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04.30.2003 -

whew! that midterm wasn't as bad as i expected. tho i did have to play some guessing games with the jr implementation and sorta bsed my answer for the last part. hehe.

was flipping through EGM June 2003 edition (how the heck do i have the june edition already when it's not even may? beats the heck outta me) and i found an interesting article on wireless gaming review. apparently for tmobile, the best fone to get games are sonyericsson t300, the fone i have!!! the article points me to Device Directory: SonyEricsson T300 and Mophungames. Tons of games but each costs $3.00. boooo. if you wanna chk out if your fone supports these new color game d/ls, chk out: Wireless Gaming Review.

thanks to msticazn for donating this link. tons of neat zippo tricks! apparently this is where ohfuee learns them. (-_^x)

welp, going to catch some zZzZ. didnt have much last nite. g'nite (-_-x)zzZZ

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04.29.2003 -

cs61c midterm tomorrow. wish me luck! (^_^x)

thanks to msticazn for donating this game. it's one of those games where u click around certain items in a room and try to find your way out. tons of fun but frustrating (frustrating cause once you're addicted, you waste so much time trying to figure out the puzzles). enjoy! (^_^x)

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04.28.2003 -


i finally get to fix my sleeping schedule today. benn up since sunday evening @ 8pm till monday nite @ 3am. good that my sleeping schedule may now return to normal for time being. bad is i fell asleep during my midterm review cause it was so boring.

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this quote from last entry by kentuckyclark2007 (item #243583609740):


(warning: may take some time to decipher)

thanks to lsiymle for notifying me that Rurouni Kenshin Manga has finally been licensed in America! wheeeeeee! according to Toriyama's World:

In their Shonen Jump email newsletter, VIZ accidentally revealed that they have acquired the license to publish the Rurouni Kenshin manga in North America. While it has been rumored for quite a while and has seemed like a no-brainer license due to the anime's popularity, it's taken a long time for this to happen. VIZ has the manga but in a followup message after their accidental mention of Kenshin, they wrote that they have not yet decided whether it will be printed in Shonen Jump magazine or whether it will go directly to graphic novel format. Either way, this is a good thing for fans of this great manga.

icons taken from The1stDragon

thanks to ungsunghero for donating this video clip. ever memorized something u knew u had it down, then stood in front of the audience with a loss of words?

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04.26.2003 -

got 12hrs of sleep today. wah! i'm refreshed! (^_^x)

oooh! did i tell you i've finally declared my major. got a notice in my mail earlier this month and finally declared EECS (Electrical Engineering Computer Science) w/ emphasis on Computer Science 2 weeks ago.

thanks to sueon for donating this link. a really kewl program where u can see which of your friends know which of your other friends. sueon's pissed about them cause caltech stole his "theory that all people are connected by 3 degrees", which i recall him telling me before.

thanks to crabyaple for donating this link. hilarious stuff! hail to the bak-choy boyz!

thanks to stanman for donating this link. only funny if you understand cantonese. remix of very popular songs in cantonese. ;p

thanks to mktenniscap00 courtesy of ungsunghero for donating this link. need help on starting a breakup letter, get some ideas from here!

once again it's 7:22am. i wonder if my sleeping schedule is going to get fixed this weekend... sigh...

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04.25.2003 -

welp, today went by rather quickly. i'm finally FREE this weekend. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

i finally got around to install my ATI Remote Wonder. It's so KEWL!!! I can control TV, DVD Player, WinAMP, and even my mouse. tons of neat features i have yet to uncover.

tons of new doodles added today. enjoy!

welp, i'm offta bed. been up for ~26hrs already. g'nite (-_-x)zzZZ

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