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07.31.2003 -

last day of the month and summer is reaching its end. awww shucks.

welp, my toy arrived today! yippee! here's my new toy: WinTV Theater. finally get to watch tv on my computer @ home. hehe. for $40 used, i've gotta say it's been one of my better buys. (^_^x)

thanks to thaijin for donating this movie: Tray Slide. quite interesting. u can visit his xanga here.

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07.30.2003 -

went deal hunting with ungsunghero today. had lunch @ TGI Fridays (good stuff! + always gotta get strawberry lemonade). then we headed over to CompUSA and picked up on the Fuji CD-R deal. 3x30pks for $6 after rebate! great price on Taiyo Yuden. we were also hoping staples was carrying lite-on rebadged cendyne burners, but unfortunately, they only had other rebadges. went back to ungsunghero's place and watched him trip and fall, i mean play tony hawk 4. ;p

i finally gave up on waiting for Toriyama World to continue fansubbing Naruto. waiting almost 2 months finally did it and i watched 6 episodes worth ones translated by anime-one/anbu. good stuff. think my sister was getting annoyed when i kept asking her who was going to win. well, it's more like i predict something, and she confirms it or not.

darn, new toy isn't here yet. common! package from Las Vegas, NV -> Monterey Park, CA shouldn't take over 2days.

working out on a deal with someone on AT. $60 + shipping for nokia 8290 w/ sim card. let's see how it turns out.

thanks fuzzy for donating this audio clip: iraq frogs. some comedians bashing on the french again. hehe. (^_^x)

thanks to fantasy for donating this picture:

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07.29.2003 -


welp, i suspened my cellfone account today with little hope of finding it again. decided i'd just get a sim card, reactivate the line, and wait untill a good used fone deal comes along. so yah, u'll probably be only able to reach me online or @ my home fone for some time.

well, lemme first tell u wat happened on sunday @ office depot (the day i lost my cellfone). i went there to do a price match on a memorex 128MB compact flash. fry's/outpost had it for $23 while office depot had it for $50 with a $20 rebate. i brought a printed ad to office depot believing this would be a easy price match, since office depot does gaurantee to match competitor's price. the clerk at first told me that he couldn't price match because office depot had a rebate. i reminded him that it was a vendor rebate and not a office depot rebate so it'd be valid @ fry's too. he insisted that he couldn't price match because fry's ad doesn't show the rebate on it. i replied that it was office depot's policy to price match competitor's prices. he then questioned if i used any coupon, in which i replied no. finally he said that he had received a corporate memo that noted that they will not price match fry's on this product. i stood there for a few moments and then i asked, but it's in your policy to price match... he responded that all he could do for me was cancel my order and suggested that i go to fry's instead. pretty pissed at this point, i went home and filed a complaint to office depot corporate. this morning, i received a call from the manager of that office depot, apologizing for his employee's action. he said he was willing to do the pricematch for me now and would include a $10 gift card for my trouble. i was happy to accept the offer, but right after i hung up, i realized that the $20 rebate was no longer valid. i called back the manager and told him that i appreciated his sincerity, but i had to decline his offer because the rebate was no longer valid. he thought for a moment and replied that he was willing to discount the rebate amount for me if i still wanted the item. i agreed immediately while he asked how much the rebate was. i told him it was $20. so that makes it um.... $3? i said yes. he still tells me to come on over. i go this afternoon and he tells his clerk to get me the item and over write the price to $3. the clerk looked at him as if the manager was crazy. i couldn't blame him. $3 for a memorex 128MB compact flash is a great deal. after i paid, i thanked the manager and walked out with the memorex compact flash 128MB for $3.25 out the door. my luck may be finally changing!

thanks to kharizma for donating this picture:

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07.28.2003 -

it's been pretty frustrating for the past 2 days. apparently my cell fone has indeed been stolen. the thief has infact made some fone calls, i've been trying to track him/her down with little success.

  • the woman @ 32361024xx claims that she was at a party and she doesn't really remember who called her. i gave her a call back and asked her to try to remember (almost to the point of begging) and she said she'd call me back after she checked her call history. she never did call back. 30mins later i gave her a call again and she says my # does show up in her history, however she recalls that she lent out her fone to friends and doesnt recall everyone that used it. she ends the call stating, "it's pretty obvious your fone has been stolen. just cancel your account." no duh, ms. obvious. pretty obvious she's trying to cover up for her friend.
  • the woman @ 62643737xx has been unreachable so far, but her voicemail says her name is Kimmy.
  • the guy @ 32326927xx claims he was not home during that time. i asked if anyone else could've been there and he claims he lives alone. i asked if he had an answering machine. he says no. one of those must be a lie cause tmobile doesn't count time unless i get a connection.

tmobile themselves haven't been pretty helpful either:

Krunk4Ever (12:26:07 AM): i called tmobile
Krunk4Ever (12:26:10 AM): and they were being an ass to me
ungsunghero (12:26:17 AM): what???
ungsunghero (12:26:30 AM): what's with retailers being a$$es to you this past couple weeks???
Krunk4Ever (12:27:46 AM): *shrug*
ungsunghero (12:28:07 AM): haha
ungsunghero (12:36:00 AM): aren't you going to elaborate?
Krunk4Ever (12:36:09 AM): on what?
ungsunghero (12:36:14 AM): tmobile
Krunk4Ever (12:36:17 AM): oh that guy!
ungsunghero (12:36:18 AM): being a$$-y
ungsunghero (12:36:21 AM): omg
Krunk4Ever (12:36:38 AM): i called and asked what my options were
Krunk4Ever (12:36:52 AM): now that i lost my fone
Krunk4Ever (12:37:22 AM): he goes, well, lemme first suspend your account
Krunk4Ever (12:37:41 AM): he says, i have 14days to get another fone and reactivate it
ungsunghero (12:37:52 AM): or...?
Krunk4Ever (12:37:58 AM): i ask what would happen if i dont reactivate within 14days
Krunk4Ever (12:38:10 AM): he goes well your account will be fined for $200 for early termination
ungsunghero (12:38:19 AM): yikes
Krunk4Ever (12:38:32 AM): i asked if there was anyway to disable the fone but still keep the account alive. i'm willing to to pay for it
Krunk4Ever (12:38:36 AM): so i dont have the 14day limit
Krunk4Ever (12:38:53 AM): he goes, ur account is still alive just suspended
Krunk4Ever (12:39:04 AM): meaning u wont be able to make any calls and u'll still be charged
ungsunghero (12:39:26 AM): right
Krunk4Ever (12:39:51 AM): then i asked, if i'm still being charged why will early termination fees apply
Krunk4Ever (12:39:55 AM): since the account is active
ungsunghero (12:40:07 AM): tmobile policy
Krunk4Ever (12:40:07 AM): he goes and says that ur contract states u need an active fone
ungsunghero (12:40:18 AM): don't dispute tmobile policy
ungsunghero (12:40:32 AM): if they want to put stupid loopholes in their contract, that's your problem
Krunk4Ever (12:40:57 AM): then i asked if i had got an old tmobile fone, would i be able to use it
Krunk4Ever (12:40:59 AM): he goes yes.
Krunk4Ever (12:41:08 AM): how bout if i need a sim card, can i order from tmobile?
ungsunghero (12:41:09 AM): any old gsm phone would work
Krunk4Ever (12:41:26 AM): he goes, no, u'll need a sim card.
Krunk4Ever (12:41:35 AM): but u cant buy it directly from us
ungsunghero (12:41:43 AM): what???
Krunk4Ever (12:41:44 AM): u'll need to goto a tmobile retailer
Krunk4Ever (12:41:51 AM): thingy
Krunk4Ever (12:41:56 AM): i go, how much are they?
Krunk4Ever (12:42:02 AM): he replies they range
Krunk4Ever (12:42:09 AM): i ask him can u give me an estimate?
Krunk4Ever (12:42:16 AM): he says, it's really hard to approximate
ungsunghero (12:42:23 AM): idiot
ungsunghero (12:42:29 AM): anywhere from $1 to $1000
Krunk4Ever (12:42:30 AM): i ask him again, can u give me an average or somethign?
ungsunghero (12:42:32 AM): that's what i would say
Krunk4Ever (12:42:34 AM): he goes $20-80
Krunk4Ever (12:42:42 AM): i was thinking, wat was so hard about that
ungsunghero (12:42:51 AM): and what was he thinking?
ungsunghero (12:42:53 AM): ;p
Krunk4Ever (12:43:06 AM): then i asked what my options were @ the end of 14days but i still didnt get a fone
Krunk4Ever (12:43:30 AM): he goes, well, then ur accuont will be terminated, and be fined the $200 fee
ungsunghero (12:43:42 AM): ok...
Krunk4Ever (12:43:59 AM): i asked again, what other optiosn are there? anyway to continue the suspension. reactive the line and resuspend it again?
Krunk4Ever (12:44:03 AM): reactivate*
Krunk4Ever (12:44:22 AM): he goes, no, but we do have seasonal suspension for $10/month
ungsunghero (12:44:30 AM): um...
Krunk4Ever (12:44:37 AM): so u can extend suspensions past ur 14days
ungsunghero (12:44:39 AM): isn't that what you wanted in the first place???
Krunk4Ever (12:44:43 AM): yes
ungsunghero (12:44:48 AM): what a dumbass
Krunk4Ever (12:44:50 AM): hehe
ungsunghero (12:44:57 AM): hey
Krunk4Ever (12:45:15 AM): so not believing i could find a fone in 14days, i requested that he not suspend the account just yet.
Krunk4Ever (12:45:18 AM): yah?
ungsunghero (12:45:22 AM): um...
ungsunghero (12:45:42 AM): you could use my old 5190 in the meantime, provided you obtain a sim card
ungsunghero (12:45:48 AM): of course...there's one problem
ungsunghero (12:45:51 AM): IT'S A 5190
Krunk4Ever (12:46:08 AM): the problem is the sim card, i have old fone too.
Krunk4Ever (12:46:13 AM): an*
ungsunghero (12:46:15 AM): ah
ungsunghero (12:46:24 AM): then just get the sim card
Krunk4Ever (12:47:02 AM): anyway, he says. if u really want that, you know u're not protected for any calls the person makes.
ungsunghero (12:47:14 AM): wait
Krunk4Ever (12:47:20 AM): so i am going to note in your file that u waive all protection blah blah blah
ungsunghero (12:47:36 AM): if it's a "suspended" contract, how can you be liable for any calls???
ungsunghero (12:47:39 AM): how can you make any calls???
Krunk4Ever (12:47:55 AM): i requested that he not suspend it till i know i can get a fone in 14days
ungsunghero (12:48:17 AM): you didn't answer my question
Krunk4Ever (12:48:38 AM): it's not a suspended contract yet
Krunk4Ever (12:48:47 AM): and he was referring to the calls the person who stole the fone
Krunk4Ever (12:48:51 AM): would make
ungsunghero (12:49:02 AM): ah
ungsunghero (12:49:08 AM): what a b!tch
Krunk4Ever (12:49:10 AM): yep

a new toy should be on it's way! i'll fill u in when i get it.

taken at a stoplight off baldwin park ave. focus is bad due to front window.

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07.26.2003 -

ahhhhhh! i lost my cellfone. i'm pretty sure i left it @ Office Depot. going to call them up tomorrow morning.

u remember those caps with the safety button (ie. snapple's bottle). i was playing with it and i managed to get the cap to stop popping back up and i was wondering... now what? so these popup caps aren't fail-proof, then again will someone really fall for a snapple bottle that's been removed of the plastic holder and half empty?

while driving on the freeway today, i saw this really kewl rig. u know how they have those metal grills in front of their engine? well, this one drew in white sharp teeth! i was like awesome! unfortunately i was driving and was unable to take a picture of it.

got a new movie for you! Batman - Dead End. enjoy!

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