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11.30.2004 -

thought of the day: sometimes don't u just wish time could just stop so you can take a nice long nap. just don't try wishing that when you're in class when someone is doing a presentation.

spam count (from 10/29/2004): 3893

so tired.. and i still have yet to start cs174 hw... sigh...

thanks to askingbruce for donating this movie: Kung Fu Hustle. this movie is NOT out yet, but it's directed by Steven Chow (the same director from Shaolin Soccer). it's debut in Hong Kong should be between 12/19 or 12/25 (my sources aren't that reliable). the movie was shown in both the toronto film festival and the tokyo film festival. the main site is very sluggish; i couldn't even get the main page to load, but there's these other sites u can check out for now: MonkeyPeaches | TheMovieBox.Net trailers. you should at least watch the trailer.

thanks to preyx for donating this article: Yale Students Perform Prank of the Century, Almost. should definitely watch the video on how yale pulls off the prank at harvard @ Project: The Game!: WE SUCK.

got this article from /. : Researchers compost old mobile phones & transform them into flowers. pretty kewl project. definitely check out the pretty pictures near the bottom of the link.

got this link from /. : The Lord of the Rings - Special Extended Version. The Extended Edition will add an additional 50 minutes to the film, bring the total for the Extended trilogy to 11 hours and 20 minutes. the extras look good w/ actual battle scenes from the ships. but 50 more mins. that's like at least an additional 25% added onto the theatrical release.

got this thread from AT: FIREFOX ON SPEED: Firefox Speed Tweak. it's basically a program that enables the hacks mentioned on 11.10.2004. try it!

this foto was actually taken about 1/2 a month ago:

the 1st step to diabetes - liam (click to enlarge)

got this from naruto 110-111 and thought it was extremely cute:

shikamaru's plan (click to enlage)

got these from a chong hing brochure and i thought they were really cute: (click to enlarge)

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11.29.2004 -

thought of the day: so my external hdd died today. i think it's because i always pound on it when it starts to make a buzzing noise. i already have the RMA in place, but there was some data on it that would be hard to retrieve. so i was using seagate's diagnostic toolkit on my seagate 80gb and that didn't even pass the SMART test and told me to RMA it. so to be on the safe side i decided to test my 3 western digital hdds on my computer. all of them pass the diagnostic test using wd's software w/ flying colors. then i noticed i was able to test the "dead" 80gb seagate and i thought why not. turns out that the western digital software was able to FIX it by marking the bad sectors and i in the process of copying everything onto my local hdds at the moment. life is sweet when you can recover data w/o paying $xxxx per GB.

spam count (from 10/29/2004): 3809

sorry about the lack of updates. been really busy w/ my school projects. just spent today working on ee122 from 5:30pm to 2:30am non-stop (well maybe a 30min dinner break). but i'm happy to say, that all we have left are several little bugs to tweak out. then there's cs169... ugh... debugging that project is so hard...

met up with joehk, mmouse, dng, lilsneezy, glendia, ghettopink, sweetlilangel, and charisma for dim sum over thanksgiving break. antegra had food poisoning so we went to visit him. watched envy (the movie w/ vapoorize). really funny movie.

found this interesting link on /. : AMNH - Black Smokers. there was an article on /. about being able to extract hydrogen from water at high temperatures and someone made fun of the poster that the highest temperature water can reach is 100°C. someone then stated that was only at STP (standard temperature and pressure). there is actually a point where liquid is indistinguishable between liquid and gas (known as supercritical water). black smokers consists of this supercritical water and at 350°C, a scientist trying to measure the temperature actually got his thermometer melted. the original extracting hydrogen from high temperature water can be found here: Hydrogen Production Method Could Bolster Fuel Supplies / Scientists cite breakthrough in producing pure hydrogen.

thanks to esca for donating this coupon: Jamba Juice: buy one functional smoothie get one free. one for you, one to share. expires 12/03/04.

thanks to esca for donating this article: MARKETING LESSON 1 - If you want to make money, make me money. -

got these from