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Medias of the Moment

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09.30.2003 -

sorry didnt update the site yesterday. was studying for my midterm till 4am last nite and dropped dead on my bed afterwards. the midterm went rather well today. was able to answer every single question (but that != getting everything right).

thanks to preyx for donating this thread: Pole 1, Evo 0. just sad what he did to such a nice car.

thanks to preyx for donating this site: Something Awful. yet another site that'll give u hours upon hours of fun and lafter.

that's all for today folks. (^_^x)

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09.28.2003 -

thanks to teikoku for donating this video: QVC Ladder. ever seen a home shopping network fluke?

gotta study tomorrow for my midterm on tuesday and do laundry. down to my last sock. (^_^x)

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09.27.2003 -

as stated yesterday, we celebrated ghettopink's bday. and this group's tradition is that u haveta get caked on ur bday. good thing i'm not part of this tradition. hehe. here's the ppl that i know that went: ohfuee, kalekkos, decathanerd, cari, mechy, robert, will, and dng. here's the pix as promised: linky. and here's the 2 videos i took: linky. enjoy! for the foto album, the story hasn't been added yet.

damion invited us to his little gathering today at his new apartment @ emerybay. that place is nice! parking structure is awesome. comes with swimming pool, jacuzzi, and even a balcony. janey, cari, liam, and drsarkis were also there. it's been a really long time since i've seen drsarkis and damion it was great seeing them again! janey brought over some korean bbq and chicken-katsu and damion bbqed some turkey burgers. i've gotta say both were delicious. yummy. drsarkis and janey had to leave early so liam, cari, damion, and i were the only ppl left around to chill and chat.

while watching the food network. they said ketchup originated from china. i was actually shocked @ this cause i always thought ketchup sounded very cantonese, but just believed that it was a coincidence. it was originally named catsup, but as language evolved, it began to sound more like ketchup (hence the reason why heinz sells both ketchup and catsup). catsup actually comes from 2 cantonese words: ke jup (which literally means tomato sauce). here's the kanji for it:

we got bored of watching the food network after awhile, so decided to go get a board game. decided on taboo, but unfortunately the borders we went to didnt carry taboo. at the same time, the cal vs usc game was going on. we decided to sit down and watch it with the rest of the crowd there. it was OT and usc had just fumbled the ball. it was followed by a block on the field goal attempt by cal. i thought this craziness may have came to an end, then cal manages to score a touch down. believe we've won the game, everyone was shocked to see usc coming back and also making a touch down. we entered the 3rd overtime and usc misses an easy 29yd field goal attempt while cal's kicker finally makes sinks the 39yd field goal in and ... CAL WINS!!! everyone around us was screaming for joy. very exciting game i must say. here's espn's article: Cal fans storm field after win.

thanks to panzer for donating this article: Scientists make 10 optical discs from single corncob. pretty amazing what u can do w/ corncob, but my questions is how long do they last since they are biodegradable and will the data stored on it be safe and unaltered...

have u seen FaniMatrix? u should chk out their movie. the full movie d/l is 135megs tho for HQ DivX5.

thanks to mista for donating this: Max Payne Hero. they've got a kewl clip too. 33megs download. here's some direct links u can try: techconnect & if neither link works, try the download links from the main website.

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09.26.2003 -


celebrated ghettopink's bday today and well, too tired to talk more. pix and details will come tomorrow.

got this movie off bittorrent: Boktai Comic Movie (also located under Medias of the Moment). this is actually a cartoon commerical of some kids playing a game what has a sun sensor and u can charge up depending on how much sunlight it captures. at first i thought it was a funny idea, but there really exists a game like this!!! Boktai (Konami) is a game for the GBA. here's some more video clips: commercial 1; commercial 2; E3 Movie (same as original, but w/o subtitles).

thanks to izx for donating this article: All Segway scooters recalled. The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall Friday, saying that three people had been injured. One suffered a head wound and needed stitches. ouch. $5,000 is the cost too!

thanks to msticazn for donating this link: The L Store: Monitors. these look rad! but the only thing wrong with the picture is the price. they even also ripped off apple's web interface. such leechers!

thanks to towhitelite for donating this deal: PCHO Free Web Hosting. very simliar to 1by1's deal, but much much easier. no personal info needs to be given, not even a email address. all u need to signup is a username and password. this gives u 500mb of webspace and 10gb of traffic each month. once again they provide u with a free subdomain. mines is direct link to sign up is here. enjoy!

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09.25.2003 -

first i like to wish damion a belated


which leads to why i didnt have time to come update my webpage for the past few days. gomennasai! didnt get home till 3am on tuesday working on my cs164 project and 4am for my cs170 hw. but the hardest part of this week is over and i can finally have relax a bit, but not too much cause my cs164 midterm is just right around the corner (next tuesday). sigh...

for those who haven't checked my aim profile lately (the aim today profile portion), i've made an addon which records the # of times u visited and the last time u visited. pretty nifty. might actually add more fields as i go on. (^_^x)

new Media of the Moment added: Brat Commercial. it's a hilarious foreign commercial about ______. actually, if i told u, i'd ruin it for u. u've gotta see it for urself. i even renamed the filename so it wouldn't give it away. give it a try, it's only 2megs.

thanks to innocenteyes for donating this link Cardboard Box PC. remember how the japanese had this cardbord box case? well someone decided to make their own version of this cardboard box case. the insides look iffy, but the outside is okay. hehe.

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