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08.31.2003 -

sueon's over in berkeley to visit his lil bro this weekend. unfortunately, many of the keppelites have also gone away for the weekend. the same group: mechy, cari, decathanerd met up and decided to go bowling. thanks to liam's tip, albany bowl has $2 sunday nites for cal students. we were fortunate to be fool the cashier that sueon was a cal student also. sueon was the best bowling a 135 in our 2nd game. i placed 4th outta 5th in both games having NO strikes during the entire process. bumped into dayo, ed, and liam who were also bowling. according to dayo, he bowled a 270. wow! welp, the pix have been uploaded to dotphoto. im not going to bother commenting these since most of them are action shots. if i have time, i'll post the movies up tomorrow.

speaking of pix, u'll notice the end of the batch will be fotos of me sucking on a lollipop. after bowling we went to get boba and they had InsectNside candies which i offer to try if someone was willing to pay for it. so sueon and decathanerd bought the candy and i started my way. sueon decided we should document it, hence the pix. unfortunately i didn't finish the candy. the amber (maple syrup took way too long to lick off). i actually got to the worm and the grass (which really wasn't that bad), but i got really sick for the candy itself. while we were doing this, we were watching spawn on TNT and liam dropped by after bowling.

sueon's currently sleeping over @ my place and is leaving tomorrow morning. g'nite folks!

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08.30.2003 -

saw this off of bittorrent: Extreme Limit. if ur a fan of initial d, this is a must c. the cartoon's really cute. u can chk out the producer's site @ enjoy!

thanks to kharizma for donating this site: B3TA: fatbastard. u've heard about it. u've heard about ppl doing it. now u get to finally see it! here's fatbastard devouring a 25x25 @ in-n-out. pretty disgusting if u ask me.

went to visit mechy today and the met up with decathanerd and cari for dinner @ 168 in the 99 ranch market mall. it's been awhile since we've seen each other. we then headed over to krispy kremes (got my free donut) and then headed back to decathanerd's place to watch identity and finding nemo. both excellent movies.

*yawn* it's 5:36am. my laundry dries @ 6:25. sigh... i feel sleepy.

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08.29.2003 -

thanks to zultimaz for donating this picture:

Pikachu, Kakashi Style

spent the afternoon chilling with msticazn, fantasy, kharizma, ducksauce, morris, and crimsonangel. everyone was going away today! even ohfuee is flying back to LA. oh well. i get the room all to myself now. MUWAHAHAHA! had dinner with crimsonangel @ the new vietnamese place in north asian ghetto. it's actually pretty good.

lilpebbly called tonite and invited me to play minigolfing with her, her roommate annette, and her friend eric. unfortunately eric had to bail out on us. makes it better for me right? (-_^x) lilpebbly tells me that ohfuee actually lives in the same building that she's currently living in. talk about coincidence! mechy also just lives a block down. we went to boomers in livermore and had a good time.

finally added comments to the latest 2 foto albums. DISCLAMIER: I make fun of everyone. Everyone but me! If u find any of my comments offensive, feel free to contact me to remove/change it. I apologize if this has caused you any distress. If anyone who wants originals, feel free to email me or something and I'll email it to u. DotPhoto only displays the shrunken versions to save bandwidth. Enjoy!

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08.28.2003 -

is it me, or has summer suddenly become winter? it's been freezing cold for the past 2 days. it was so hot during the weekends! now my cpu hits 54C (usually 62C+). isn't it weird how ppl now use cpu temps to depict how the weather is? i even had to break out my jacket. reports high of 66┬░F and low 58┬░F today. this is ┬░F and not celcius. i thought we were having global warming, not global cooling!?!?! this is like still summer! claims the 7day high is 91┬░ (probably sunday) and the 7day low is 56┬░. wat's wrong with this weather?

saw an article in EGM (Oct. '03 issue) about a urinal game station. googled it and found these 2 pages: You're In Control (Urine Control) ; You're In Control (Urine Control). quite a hilarious device.

thanks to allisolm for donating this coupon: Free Caramel Kreme Crunch doughnut @ Krispy Kreme. *drool*

thanks to lowjack for donating this link: So You Want To Learn Japanese.. quite hilarious article, yet it's quite true. i feel like i've gone back to kindergarten. today in japanese, we were writing hiragana (one of japanese's alphabet) in the air, repeating after sensei, and hw was writing each hiragana 6-7x. yet the class is fun!

welp, it's friday tomorrow and i only have 1 class: 12-1pm and then guess what... it's a 3 day weekend!!! i just got word that sueon is coming up to visit me! and ME ONLY!!! awww, who am i kidding, i'm just a nobody. he's really here to visit his brother.

email just came in. i'm no longer waitlisted in my cs170 class! yay!

welp, konbanwa! (^_^x)

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08.27.2003 -

thanks to kharizma for notifying me that all students currently have a 20% discount @ ikea. not sure if this is a local thing, but it's been confirmed @ the on in emeryville. all you have to do is show your student id card. not a student? no worries, they also have a $50 off $250 coupon valid @ emerville and palo alto. and my roommate and i made a $240+ purchase 2 weeks ago. grrrrr!!! could've saved $48!!!

thanks to liam for donating these movie clips: clip 1 | clip 2 | clip 3 | clip 4. there's this new kewl dinosaur robot @ disneyland. enjoy!

guess what? martin's in my discussion section for cs164 too!

as mentioned yesterday, went to cheesecake factory for dinner with a who bunch of calnime ppl. this included: msticazn, channing, ducksauce, kharizma, esca, jack, mteklabs, crimsonangel, zim, jhs, fantasy (wants to be called kirashi now since everyone's made fun his nick), hkenshin, and belldandy. let's see, 1, 2, 3, ... 13. im missing someone... o yah! hackman. this dinner was more like get to meet hkenshin (may i add that he's a very kewl guy). of course it was also to meet hackman, but hkenshin's been around much longer and only a few have actually seen him. dinner was good but expensive. i was stuffed with lemonade and bread by the time my entre came and didn't really have room for it. i also had to save room for the cheesecake! welp, pix are online now. enjoy!

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