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07.24.2002 -

seems like this will be the last post before i leave on my trip. wont have access to this computer for the next few days so everything i'll be doing will be on the laptop, which is equally as powerful as my desktop (give or take some in different areas).

For those that haven't seen the SouthWest deal, it's currently $29 each way from LAX to OAK. Great for us who go to school in Berkeley. It's NEVER been this low after the 9-11 incident! (note: this is the promotional fare, not the internet one-way)

well, back to WarCraft. ^_^x

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07.23.2002 -

5 more days before I go. *sniff* I'll miss you guys.

Anyway, #elite-fansubs found a very interesting article on MSNBC that i thought i'd like to share with you guys. It's about my current favorite anime series: Hikaru no Go. And on top of that 2 new episodes are coming out! w00h00! ^_^x me = one happy boy. Unlike many animes where it's hilarious or contains mechs and other cool things, Hikaru no Go is more of a very emotional anime where a lot of feelings are put into it. It's like a soap opera but intended for little kids, and now they found out that this anime is moving children away from video games and into GO! This is SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

welp, going to update picture of the week one last time before i leave. i didn't find anything special, so i put up something cute. hehe. hope you'll enjoy it. ^_^x

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07.22.2002 -

w00h00! got paid for my auction i talked about yesterday. so happy, so happy, so happy. btw, before you go asking me for lunch, i already owe another person lunch, so you're a bit late. sorry.

good news guys. cyberwings has finally shown some life. light is finally beginning to emerge from the tunnel and hopefully, my site will return to normal status in no time. but then of course, there's my trip. Probably won't be able to update much after that.

not sure if i told you guys yet, but i got a new toy! Canon CanoScan N1240U It's ultra-slim and scans are EXCELLENT QUALITY. only reason my dad got this was he wanted his old b/w pictures to be scanned and reprinted. hehe.

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07.21.2002 -

before you ask me why i didn't have an update for yesterday, i have a valid reason: WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. Just started playing the game yesterday and it's very addictive. Although 3D Graphix aren't as good as those new 3D games out there, the strategy and AI has definitely improved since Star Craft.

Had a really fun day today with my frined ungsunghero. Went to Red Lobster for lunch and then SHOPPING!!! Of course not for clothing, but TOYS!!! hehe. ^_^x Went to Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples, and Fry's. We both got our Price Match with Staples. Bought 100 CD-Rs for -$10.00. Yes that's right, the negative sign is there. After $30 MIR (mail-in rebate), we make $10 for buying those CD-Rs. nice huh?

welp, i'm not the type to brag, but i just wanted to show u guys this: eBay #1366819120. Couldn't believe i got $312 for it! Only costed me ~$300 to get the reward and that came with 3 Round Trips from OAK to LAX. Guess you could say they gave me free trips or even said they paid me to fly. hehe. ^_^x

that's all for tonite. ^_^x

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07.19.2002 -

For those that don't know yet... Actually, i dont believe i've told anyone yet. well, i did send out a email. oh well. I'll be off to Asia from 7/28 to 8/17. Going to Japan, Hong Kong, and China. It's going to be SO FUN!!!

i also decided that white on green looks a lot better than gray on green. or is that grey. what's the difference? english and american english? hehe.

welp, today's a short one. sorry bout that. ;p

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