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03.31.2003 -

wow, i'm finally back. bumped into a lotta ppl on my way back. coincidentally we met vic again @ the airport. we also bumped into ohfuee, ghettopink, mmouse and corliss, but i've gotta admit that was cooridinated. ghettopink almost forgot about meeting us. bad i missed most of the keppel gang that came to visit berkeley earlier this week. their plane was leaving @ 10:50am and we arrived @ 10:20 and they had already checked in. ghettopink is leaving tomorrow. darren was going to drive claudia and mmouse to davis later in the day. what remained of the gang + mechy's housemates had lunch @ cafe durant. food was okay, not exceptionally good. oh yah, i've gotta thank liam for drive me and several others back from bart. carrying all that luggage would've taken so much longer. oh yah, pix are uploaded, so click on the dotPhoto link on your left to access the pictures. (^_^x)

spent most of today and yesterday installing my new HD and getting a clean install of windows and other programs. my system is finally back up and running.

new version of YahooPOPS! is finally out!! works much better now. for those that have Yahoo! mail and would like to use pop3, u should chk this program out: YahooPOPS! remember to get version 4.2. still in beta, but yahoo got smart and rendered the previous versions useless.

for those that didnt chk my profile, i now have 2 links:
free sennheiser ear buds
stop telemarketers from calling - CA only
cool buddy icons

btw, watch out for 4/1. it is APRIL FOOLS day! and u know college students just love pulling pranks. (-_^x)

i've allocated most of tomorrow's time to work on my project, so there's a large chance i wont be updating the site tomorrow.

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03.27.2003 -

decided i had nothing to use my bw last nite while i was watching naruto, so 2 new albums have been uploaded to dotPhoto. they're both short/small tho. ebjoy! these include my tennis pix and my boomers pix.

i also filled out 6 rebates last nite. 4 for my lexar memory stix and 2 for my WD 175GB HD. took awhile, but that's $170 in rebates right there.

dad decided to switch over to T-Mobile. got a new fone, not that stylish, but has a color display and cool ring tones. it's the sony ericsson t300. that tmobile guy was stupid and wrote down the wrong # for me. for those who i told xxx-xxx-3088, the actual # is xxx-xxx-7088. i sent out an email to most ppl, but there are a few who i dont have an email for. i also got a few emails no longer work/email box is full errors. so if you dont have my new # yet, im/email me or something. (^_^x)

i have a friend who's really depressed after finding out his grade for winter quarter. anyone know any good ways to cheer up a down friend? thanks in advance! (^_^x)

thanks to esca for donating this joke:

Helpful Hint #1
If you are choking on an ice cube, don't panic. Simply pour a jug of boiling water down your throat and presto! The blockage is almost instantly removed.
Helpful Hint #2

Clumsy? Avoid cutting yourself while slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold them while you chop away
Helpful Hint #3
Don't buy expensive 'ribbed' condoms, just buy an ordinary one and slip a handful of frozen peas inside it before you put it on.
Helpful Hint #4
Putting just the right amount of gin in your goldfish bowl makes the fishes' eyes bulge and cause them to swim in an amusing manner.
Helpful Hint #5
An empty aluminum cigar tube filled with angry wasps makes a wonderful inexpensive vibrator.
Helpful Hint #6
Avoid arguments with the missus about lifting the toilet seat by simply pissing in the sink.
Helpful Hint #7
High blood pressure sufferers: simply cut yourself and bleed for a while, thus reducing the pressure in your veins.
Helpful Hint #8
A mouse trap, placed on top on of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep.

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03.26.2003 -

spent tuesday @ boomers in upland w/ ungsunghero and horacio. it's $10 crazy tuesday! all the minigolf and all the arcade u want. it was so fun, but ungsunghero won all 3 minigolf games. oh yah, there was also the batting cages. i missed like 10 outta the 18 balls when it was thrown to me @ 40mph. my wrist is also a bit sore today. i was last place for the 1st 2 minigolf games but managed to make a comeback on the 3rd one and ended 2nd place. i have the score cards somewhere around here.

spent today shopping in puente hills. before u start thinking robinsons may, jc penny, and those clothing stores, we were just browsing through the typical male stores: best buy, office depot, staples, toys r us (okay, the last one may be borderline male store, but males do include kids). @ staples when we were role playing, ungsunghero as the boss and me as the hard working loser, ungsunghero came up w/ an awesome name for my company. it'll be called THE (Toland Hon Enterprise). pretty kewl huh? then ungsunghero treated me to TGIF. u guys need to try the strawberry lemonade there. it's awesome!

and here i end my 3rd entry. i'm pretty sure i forgot a lot of other interesting stuff, but oh well. (^_^x) oh yah, 1 last thing, the polls are gone and the guestbook has been revamped with much cooler functions.

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03.24.2003 -

sueon, slicktran, ohfuee, lilsneezy, and i played tennis today @ barnes park. was really fun. naer the end, we ended up taking pictures of each other's special moves. lilsneezy has most of the pictures, but i have a few i'll be posting online probably after i get back to berkeley (slow upload here). here's a sample pic:

here's some movies i took/uploaded: tennis | guitar1 | guitar2 | guitar3

after tennis, i went over to ungsunghero's place to drop off some stuff. got to see psycobreed and irene again which i havent me for a really long time. had a great time chatting and reminds me of the sweet and fun days back in calculus. i was forced to forget the contents of the chat, but yah i just remembered it to be really fun. hehe. (^_^x)

chk out my lil bro's hamtaro collection:

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03.23.2003 -

got home yesterday and all i've gotta say is home sweet home. been having good food all week long. and today's will be a 3 part entry. one for each of my past days. sorry for the delay. it's been outlined for some time but i've been doing some much lately that i actually go to sleep and wake up during normal hours (3am-11am).

before we move on to my adventures @ home, i'll have to thank carii and decathanerd for throwing a spring break party and ohfuee, will, and garrett for being such great hosts. tons of ppl came, friends we met from the dorms last year. there was sou, vic, jimmy, mark, cdplayer, mechy, liam, lydia, and ed. had alotta food too. sou made us some noodles with his special mung recipe. carii and decathanerd made stuff mushrooms. there was also sushi. then we played video games (PS2/Dreamcast), mahjong, texas holdem poker, and G.O.D. (it's a game like butts up where u have a happy sack and u kick it around and if 3 continuous kicks are made, a person grabs it and thows it at someone. if thrown @ 3x, u have to stand @ the wall and and let everyone throw the happy sack @ u).

the next morning, we had to get to the airport. thanks to cd-mcc for driving us there. me, mechy, and teikoku all got the same flight to burbank. mechy's roommate also came along, but i found him a bit annoying. at the airport guess who i saw?!?!? HILFINGER!!! didnt bother saying hi or anything since i only took one of his class and he doesnt know me very well. we also met vic and sam who also had flights on the same day.

after i got home and settled down, i hit the sack. i haven't had any sleep for 36hrs. got up @ 9:30am on friday for my philosophy midterm. then the party. did my packing on friday nite. went to the airport saturday morning. flew home and finally got to sleep a bit after 8pm. i did get some sleep on my ride home though, although that 1hr flight wasn't much.

on sunday nite, my family went to ocean star for dinner and guess who i saw there! darren! his sister was getting marriend and i was thinking wow.. we're getting there too. did u know that the average guy gets married before 24 years old?!?! claudia was supposedly there too but i didnt get to see her.

sueon calls me up later that nite and invites me to go to the driving range. 2nd time i've gone to a driving range, which i suck big time. slicktran was good! we then drove to some place on main to shoot pool. i think it began with a Q. actually bumped into smitti there. finally we went to abc cafe and drank boba. on my way home, there was this car that followed me shortly on orange and ackley. suddenly red/blue lights started to flash (no siren tho) and the now apparent police car raced in front of me. hopefully, it wasnt after me. whew. (^_^x)

oh yeah, when i got home. seems like my dad's interest in birds have been furthered. 2 new birds!

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