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05.08.2002 -

05.08.2002 -

guess, what! I got myself another Hikaru no Go episode! Woohoo!!! Didn’t do much today. Mechy came over and we study psych some more. I have somewhat of a project going on right now. Still in process, nothing big, but I’ll let you guys know how it turns out. It’s called Project Mischief.

Talking about mischief, (I’ll use fake names again so they can remain anonymous). Mono and several friends wanted *something*. Well, what’s the best way to do it so it can involve the whole DC? Mono decided to instigate two suites which are big rivals by sending them a “declaration of war” to taunt them. How to pull this off Mono thought. Well, I’ll need somebody to do the dirty job. I think I’ll ask Hippo. Hippo agreed without hesitation to help. Hippo had no idea what he was getting himself into. After creating the perfect taunts, hippo delivers the message secretively. His covert op was a success! Until… both parties united. Who in the world would know that two rival suites can unite!!?!! They barge into hippo’s suite and found the evidence of the “war declaration” and now both suites are against hippo. Hippo calls Mono for backup, but Mono is going to get back to Hippo later. Hippo tries to contact the enemies, but all he got was swear words, threats, and a lot of cussing. Hippo’s shaking in his bed right now. The enemies were banging on the door, yelling @ hippo to open up, shooting stuff @ his window. What should Hippo do??? Give out the boss behind the stage (mono was extremely smart in choosing hippo as his ‘you know what’), or hold back until reinforcements arrived. I wonder if hippo can survive this...

++Hippo is sick.

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05.07.2002 -

you can’t believe how happy I am right now!!! The new episode of Hikaru no Go just came out. Or should I say the new episodes. Yes!!! Just finished watching them and this episode was so good!

Wo? What just happened to a friendly game of GO? Watch it and find out! ^_^x. Ooooh, I’m so excited. The next episode is due out tomorrow! You can’t imagine how arduous the past several weeks has been with out Shindou to cheer me up.

I know I’ve stopped working on my beta interface for awhile. Stuff just came up and finals are coming. What was that? How do I have time to watch so much anime? Well, you see, anime is like candy, you never think you’re addicted to it, but those who deny it you can be certain are addicted. I’ve gone through 2 XXL bags of M&Ms in 1 month. Wow.

Welp, I was planning on telling a story today, but looks like I’m too tired right now. So I’ll save that for some day later. G’nite ^_^zzz @ 6:14am

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05.06.2002 -

wow, that was one really weird weekend. Didn’t update for 2 whole days. been really lazy recently. Probably have mono ;p.

I went to bed @ 8:30am last morning and woke up @ 2:30pm and the found out my computer died. So skipping the remainder of my classes, I went about to fix my computer. It seems to be rather fine now, if not better. So I’m happy.

For fans of rice rockets (souped up cars), I’d recommend Legend of Speed (Chinese equivalent of Fast and Furious):

I bet mechy will like this ;p, it has NOS (NO2)

Interesting fact:

Krunk4Ever (5:30:27 PM): yep, not many places sell generic lexmark cartridges
Krunk4Ever (5:30:29 PM): i wonder why...
Krunk4Ever (5:30:38 PM): all epsons cartridges are made generic
Krunk4Ever (5:30:41 PM): but hp has few
Krunk4Ever (5:30:43 PM): and so does lexmark
Krunk4Ever (5:30:51 PM): is there like some patent?
ungsunghero (5:32:05 PM): no
ungsunghero (5:32:12 PM): hp and lexmark carts have the printer heads on them
ungsunghero (5:32:19 PM): cost to manufacture = a lot
ungsunghero (5:32:26 PM): epsons do not
ungsunghero (5:32:32 PM): cost to manufacture = not nearly as much
Krunk4Ever (5:33:14 PM): what's printer heads?
Krunk4Ever (5:33:22 PM): those little copper pieces?
ungsunghero (5:33:37 PM): where the cartridge touches the paper
Krunk4Ever (5:33:47 PM): what's the head for?
ungsunghero (5:34:01 PM): think of it as the equivalent of a ball bearing in a "ball point pen"
Krunk4Ever (5:34:08 PM): ah i c
Krunk4Ever (5:34:13 PM): how do epsons print then?
ungsunghero (5:34:15 PM): epson carts = the plastic "guy" (shudder) holding the ink
Krunk4Ever (5:34:25 PM): n/m
Krunk4Ever (5:34:29 PM): i think i know how now
ungsunghero (5:34:32 PM): hp/lexmarks = the plastic thingy (shudder...) + the metal part
Krunk4Ever (5:34:38 PM): the printer heads are part of the printer on the epson
Krunk4Ever (5:34:48 PM): and the cartridges are just bottles of ink
ungsunghero (5:34:49 PM): precisely
Krunk4Ever (5:34:58 PM): ah, it all makes sense now
ungsunghero (5:35:04 PM): exactly!
ungsunghero (5:35:05 PM): how do i know this? i'm the king of useless facts!
Krunk4Ever (5:35:14 PM): i wonder if i can send my cartridges back in and make some money
ungsunghero (5:35:19 PM): (my new may quote me)
Krunk4Ever (5:35:37 PM): kewl
ungsunghero (5:39:28 PM): so has peter educated toland on something interesting today???
Krunk4Ever (5:39:35 PM): yep ^_^x
ungsunghero (5:39:44 PM): good

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05.03.2002 -

I just finished watching Kanon. The ending was so sad. *sniff*. A young man’s memory repressed and now when the bubble pops, he wishes the bubble would’ve popped sooner. This is the first anime I believe that has actually brought tears to my eyes (just like him):

I hope I didn’t ruin the story for anyone.

I would also like to share something my brother/sister made. What I’m curious is how they took the picture since they don’t have the digicam. Hmmmm. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Hehe:

@ 4am, I finally cracked the code, ie: finished my cs project. W00h00!!! The debugging took so long for just one simple function. Grrrrrr! But I’m happy now. Now onto 53 hw. Shoot, I forgot to jot down the hw assignment! (actually, I ditched all of this week’s lecture)

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05.02.2002 -

it’s currently 8:52am. I’ve been up since 12am and there’s a long day ahead of me. Can’t really remember what happened yesterday since I was half-dead half-awake the whole day like a zombie. Oh yeah, one thing: CONGRATS MICHELLE!

teikoku02 (4:06:19 PM): Hello Michelle,

We have re-evaluated your application, and we are pleased to offer you admission to the University of California, Berkeley, for the Spring Term 2003. An admission packet will be arriving in the mail shortly.

Auto response from Krunk4Ever (4:06:19 PM)
: [idle] Contact me on my cell phone @ aim:KrunkbLooD

teikoku02 (4:06:34 PM): I GOT INTO BERKELEY TOLAND!
teikoku02 (4:06:36 PM)
: :-)
teikoku02 (4:06:37 PM): YAY!

teikoku02 (4:06:38 PM)
: :-)
teikoku02 (4:06:38 PM): :-)
teikoku02 (4:06:44 PM): i mean..spring term
teikoku02 (4:06:46 PM)
: but still
teikoku02 (4:06:51 PM)
: good
teikoku02 (4:06:54 PM)
: WAHOO!OO!O!O! :-)
teikoku02 (4:06:56 PM): sooo happy.
teikoku02 (4:06:57 PM)
: damn.
teikoku02 (4:07:01 PM)
: so good !

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