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08.28.2005 -

what grinds my gear: i totally hate the way copying/moving/deleting files in the file system is implemented today. it's so inefficient! when one files fails to be copied, the rest stop. that might be not much trouble for moving or deleting where you can resume that just by moving or deleting the remainder of that files, but still annoying. but when you're copying files, you have no idea where you left off! that really frustrates me and i have to go in and find where it actually stopped and what needs to be copied still. you of course have the option of copying everything again which wastes time transferring again. then there's the part of parallel transfers. when you have 2 simultaneous file transfers, your transfer rate gets dropped like crazy. for 2 transfers which would take 2 minutes each. simultaneously transfers would increase that to probably 10 minutes. that's because it's transferring to different parts of the drive the head has to move back and forth making it less efficient than serial transfers (one after another). my finaly complain is prioritizing. you really have no control of what gets transferred first when you transfer a big list of stuff. sometimes i have some stuff i want to access faster than the others and would like that to be transferred earlier, but there's no way to do it right now. ftp has it right where you can actually do all this, but it's annoying having to start an ftp session whenever i need to transfer files. what i would really want is to have an addition to the current transfer window, where additional copying/moving/deleting gets queued in it. you can expand the list and decide what gets to get transferred first. it'd also be nice if it supports resuming, but i'd still be happy if the rest gets implemented. this way, we can avoid the parallel transfers, support prioritizing, and losing track of what's been done so far.

for those that have me on their buddy list, you'll have notice i've been missing for most of this weekend? welp, i've been troubleshooting my pc. turns out it wasn't my hard drive that was dying, but it was my power supply. it's a antec trupower 430, but i guess it must've gotten damaged during the transportation. before that, i had actually reinstalled windows and actually began customizing it. with ungsunghero's help, we found out that the 5V lines was only giving off 4.26V, way below expected. i do have a whole bunch of hdds and disc drives, but even unplugging all besides that one only upped the voltage to 4.3V. welp, i already ordered a new power supply and now i entered another problem. i had did an advance rma on my drive (they send me a replacement and i send my broken one in within 30 days). my drive wasn't broken. i had an external ac->power adapter->hdd power connector and the computer booted up just fine. i didn't want to bother copying the stuff over onto the new drive and sending the old drive back, but i wasn't sure if they'll accept the new drive. i didn't want to get charged 'retail' either. after much debating, i ended up ghosting my drive. i had 2 failed attempts. 1 where it booted into xp, but after i logged in, explorer would not start. even when i manually started explorer from task manager, it would automatically close. i then tried ghosting from dos, but that failed halfway because it wasn't able to copy over a file. finally on my 3rd attempt, it worked. so i'm back up and running with a cable connected to my boot drive running outside into my UPS.

thanks to ohfuee for donating this video: Kung Fu Fighter. u'll need to scroll past the xxx ads, but the video features some white guy using kung fu in a fight. i was totally expecting the opposite to occur, but...

got this article from /. : On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Bot. CptPokr is a robot. Unlike the other icons at the table, there is no human placing his bets and playing his cards. He is controlled by WinHoldEm, the first commercially available autoplaying poker software. Seat him at the table and he will apply strategy gleaned from decades of research. While carbon-based players munch Ding Dongs, yawn, guzzle beer, reply to email, take phone calls, and chat on IM, CptPokr (a pseudonym) is running the numbers so it will know, statistically, when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. wonder if i should give it a shot: WinHoldEm and see if the bot is able to find stupid ppl to play against ;p

got this link from /. : MoDaCo C550 Thief - PWN3D. quite an interesting detective work. what i never got was why cell phone companies dont help you track down the thief. when my cell fone was stolen, it was used once a day by the thief. i had called tmobile hoping they'd help me track it down, but the only service they'd offer me was to suspend that fone from making any calls which basically would kill off any chance of catching the criminal or finding my fone back. at the end i gave up, but the reason why cell fone thieves thrive, is that though such a easy way to catch them is there, it's not being utilized at all. someone later on posted this link: Long Island Trash..... My cell phone got stolen some time last week.... i just noticed it missing the other day and called up and had it turned off.... well im sitting around today tooling around on the computer and decided to go on my picture mail and see if pics have been sent.... whenever u send a pic to an email address it automatically saves a copy on my sprint website and records the email address..... so guess what i find.... yet another case with a happy ending!

got this link from /. : Phase (matter). it actually started off as a article talking about plasma tvs and displays. and then someone shouted that there were only 4 phases of matter and plasma was the 4th after solid, liquid, and gas. you should've seen all the /. geeks jump on him saying there's way more than just 4 phases of matter. in fact there is quark-gluon plasmas, Bose-Einstein condensates and fermionic condensates, strange matter, liquid crystals, superfluids and supersolids and the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic phases of magnetic materials. quite interesting... i didn't even know that.

got this link from /. : How Much Does iTunes Like My Five-Star Songs?. as an itunes user, i was quite interested in finding out how exactly the ratings work when on shuffle with ratings enabled. this guy left his itunes run over the weekend to find out.

got this flash video from