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11.29.2003 -

cant believe that fry's didnt have any decent cpu/mobo combo today. very disappointing. ended up purchasing the ECS K7VTA3 V8.0 from an AnandTech FS/T seller. says he'll ship it on monday, so i should have it by thursday along with my psu and my dvd burner. things are finally starting to look good, and my computer seems to be almost complete.

thanks to msticazn for donating this clip: The 12 STIs of Christmas. funny flash parody of the 12 days of christmas.

so yah, i'm heading back up to berkeley tomorrow, thanks to decathanerd again. sigh... school... tests... sigh... wasnt able to get much studying done.

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11.28.2003 -

so i woke up @ 5:15 today. 'am' that is contrary to my usual behavior. met up with ungsunghero and began our Black Friday shopping. so we get to Staples around 5:45 (the staples on valley x almansor). we were shocked to see that Big Lots had a line LONGER than staples. the big lots line actuallyed stretched all the way to the street. staples' line only stretched to Big 5. so around 6, they start letting ppl in. both ungsunghero and i wanted the dvd burner. well he wanted the dvd burner amung other things. we were joking that by the time we got to the door, there'll only be one burner left. guess what... that was exactly what happened. since it was ungsunghero who had told me about the deal (or else i wouldn't even have gone), i thought it was right that he got to purchased. the checkout lines were amazingly long and tons of the stuff were gone before ungsunghero was able to purchase it (free after-rebate shredder, cdrw, cdrs). during the checkout line, ungsunghero tells me this was available online. i was like sweet! go over to the staples order online computer station and the site was super laggy. since the online required different coupons, i thought it was best that i got access to my coupons first. so we went back to ungsunghero's place and the site was super laggy there too. was apparently being bombarded by other bargain hunters. thanks to ungsunghero's $20 off $100 coupon, i was able to purchase the dvd burner for $150 - $45(coupon) - $60(mail-in-rebate) = $45 final total (+ applicable tax). the drive should be shipped to my berkeley location on 12/4. oh yah, i didnt even tell u which drive i got: Pacific Digital 4x2.4x12x Internal DVD+-R/RW Drive (a rebadged NEC DVD-RW ND-1300A)

after the staples frenzy, ungsunghero treated me to mcdonald's big deluxe breakfast. i've gotta say, mcdonald's breakfast isnt all that bad. a lot better than i expected. since i needed a new cpu/mobo, i decided to see how'd we fare @ fry's. BAD DECISION. we drove there and there was a ~30min line JUST to get into the parking lot and on the freeway we could tell there were chains of cars following each other trying to find parking. gave up and went home. hopefully they'll have something on saturday. need to get my new computer up and running asap.

oh yah, remember me telling u that i won the creative labs muvo mp3 player? i was going to post this earlier, but my pix weren't ready. apparently they shipped me the wrong item but instead i got the Creative I-Trigue® L3500 (MSRP $149.99) instead. here's the pix of them: dotPhoto album. these speakers are really nice!

thanks to preyx for donating this video clip: idiot vs truck. title should be self-explanatory.

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11.27.2003 -


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! (^_^x) i really have to give thanks to decathanerd for driving me home (^_^x)

While I signed onto aim @ MPK, AOL System Msg imed me this msg: Your screen name (Krunk4Ever) has signed in from another location. This screen name is currently signed in at 2 locations. Click here for more information.. this is such a kewl new feature! i can sign on from multiple places at once and wont have to worry about it disconnecting my other side! wow! Your messages will generally be delivered to all locations not set as Away (or locations that have gone Idle). If all locations are set Away, then messages will be delivered to all locations.

thanks to horacio for donating this link: Project Plex-Box. kewl xbox mod project. (^_^x)

only got like 3 hrs of sleep since wednesday 1:30pm, so i'm going to head to bed now and get up @ 5 for so BF shopping! g'nite (^_^x)zzZZ

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11.26.2003 -

 H  A  P  P  Y     T  H  A  N  K  S  G  I  V  I  N  G  !  !  ! 

1:30pm till 2am. no that's the the time, i've been awake. that's the time i spent working on my cs164 project. and stupid bugs. BUGS, BUGS, and more BUGS! grrrrrr. did u know the first computer bug was a ... moth?

thanks to skibig for donating this video: Super Mario Bros. 3 in 11mins. got it a few days ago, but forgot to post it. fast i've gotta say, but i enjoy another SMB3 video which i downloaded awhile ago. not only speed, but he played through every single level including the hammer guys, rescued every king, and etc. too bad that video is like 600megs or i'd share it w/ u guys. hehe.

welp, i guess this adios, sayonara. going home for thanksgiving thanks to decathanerd giving me a ride. (^_^x) updates during this long weeked? maybe...

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11.25.2003 -

thanks to draconis for donating this game: Summer Walk. those little chix are so cute!!!

oh yah, u'd never guess who imed me today. thought she'd never go on aim, but she finally sucuumbed to peer pressure i assume. i wont release the name/sn yet. she seems to like surprise her unsuspecting prey. yah, just think along the lines of which girl likes to do that and you'll eventually figure who it is. then again... aren't most girls ebil® like that? j/k she's really kewl. didnt make me wait 3 days like someone else before revealing herself. i think i just gave u another clue. (-_^x)

my lian li pc-7 case arrived today. it's so sweet! *feels the smooth aluminum again* *drools* so sexy! still need some more parts before i begin building this baby. hopefully i'll be able to pickup the rest @ fry's or some time this weekend. so who's up for some major BLACK FRIDAY shopping. no, i dont mean clothes, i mean electronics and toys!

good news. i think my project is near completion. hopefully it'll be all debugging tomorrow. (^_^x)

for inuyasha fans, i leave u with this parting present:

inuyasha (6 yrs old)

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