What was worse was when I went to the AXN convention in Hong Kong, kids were actually playing this spinning game. I mean you can't call upon special moves like the anime, and there was like a tournament or something. If you goto the homepage of the intro-link i posted above, i think it has info on Beyblade tournaments. I mean, isn't this just a game of luck? or is it not... okay, okay i agree any type of game, there's always a skill/luck ratio, just like poker, but i mean besides being able to spin it the hardest to make it last longer, what else can you possibly do?

well, after reading about MAGLEV (magnetic levitation trains), i have always been curious about them. one thing i missed doing in japan and hopefully would be able to do it the next time i go is ride on all it's bullet trains. japan is one of the nations with the most efficient means of transportation. as we were going toward mt. fuji, we passed by a MAGLEV rail. construction is complete and i was told that usage of the MAGLEV will begin in about a month. the MAGLEV was originally an idea of an american (quoted from my cuz), however, his models were very unstable and therefore received no sponsors. the japanese took this idea and began research. one of their main worries was the results of human interaction, since human bodies contain iron and they wanted to know if it would cause any harmful effects toward us. after many years of research, they actually found out it was the opposite. magnetic effects actually help the body circulate the blood better. that's why you see those asian magnetic bracelets which claim to be a medicinal miracle. i believe germany has already began using MAGLEV technology while Shanghai has begun it's construction to bridge it's 2 main cities, creating an 8-minute ride to it's new airport.

well, i believe that's enough for today. the stories of my travels shall continue tomorrow. g'nite ^_^x

one of the toys i bought in hong kong

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