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04.27.2005 -

thought of the day: when i was listening to Features - Blow It Out (itunes new music sampler), they had a nice rhyme in there that got me thinking, why doesn't purple and orange have any words that rhyme with it? i still wasn't able to figure any words that rhymed with orange, but suddenly the word turtle popped into my head and thought, yah, turtle definitely rhymes with purple. rhyming just consists that the vowels (sounds without the consonant) remain the same. so _ur_le would work for both purple and turtle, now we just need _or_ange (r included because it's or-range, not oh-range).

i watched The Merchant of Venice several days ago and i've gotta say, i got really pissed at the ending. i'm not sure how closely this resembles the actual play by shakespear but i've gotta say it was a very very horrible thing they did to shylock. for those who don't mind spoilers, please read on. shylock 1st is a jew living in a christian society. he's sorta like a banker who gives loans and takes interest. so antonio comes and borrows some money from him. shylock wanted to befriend him and didn't charge interest, but in the case of antonio not being able to repay the debt in 3 months, he would have a pound of his flesh of his chosing. as you might've guess with shakespear's sick mind, he ended up not being able to pay back. oh yah, i forgot to mention the movie starts out with antonio spitting on shylock because shylock's a jew, but shylock still ended up lending him the money. somewhere down the story, the character which i hate and despise the most is shylock's daughter. not only does she run away with a christian (i was fine with this point), but she stole all her father's (shylock's) money with her runaway boyfriend. oooh, how i hated her. wait and see, there's more of her to come. the guy she runs away with is an acquaintance of antonio's so shylock as any man would be, wanted revenge. as i mentioned earlier, antonio wasn't able to come up with the money to repay his debt and shylock demanded his pound of flesh. even when antonio's friends came later and doubled the payment, shylock wanted revenge instead. so this was taken to the court, the court couldn't deny shylock's pound of flesh. this lawyer comes in (i won't go into the details who she is, cause that's a totally different story), and tries to convince shylock to spare antonio and take the money. shylock doesn't budge and keeps sharpening his sword. so right before shylock cuts into antonio, that lawyer comments that the bond only gives shylock a pound of flesh, but not a single drop of blood. she noted that if a single drop of blood was taken from antonio, shylock would be charged with attempted murder. also, if shylock cuts off a piece of flesh that weighs a hair less or more than a pound, she'll see that shylock gets executed. shylock, now weighing his options decides to not kill antonio and says he'll take the 6000 ducats. the lawyer then mentions that the bond doesn't allow him to take the money, not 1 single ducat. shylock questions not even the principle? the lawyer says the only thing he can take is that pound of flesh. so shylock yields and says he'll take nothing. then the lawyer talks again, stating that because shylock brought a knife against another man, he was subjected to the penalty of losing his entire asset (half to the court and half to the man he pointed his knife at) and shylock will receive the death penalty. what a cruel way to lose when you were right in the 1st place. i mean i can understand why shylock wanted revenge so bad and killing antonio wouldn't have been that big of a deal to me. but then turning the tables around, forcing shylock to lose everything including his life!??! the court then says they'd spare shylock's life, but shylock replies, what good is my life when you've taken everything away from me. antonio at this point (at least with some conscience) says he wont take his half of shylock's asset and upon shylock's death that asset should go to his daughter and the boy she ran away from. okay, so i'm pissed at this point. we zoom back to shylock's daughter. after she receives news of antonio's release and shylock's misfortune, she is nonchalant of the entire thing. dude! even if this father maybe cold and unreasonable at times, he was the one that took care of you and fed you. what a repayment! so yah. i'm pissed and would not recommend this movie, unless of course you want to be pissed.

got this link from #animeone: got my naruto from there, but i noticed they also had a hi-quality version of family guy for those that want to see it. apparently i was given wrong info. the episode of family i mentioned earlier is actually suppose to air in may. it just got leaked onto the internet like a whole bunch of other stuff. but as someone mentioned, the quality/substance of this episode isn't really what i'd expect from a premiere. maybe from a regular season episode, but not the premiere. is family guy running outta substance to use?

thanks to fuzzywuzzy for donating this link: nintendogs. a game for the nintendo ds. check out the movies. the puppies are so cute!!!

yay! my pya script works! *high five* to krunk!

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