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12.13.2003 -

grrrrrr, i forgot to wish mechy happy bday yesterday on my website, so here it is:

 H  a  p  p  y     B  d  a  y     M  e  c  h  y  !  !  ! 

since mechy had a final this morning, we decided to celebrate it w/ him tonite. ohfuee, cari, decathanerd, ghettopink, will, and i took him to outback steak house. there, mechy got his 1st drink! he claimed it tasted terrible, but in secret i think he enjoyed it. (-_^x) got a asutralian sunset or something like that mixed with bicardi rum, orange juice, and cranberry juice. unfortunately i forgot to bring my digicam tonite, but cari and decathanerd got some good pix of him (^_^x). afterwards we went back to decathanerd/ohfuee/will's place for video games. i found out i had dc gamew which i never knew i owned. pretty ironic/funny. ;p got back @ 7am.

thanks to will for donating this article: We got him. according to cnn and other sources, they believe we've finally got saddam hussein.

it's late, so im heading to bed. scheduled to wake up @ noon to study for my wed. final... sigh.. don't think i can make it.

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12.12.2003 -

i hate finals. so i bombed my cs170 final today. the test was so hard. i was murdered in there, literally. grrrrrr. good thing i only have 1 left and that's not till next wednesday. did i mention i hate finals?

watched The Last Samurai tonite. movie was actually pretty good. a lot better than i expected. but if this is the meiji era... i thought there was no emperor... the purpose of that revolution was to dethroned the emperor and install a presidential type government. (facts from kenshin)

got this link off AT: Toshiba Dynabook SX. it's 1 sexy machine. w/ a 12.1" screen, it weighs only 2.19lbs!!! so purty!! (^_^x)

thanks to mkko for donating this link: PSX. i always had the idea that PSX was the name for PlayStation (PS1). there were even rumors that the 2nd generation of PlayStation was to be called PSY. guess it was just a unofficial nickname everyone gave it. the "real" PSX is a PS2 + dvd player + home theather system. it looks really pretty and kewl. too bad i wont be able to afford it ;p

if u've visited my aim profile since yesterday, you would've notice a new visitor: tolandssecretadmirer. after chking my logs, i find: - - [12/Dec/2003:03:22:40 -0500] "GET /aim.php?sn=tolandssecretadmirer HTTP/1.1" 200 5253 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0; .NET CLR 1.0.3705)"

after a dns, i figure this person was using comcast and most likely someone from berkeley. a scan through my irc chat logs, i find:

#calnime.EnterTheGame.20031111.log:[07:15pm] * Joins: jhs2 (

so now that it's not a secret anymore, u wanna go out? (-_^x)

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12.11.2003 -

so i have a final tomorrow @ 8am, and im staring @ my cheat sheet @ 12am which is BLANK. grrrrrrr.

got this video clip off bittorrent: COMDEX Microsoft Matrix Spoof. u probably saw the one before w/ the pix. now they have half of it on video (still searching for the other half). enjoy!

so i've gotta get back to writing my cheat sheet. this was a nice 10mins break. (^_^x)

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12.10.2003 -

finals have finally arrived. g'luck to all those who need it and i hope your studying pays off for those who don't believe in luck. (-_^x)b ganbatte!

so, i've got good news. my mobo came today and EVERYTHING IS WORKING!!! going to run a stress test and see how it fares overnite.

thanks to mstic for donating this link: Retail Alphabet Game - 4th Edition Letterforms. some are easy, some take some time, and some you'll want to kill urself for not knowing before u look @ the solutions. thanks to the help of ungsunghero and fellow AT members, i finally got every answer. try not to look @ the solutions before spending time on it. then again it's finals week. (^_^x)

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12.09.2003 -

wow, it's been awhile since my last update. really sorry about that, but my computer has been acting up... BIG TIME. most of may have heard of my new computer, but not too many of you have heard of my problems. sigh... im completely stumped on what the problem could possibly be.

welp, i'll first show you my computer: foto album. Here are the specs:

  • Athon XP 2400+
  • ECS K7VTA3 V8.0
  • 2x256 PC2100 Kingston ValueRam
  • Western Digital 200GB, 180GB, 100GB ATA100 7200RPM 8MB CACHE
  • ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500 128MB
  • Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 Digital
  • Pacific Digital 4x2.4x12x Internal DVD+-R/RW Drive
  • Lite-On 48x10x48x CDRW Drive
  • Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM
  • Antec TruPower 430W PSU
  • Lian Li PC7 Case
  • ThermalTake Volcano 7+
  • APC 500VA UPS
  • ... + other little stuff

it's SOOOO pretty. yet he's been the source of my headaches, my aching body, and constant logging off/on on aim. for those who dont want to listen to me drag on about computer problems, skip the following paragraph.

so here's the thing. this problem all started maybe a month or two ago. my computer's been having some major freezing problems outta the blue. since this was a relatively new problem, i thought it maybe have been due to the electric wiring and the recent rain. so i purchased UPS for (got a Energize 450VA UPS and then a APC 500VA UPS because it was a better deal). that didn't solve the problem. after some testing (unplugging devices and swapping ram), i basically narrowed it down to the cpu, motherboard, or power supply. i planned to purchased fry's combo over thanksgiving, but stupid fry's didnt have the combo i wanted, so i ended up buying just a mobo from an AnandTech seller. purchased the ECS K7VTA3 V8.0 mobo which was brand new in box when i received it. this mobo is going to replace my MSI K7N420 Pro. then ungsunghero pointed me to a good deal on the Antec TruPower 430W PSU so i picked one of those up too. and as many of you may already have known, i purchased a Lian Li case and a Pacific Digital dvd burner (which has to do w/ fixing my computer) so now with the new mobo and psu, i began installing my computer and moving components over. after this masterpiece was completed, i hooked it up and it didnt last 30secs before it rebooted. i changed the cpu bus speed from 133MHz to 100MHz lowering 2400+ to a 1800+ and it ran smoother, but would still crash during windows xp installation. now im going to go into a story about my linux box. we have a linux box we use for programming and other things. the specs on that machine is Athlon XP 1700+, Asus NForce A7N266-VM, 2x256 PC2100 Kingston DDR RAM, Plextor 12x10x32x CDRW, Fujitsu 40GB. since i replaced both the motherboard and power supply on my new system, i came to the conclusion it is most likely my cpu. so i swapped the 2400+ with the 1700+. the 2400+ was able to run fine on the linux box and with the 1700+ i was finally able to install windows xp, leading me to believe there was something wrong with the cpu. but anyway, im happy that windows finally got installed. so i was happy and the i begin updating drivers, installing software, la la la, then suddenly *BOOM* my computer froze!!?!??! i was so pissed. i've swapped ram from my linux box, i've stripped everything besides the bare minimum requirement (cpu/ram/video card). i've swapped video cards (ati radeon 8500 w/ a geforce mx420). i've tried 3 different powersupplies (antec trupower 430W, allied 400W, generic 350W from my linux box). i even borrowed ram from jhs who lives way up the hill @ the end of virginia because i saw a note in the mobo manual stating: "We don not recommend that you use DDR266 memory module, this is to avoid system instability." sigh... this is one of the 1st time i've been so stumped on a computer problem. so i ordered a new mobo (ECS K7S5A Pro) from newegg. HOPEFULLY, this will fix the problem and i've had good result with the K7S5A Pro mobos. 2 of my computers @ home (my brother and mine) both run it smoothly. sigh...

so yah, that's the main reason i haven't updated my webpage lately. well, beside me being lazy. my one true love and yet it disappoints me over and over again. then again, i treat it like shit making it work 24/7. hehe.

got this off bittorrent: Shrek - Karaoke. pretty funny. needs real player tho (or if you have mplayer/mplayerc, that should work fine too). enjoy! (^_^x)

finally got Infernal Affairs II (dvd quality) in cantonese. movie was okay. 1st one was better in my opinion, but nonetheless it was a good movie. the prequel did live up to its name unlike other recent sequels which were disappointing. the young version of the character previously performed by andy lau actually gave me a shock on what he did. then again, knowing the ending of the first movie, i could've expected something like that to happen.

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